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  1. Paula Abdul announces Tour with NKOTB & Boyz II Men

    my love is for real.... I like this song...remember that it was top ten in Oz...
  2. Never let you go

    this song is about the undying love for the departed... Madonna presents it perfectly...
  3. WHY'S IT SO HARD Love thread

    I am telling you brothers n sisters..why can't we learn to... except that we are different.. 1992 why better than the express yourself rip off..
  4. Lady Gaga thread

    ok... fame.. fame monster...,applause... cried about being famous´╝č and scream n shot to hear million mehs on radio...? bipolar?
  5. Never like this song when it first came out... but love the tour version very very much... and as time goes by... i found myself liking this song more n more... it is a fun song that celebrate my Madonna.. i hope she will sing GMAYL in the future tour..
  6. Things you want to know

    Will there be a box set of all her tours? Including BA n RIT. Not CDs but Dvds/BR...
  7. Top 5 RH Performances Do You Want on the DVD?

    Who's that girl medley living for love heartbreak city like a virgin
  8. Madonna is a legend, gaga is gaga 2008-09? Gaga probably paid large sum to get this 2015 award. Billboard lost their mind. Damaged control.. get the real Queen of Pop. Beg n beg M the legend to take this award.
  9. Some gems from any albums are great. Like the first TOAC with AL. I'll remember is my wish.
  10. This song means so much to me. The video is stunning.
  11. RHT's Unapologetic Bitches

    It would be nice if a music video is made from all UBs.
  12. Vegas show extra songs

    Whatever 3 extra songs from her is heaven.
  13. So THREE songs on this record made it.

    Ok, me really flopping hard on the heartbeat part­čśů.
  14. MADONNA in ASIA It's About Time....

    That is why she is the Queen of Pop in the universe. But I might not able to see her on rebel heart tour as I could not get ticket at all. Hopefully there is second date in Taipei.