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  1. Paula Abdul announces Tour with NKOTB & Boyz II Men

    my love is for real.... I like this song...remember that it was top ten in Oz...
  2. Lady Gaga thread

    ok... fame.. fame monster...,applause... cried about being famous´╝č and scream n shot to hear million mehs on radio...? bipolar?
  3. Top 5 RH Performances Do You Want on the DVD?

    Who's that girl medley living for love heartbreak city like a virgin
  4. Some gems from any albums are great. Like the first TOAC with AL. I'll remember is my wish.
  5. RHT's Unapologetic Bitches

    It would be nice if a music video is made from all UBs.
  6. Vegas show extra songs

    Whatever 3 extra songs from her is heaven.
  7. So THREE songs on this record made it.

    Ok, me really flopping hard on the heartbeat part­čśů.
  8. MADONNA in ASIA It's About Time....

    That is why she is the Queen of Pop in the universe. But I might not able to see her on rebel heart tour as I could not get ticket at all. Hopefully there is second date in Taipei.
  9. MADONNA in ASIA It's About Time....

    Will not be in mainland China for sure with or without the Japanese rising Sun. Just the holy water performance is sure no entry for performance in China. But those mainlanders are famously flocks to HK or Macau anyway.

    This is the best song on the second disc, n probably top 5 of rebel heart overall in my opinion. Tough decision among Ghosttown, devil pray, heartbreak city, messiah, Lfl, vvv and Joan of arc. Is like trying hard to rank your favourite child, like a no no.
  11. Madonna, Joan of Arc the Song plays continuously in my mind. My inspiration of life.... Madonna.
  12. Sorry, was gonna asked why I dun see this in iTunes UK at all? I dun it is it updated yet?
  13. Madonna Worldwide Album/Single/Video Sales

    Congratulation to Madonna, you are no1,2,3 and no1 artist on iTunes.