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  1. blackmamba109


    OMG I'm howling. I'm sorry but that shit's hilarious. I love me some standup M!!!!!
  2. blackmamba109

    Stockholm November 14

    YES!!!! Her speech was everything. Tears and chills all over!
  3. blackmamba109

    RHT Audio (From Chicago) HQ

    AWESOME!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!
  4. QUESTION: Does anyone remember (it was on one of the night shows... Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight)... On the 2015 Grammy Red Carpet... a young girl was interviewing M and said "you're showing these young ones how it's done" And M goes, "Yeah, and I'm gonna keep showing them" Does anyone have this clip? I'm looking for it on youtube but can't find it! I was on the treadmill at the gym when I saw it on TV back in February and screamed. I live.
  5. blackmamba109

    Montreal 9/9 Bell Center: OPENING NIGHT - fan reviews only

    Simply amazing and still in awe. Which videos do you all find yourselves rewatching the most? For me it's the intro... absolutely incredible. I get chills every time she says "I wanna start a revolution.... someone has to" and then those drums!!!!!
  6. Just in sheer awe right now. Holy fuck. I teared up when she broke into True Blue and everyone was singing along. Also, I don't wanna hear a DAMNNNNN thing about her vocals.... The way she sang "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" was IN-GODDAMN FUCKING- CREDIBLEEEEEE. Holy shit. This was my first tour spent with MNation... Y'all are the best. Good night everyone
  7. Did we ever find out if anyone was going to be live tweeting tonight? If so, what's your twitter handle? I'm @timon21093
  8. After this "full dress rehearsal".... I wanna see some receipts
  9. This whole thing is AWESOME.... the excitement!!!!!! Been refreshing the forum, twitter and instagram all day!
  10. I'm laughing my fucking ass off at this whole thread . I keep refreshing the page at work *grabs popcorn*
  12. Still wish she would have given us more choreo... but I'm sure we are gonna get that on tour still the fucking queen tho...