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  1. QUESTION: Does anyone remember (it was on one of the night shows... Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight)... On the 2015 Grammy Red Carpet... a young girl was interviewing M and said "you're showing these young ones how it's done" And M goes, "Yeah, and I'm gonna keep showing them" Does anyone have this clip? I'm looking for it on youtube but can't find it! I was on the treadmill at the gym when I saw it on TV back in February and screamed. I live.
  2. Still wish she would have given us more choreo... but I'm sure we are gonna get that on tour still the fucking queen tho...
  3. Oh my god Brick Bodies did the same. I QUEEEEEENed out when they played the L4L video and just blew up their twitterfeed. I was on the treadmill like http://misterscandal.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/madonna-living-for-love-music-video-mister-scandal.gif
  4. Had this song stuck in my head all day at work... this has a very Hard Candy feel to it in my opinion
  5. I turn "Bitch I'm Madonna" all the way up when I'm coming home from work. Every. Day. It's to the point where my neighbors hear the synth and they know it's me
  6. This video shits. It truly boggles my mind how anyone could say otherwise. Would I have liked more choreo? Yeah. But I got the Fallon performance so I'm all set until the tour
  7. I'm thinkin about it! I am going back to the gym after work. If I can muster up the energy, Imma be there!!
  8. I screamed when I scrolled down and saw the Celebration cover
  9. I just need that fierce ass choreo that she gave us on the Fallon performance ... Along with all the amazing gifs that this video will give us, of course
  10. My jaw is still on the floor. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SLEEP AFTER THAT???????????????????????????????
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