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  1. Future reminds me more of Why's It So Hard than UB
  2. Hope after the performance we'll know details of the drama.
  3. Is it ROL image? Don't remember this in the actual video. It's just similar to. No?
  4. If you are really that guy who directed the video, please do something with her dancing in the final cut. Pleaaaaase))
  5. why do you all think DB is gonna be performed? What is the point if you have limited time and 3 singles to promote?
  6. as far i understand she's singing "love to be alone, i'd rather be alone" on repeat if you registered in vk.com you may hear reversed Madonna part back in this thread https://vk.com/madonnadoesitbetter?w=wall-4784_1639517 can't download it unfortunately und upload somewhere
  7. Attendance of the shows 3,545,899 vs 2,212,345. So the answer is venue capacity
  8. i dream of madonna to become the first major performer to film her show as a 360* film from multiplie angles. It would be awesome. I would love to watch the show via Head-mounted display - just imagine.
  9. How do you think, guys, should we start to ask Guy and Madonna on a daily basis offline during concerts and online via social media and maybe petitions to film RHT versions of Ghosttown, Who's That Girl, Like A Prayer and maybe Secret and Frozen (if she is gonna to perform it again) professionally and release it as bonus to BRD? I'm afraid we may lose this opportunity and we have to put this idea in their heads before it's too late. I'm sure they don't even think of it.
  10. i'll be there for both nights for sure
  11. Maybe the stop in Macau is some kind of condition to make other Asian concerts happen. Like Macau business men have became sponsors for her Asian leg or something.
  12. Hmm.. why there's no pictures of fans queuing outside the arena? Or those times have gone? ps oh sorry, i forgot that there are fixed seats on the floor
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