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  1. it has additional vocals with "sing hallelujah" lyrics, so I guess it's legit but who knows..
  2. it looks like this was one of the inspirations for the video - Bolero http://youtu.be/SsSALaDJuN4
  3. well, i prefer to have all music madonna have ever recorded - she's musican and i am a fan. I would love to have as much of her unreleased material as possible no matter if i like it or not. I don't throw This Used To Be My Playground cd single out of my collection simply because I don't like the song
  4. what's wrong with that? isn't it the same as keeping early M/Stephen Bray records or demos like No Substitute For Love?
  5. 6. Bitch I'm Madonna (I Just Wanna Beat) - Demo #1 (4:41) 16. Hold Tight - #4 Ruff 06.13.14 (3:25) never heard them before - have they really leaked and what do they sound like?
  6. Dear admins, My name is Sergei and I'm trying to get an access to MadonnaNation forum. I've been a visitor for a long period without registration as it was allowed. But now I have no access to the New Album thread. I've filled registration form in december but it seems that my application was declined (i think something changed in the rules because of the leaks). Could you tell me how can I become a part of the forum? I'm a fan for almost 25 years and my only goal is to get al...

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