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  1. His album went up for presale a weak later so its "newer"
  2. Yeah, it certainly helps but doesn't mean she'll make the hot 100. Last week, she only had 1.5 days of the video but it got about 5.5m views in that time as the hype was high. It's now 15m, so it's gotten 9.5m this chart week (maybe it'll eek it out to 10m by midnight). Then the live performance has about 2m and will hopefully be at 2.5m by midnight. So combined, she's going up from 5.5m to 12.5m, which is great! But that still might not be enough.
  3. Apparently Crave is the second single and has the video with the drag queens. So I Rise would be a third single or not a single at all.
  4. The YouTube views of the performance are pretty impressive! It's going to pass 50% of what the music video did in it's first 24 hours, which is amazing I think this is the first time her team has gotten a live performance up quickly enough for it go semi-viral haha
  5. Why? I Rise is released tonight at midnight based on timezone, which is why it's already out in New Zealand and Australia. No one here has said that Crave leaked. It will be released on iTunes next Friday.
  6. Fun! I am a bit surprised. Based on the press release, I was expecting I Rise or Future and I know some had their theories about Killers Who Are Partying. I wonder who produced it? Basically, half the album was written with Mirwais and half with Starrah and this is from the Starrah half but that doesn't mean that Mirwais didn't produce it.
  7. She know's what a concept album is, she's just saying it's not clear where the line between a concept album and not is aka what it really is
  8. Lolz she's coming from outside the top 200 and the video release got her up to like 60 and the show ended less than two hours ago. This is great! It's literally having more impact than the music video.
  9. Nothing confirmed, but I would actually think midnight Thursday night since these promo releases just usually go up at midnight v. Medellin which was a special premiere.
  10. I mean Maluma himself has produced only two Hot 100 hits, charting at #48 and #87. The first single from his latest project hasn't made the top 100. So I don't think it's that Maluma's fans are ignoring it. We live in a strange chart era where it's possible for a song to get hundreds of millions of streams but still miss the top 100 if those streams aren't concentrated into particular weeks.
  11. Streams, yes! Airplay, wouldn't hold my breath Hopefully they get the performance up on YouTube immediately
  12. I don't believe streams before the album is released will count. Once it is released, yes they will. But streaming is likely to be quite low for both Madonna and Bruce, even though her's might be a bit higher.
  13. It was revealed through some sort of glitch on iTunes when the album was put up for pre-order. A similar glitch revealed the album tracklisting and ended up being accurate. So it seems like it was the plan at least as of 1.5 weeks ago (I Rise- May 3, Crave- May 10, Future- May 17, Dark Ballet- June7)
  14. It's possible, Beautiful by Christina sort of fits description. Ballads can definitely be anthems
  15. Anything is possible, but it would be sort of odd for her to release a gay anthem AND have a video with drag queens but have them be for different songs. "Killers Who Are Partying" was also not mentioned in the album release press release while "I Rise" was and I Rise is getting a 7" vinyl single as a part of the album release. I think all signs point to I Rise being more than just a regular album track.
  16. Anthem can be either slow or fast. Songs like the National Anthem (lol) or Hero are slow and anthemic, which Music is an example of a fast anthemic song. So that word doesn't really tell us much.
  17. The tough thing is streaming. For example, in the UK last week, Medellin was #32 in sales but then only #87 on the official chart (sales and streaming combined). It's really tough out there. But it's nice to seem the song getting some solid airplay and sales support in Europe.
  18. Yeah, it depends on the reception. She's also supposed to release a new song May 10 and May 17, so it's not like all of them are getting the full treatment. My assumption is that they are all to tease the album. If one does significantly better than the others in terms of sales and streaming, perhaps that will get it chosen as a future single. But I would assume the second single is already chosen.
  19. Yeah, not official but this the same way the album tracklisting leaked out and that turned out to be right so I tend to believe it.
  20. The press release highlights Medellin, Dark Ballet, Future, and I Rise. I Rise, Crave, Future, Dark Ballet are rumored to be the pre-album iTunes releases. Combined I think that makes it pretty clear Dark Ballet, Future, and I Rise are under single-consideration and/or likely to be album highlights. Seems interesting that Killers Who are Partying (which truly is an unusual title) is getting so much rumor mill attention.
  21. Yeah, the intro is the biggest 'problem.' I'm less concerned about the mid-section because by then people have probably watched enough for it to count as a view haha
  22. This will already be the most UK radio support she's gotten for a non-ballad in quite some time! because in previous cycles Masterpiece and Ghosttown were the only songs really embraced by UK radio (Living for Love got some love but nothing as big as Radio 2 A-List).
  23. They have her MET Gala performance under Music so hopefully they've gotten wise to this
  24. Yes, but record sales have gone way down in the past 15 years and streaming hasn't been effectively monetized for the artist.
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