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  1. Haha I know we've teased for a bit but just a reminder this was filmed literally only two weeks ago lolz
  2. I think some people have different concepts of what's midtempo, uptempo, etc. It makes it difficult to match expectations and descriptions from other people I can't believe some people don't think Medellin and Future are uptempo Like, I get that they aren't Music, but c'mon
  3. It will? Based on what? lol A lot of people like the songs released so far, especially Medellin and Crave, which have been chosen as the first two singles. And these (few) people who are suggesting that there are some of the best tracks still to be heard aren't saying "the album is brilliant except for the four so-so songs released," I'm pretty positive these people like the first 4 songs as well.
  4. Yes, in terms of both writing and production, this is just Madonna and Mirwais. There are five such tracks on Madame X: Dark Ballet, God Control, Killers Who Are Partying, Extreme Occident, and I Don't Search I Find (six if you include Batuka where David has a writing credit).
  5. It's almost exactly 24 hours later so maybe there was a contractual waiting period?
  6. Yes, in the sense that that date leaked out with the ones for I Rise, Crave, and Future, which all turned out to be correct.
  7. The slight upside (hey, got to be positive!) of the negative reaction to Eurovision is that I think Crave can proceed as the clear second single without confusion. If it had all gone over better there might have been confusion about Future v. Crave. My guess would be that if Madonna does talk shows with performance around the album release, Crave will be the song she performs.
  8. At a complete minimum we have the Crave music video soon and Dark Ballet out on June 7. I'd guess more traditional promo (talkshows, a performance or two) around the album release.
  9. But they don't deserve to shut their eyes? That's the point, no? You don't get to just pretend it doesn't exist when you're at a huge party not far where people are kept in camps as second class (non) citizens.
  10. I actually thought her vocals were fine on LAP! The actual performance was not too dynamic/potentially boring but it's weird to me that vocals are being singled out as the problem. The Future performance was pretty much fire.
  11. There's nothing political about the song? What do you think this song is about? The snippets we've seen from the Eurovision rehearsals also make it seem like she's taking the performance to a political place.
  12. This comes from the fact that if you Shazam the trailer it comes up as Extreme Occident. And then the lyrics from that clip and the ones she quoted in her GLAAD speech seem to fit together.
  13. I love some of the lyrics in this! I told you not to waste your time I'm not a girl you drink like wine If you press pause then I'll retreat I will not grovel at your feet Please don't fall in love with me I would rather be set free I can not give you my all I will not make my self small That's gold
  14. I feel like this might be the most Madame X-y track yet! The influence isn't latin, but we have the world music piece with the dancehall elements. And then really for the first time in the four tracks so far, we get some political themes. I get why sonically some people think this isn't the best fit for Eurovision, but it definitely allows her to make a statement in a way that I'm excited about. I predict God Control/Future/Batuka to be a really amazing political, world beat crescendo!
  15. It's possible, but I think one city will have to be after LA (probably Vegas or Miami)
  16. Likely one or two of the remaining US cities will be in December
  17. Maybe Madonna requested not to be listed as to maintain some level of 'surprise'?
  18. In what universe are you posting the link again thinking that it's ok?
  19. We don't know whether she's been rehearsing for months or not, and the metgala was a full year ago.
  20. If she really has 15 mins she could even do Medellin, Crave, Future, LAP, and another additional classic (Music? Hung Up?) given that it's common to shorten the songs in this type of setting (like the Superbowl).
  21. I think Medellin is still the primary push until this video is out to formally 'launch' Crave as a single.
  22. I'm curious to see what exactly she does. There are various ways to approach this. For example, the Icelandic entry is very political and see performing as an opportunity to shine light in some way on anti-fascism v. not performing at all. I think both that approach and boycotting are valid. I just would hope that Madonna makes some kind of clear statement. Denouncing violence and advocating for peace is good, but it risks falling into 'both sides' messaging. One side is occupying the other, one side is carrying out an apartheid.
  23. They count toward certification but not toward first week sales.
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