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  1. Nope! Sometimes a sign can be what's on the album sticker (which we should actually find out any day now at this point for Madame X). Rebel Heart listed LFL, GT, and BIM. It's not always right though. Confessions listed Hung Up, Sorry, and Jump (leaving Get Together off) and Hard Candy listed 4 Minutes and Beat Goes On (presumably to get Kanye's name on there).
  2. It was a fascinating time! I think there was an opportunity to release II in a similar way to Drowned World during Ray of Light. Don't Tell Me was released in Jan 2001 in the US whereas it was released Nov 2000 in Europe, which meant DTM hung around a lot longer in North America. II could've been released as a Europe-only single in early 2001, and then things could have gotten back on a uniform global schedule for WIFLFAG in spring. At least from a US perspective, I really don't think II was a smash waiting to happen. I think it's reception would've been more along the lines of Bedtime S
  3. What people re saying is that there is no rap in Crave. This is a verse sung by a black man, but rap that does not make.
  4. Crazy has been pretty well received aside from The Daily Mail I believe. I'd say God Control, Batuka, and I Don't Search I Find are the most consistently liked overall. Haven't seen much negative out Come Alive either. And then Medellin and Crave from the already released songs have been pretty universally praised.
  5. I Don't Search, I Find: Everyone seems to like this one God Control: Sounds like peak bonkers Madonna/Mirwais Crazy: Varying descriptions, but seems classic pop with slight Latin flavor Batuka: Cape Verde influence and another one that everyone seems to like Most curious about: Dark Ballet
  6. One of them called Crave country-influenced lol It's shocking to me how poorly these reviews (whether they're positive or mixed) are written. Some of the British ones read like they were written in a foreign language and then translated into English or something.
  7. Yeah, there's very little discussion of the songs? Madonna's music is very rarely accurately received at the time of release anyway. (see Erotica especially)
  8. She’s never gone below 3 so here’s hoping! I don’t believe we have a reliable rumor for the third single choice.
  9. But it's dark hair on the vinyl! And it's 2019 and you can picture whatever cover you want as you listen on your computer lolz
  10. I feel that the 15-track version is the "real" version. It was the one played at the listening events, it seems to be the one that will be reviewed by critics. The extra 3 tracks on the super deluxe or whatever feel like the bonus tracks, while Extreme Occident and Looking for Mercy seem like part of the core Madame X especially since they aren't just added on to the end. Although if Looking for Mercy is really the worst track, maybe it should just be a 14-track album haha. I don't really get why the 13-track version exists.
  11. I would think there's a decent amount of crossover (ie. that the Pride performances will probably be early versions of the tour performances)
  12. It's like a pre-rehearsal, where the final choreography isn't down and you're working things out
  13. Swae Lee is also just not as active on social media as Maluma
  14. Nope! Pretty fluffy, mostly about family. The DJ seemed to genuinely love Crave, though, so that was nice
  15. It's working for me now! About 9 minutes long
  16. We'll see. A lot of times her TV appearances are only announced a week or less before.
  17. What I'm saying is that I don't think that's the consensus. I think Crave is the best song she's released as a single since Get Together and I don't think that's an outlier opinion.
  18. Again, want to push back on this. I don't think there's much evidence of this. Maluma and Swae Lee are very integrated on their respective songs and their presence has been widely praised as additive. I think Quavo on Future is more debatable. Maluma fans aren't boycotting Medellin lol. Madonna, very unfairly, is simply not cool to young people. No musician, especially female, over 50 is.
  19. I want to push back on this a bit. Check even our fan rating/ranking thread. The consensus is not that Crave is a so-so track. The consensus is that is a very good, catchy track. I know the Mirwais material will appeal most to a certain set of the fanbase, but Crave is really well liked overall.
  20. The video was shot two weeks ago
  21. The summer is kind of a bad time for that. SNL I think is over for the season. I don't think music is performed at the MTV movie awards. Late night (Jimmy Fallon) and Ellen are probably the best bets?
  22. I like the video! It's simple but that's what compliments the song. Anything much more would've felt like overkill. And she does look gorgeous!!
  23. 1. Crave 8.5 trending toward 9 2. Medellin 8 3. Future 7.5 trending toward 8 (Soltera 7) 4. I Rise 6.5
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