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  1. After two weeks of complaining about the setlist, it looked great! I am here for the resurgence of American Life
  2. Replacing Future with God Control isn’t giving people a holiday though!?! Im glad we’re getting our first God Control performance!
  3. Well streaming makes up a very small portion as the article states. The only way to avoid a huge fall would be to buy more copies
  4. Her clear favs: God Control and Extreme Occident The songs played from Madame X: Medellin, Dark Ballet, God Control, Future, Batuka, Crave, Faz Gostoso, I Rise
  5. It would make no sense. She shot in February and teased it this Monday FOUR MONTHS LATER. Why would she decide not to release it?
  6. I mean she always going to perform I Rise, and it's hard to argue with LAP and Vogue. I get that some fans try to argue about LAP, but it's her most famous song so... But Future is the one that I can see complaints about. I really like the song, but it's probably not the best choice for the audience. But then another neither is God Control probably and yall trying to suggest that.
  7. Ugh I hope it is! It’s about gun control and our society being insane lol
  8. First time since confessions we’ve gotten four videos!! And all in about two months!!
  9. Medellin/Living For Love Dark Ballet/Devil Pray God Control/Ghosttown Future/Unapologetic Bitch Batuka/Illuminati Killers Who Are Partying/Bitch I'm Madonna Crave/Hold Tight Crazy/Joan Of Arc Come Alive/Iconic Extreme Occident/Heartbreak City Faz Gostoso/Body Shop Bitch I'm Loca/Holy Water I Don't Search I Find/Inside Out Looking For Mercy/Wash All Over Me I Rise/Best Night
  10. A video? What is there to finance? haha
  11. In my mind, God Control and Faz Gostoso are the two songs that REQUIRE videos
  12. It's actually way more useful to buy an extra than to waste your life streaming. It takes like over a thousand streams to equal one purchase. I mean I will stream the album a lot because I want to listen to it but I'm going to drive myself crazy for like less than one sales worth of streaming.
  13. Medellin God Control Killers Crave Faz Gostoso
  14. This is dope af!! The literal only downside in terms of commercial potential is the language. They should get this out to Brazil at least. It's major!
  15. Yeah call it low expectations, but I really liked this! I do think the English verses are a bit cringy (but the I know what I am and what I'm not part elevates it), but every other element is amazing! All of the production and the Portuguese chorus is just so beautiful
  16. I'm waiting! I have to admit, it's not because I'm angel though. I'm traveling for work and all the sites where you would download it are blocked on my work computer haha. I return from my trip Thursday night, so I will stream it at midnight.
  17. Rebel Heart is the most promo she's ever done for an album. We have very short memories here lol. Madame X has been lighter but kind of quality over quantity (Eurovision aside perhaps ), but still not anywhere near her lightest. I'm glad the iHeart radio thing next week is going to give us some performances.
  18. We are less than 5 days from the album being officially out (midnight next Thursday in NZ), so it's not even in the same league as Rebel Heart. With pre shipments and such, I don't it's possible for a album not to leak.
  19. Still Crave for me! I love that she’s being experimental and ambitious but Dark Ballet is ultimately by least favorite right now. Still glad it exists
  20. I feel the same. I do think the article was one of the better ones on Madonna recently (maybe that's saying something...) but M knows about what happened behind the scenes (what wasn't included) way more than we ever will. I'm not surprised the rape comment hurt M. I actually thought about that while reading the article. She was raped in her first year in NYC, if she wants to use that word she can use it.
  21. Interesting from M! I didn’t think the piece was negative or particularly superficial, but I could see how the writer was given a lot of access but then wrote a piece that didn’t really require that access.
  22. Interesting! Could be because she's performing I Rise at Pride (which is just me assuming but it would make sense giving how they've positioned the song) and, given the timing, it will be move high profile at the time of release than an average album track?
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