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  1. It certainly will. It's just a question of when. I would say it's on pace to crack 150 million around late November. 200 million in February or March
  2. This is the key to me! I play all her albums regularly for a maybe 3 or 4 months, but I listen to Rebel Heart way more 6 months than any of the recent albums.
  3. Standalone singles rarely get released unless there's a new remix or something these days. It's really just a fan fantasy from people who think things still work they did 10+ years ago
  4. Its fun and I like it, but thank god it didn't get officially released. Would have been more trouble than it was worth
  5. Where its that? I want to know this land where Heartbreak City is a club hit haha
  6. If there was going to be another full single with a real video, my choice would be Unapologetic Bitch as I think it would generate the most interest. However, if there's another single or two, it will probably just be a live video plus a set of remixes. I that case, I think Devil Pray would be my choice since I just like it a lot, it lends itself to remixes, and I have a feeling it will be a tour highlight. I guess Devil Pray in fall followed by Unapologetic Bitch in early 2016 to coincide with the Asia/Australia dates would be my pick, but I suppose that's kind of boring because then all five singles would be from the original six songs to be released. Inside Out is my favorite song, but it feels more like a Sanctuary or Skin (aka amazing album track) to me.
  7. Inside Out Devil Pray Living for Love Bitch I'm Madonna Heartbreak City
  8. I would have 2 discs but not necessarily Rebel and Heart, just one more kind of guitar focused and the other more heavy, drum focused. It ends being sort of Rebel and Heart but I think that's a little too literal. Disc One 1. Living for Love 2. Devil Pray 3. Heaven 4. Borrowed Time 5. Hold Tight (MNEK version) 6. Body Shop 7. Joan of Arc 8. Messiah (Demo version) 9. Rebel Heart (Avicci Version) Disc Two 1. Heartbreak City 2. Unapologetic Bitch 3. Iconic 4. Bitch I'm Madonna 5. Holy Water 6. Best Night 7. Inside Out 8. Wash All Over Me
  9. It's cool that a good amount of songs are being released in some capacity (Living for Love, Ghosttown, Bitch Im Madonna, Devil Pray, and now Hold Tight). I do wonder whether there will be a 'real' fourth single
  10. Yeah, it's great sans Pitbull haha
  11. No they probably wouldn't, but not uploading a little interlude for a song they promotionally sent to radio in select countries two months prior is no tragedy.
  12. I mean if it was for a single, yes? LFL, Ghosttown, and BIM all found their way to vevo And I don't mean using an interlude video as the video (she's likely performing Devil Pray so I doubt there would be an interlude video), I mean a video in the style of an interlude video. Something very simple to shoot that would only take a day
  13. She films interlude and backdrop videos during tour rehearsals so maybe she do something along those lines for Devil Pray. The tour videos (JML from MDNA, Die Another Day from Sticky, Bedtime Story from Reinvention, Paradise from DWT, etc) tend to be relatively simple but quite good.
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