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  1. Really? But maybe Madonna texted them the track names from her phone. Then again, "Ghost Town" wouldn't even be "Ghosttown", but "Ghostown".
  2. Someone needs to tell them that it's "VIDI", not "VEDI". Christ...
  3. Where is the exact source for that 25 super deluxe thing?
  4. Haven't checked all track lengths, but "Rebel Heart" and "Wash All Over Me" are shorter than the demos.
  5. Interesting choice. Glad that "Wash All Over Me" and "Inside Out" made the cut. Kind of sad about the exclusion of "Addited" and "Beautiful Scars". Maybe we'll get some additonal tracks on the deluxe, otherwise we have the demos.
  6. Great version! This should be part of the official remix bundle, because it's so much better than any one the official ones.
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