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  1. This project is a total embarassement already and I will absolutely refuse to watch it. Her deleted post about the false statements is a little bit hilarious though, because those were exact quotes.
  2. Yes, they should've released the demo instead.
  3. Frozen (William Orbit Widescreen Mix) Ray Of Light (Sasha's Ultraviolet Mix) Drowned World/Substitute For Love (BT & Sasha's Ashram Remix) Nothing Really Matters (Club 69 Vocal Club Mix)
  4. In the german list for the RSD it says "black vinyl".
  5. Have you guys heard Nelly's new album? If yes, what's your opinion? It's called "The Ride" and I have to say I really enjoy it. Such an improvement over "The Spirit Indestructible", which I thought was uninspired and even annoying in terms of production and vocal delivery. This one is pretty diverse and interesting Btw, her husband didn't master it which means it doesn't sound crappy.
  6. Great track ruined by horrible mixing and mastering. Keep Demo Castellon out of the studio, please!
  7. I just read that Nelly and Demo got divorced. Btw I agree that the cover is terrible. Can't get Tap Dancing out of my head recently.
  8. Dance 2night is a gem, don't you dare call it a filler! HC aged so well and the songs still sound fresh.
  9. Crappy and superfluous as usual.
  10. That video interview snippet of Sheryl was very uncomfortable to watch. Again, so much hypocrisy and bitterness. I know I used the same words before, but while I thought the written words could've been taken out of context, the video proved me wrong. That's sad.
  11. She can't be serious. This sounds bitter and insecure. I hate it when people fail to "get" Madonna, especially those who should know better, because they've been in the business for so long.
  12. Yes, I agree. It looks a bit strange for the opening number, but once she moves and it gets a bit messy, it's really ok.
  13. This made me look for some early pictures of Warren and I have to admit that I never knew how gorgeous he was!
  14. Amazing! That girl has good taste and great stage presence!
  15. The DWT DVD hair discussions will never die. Imagine she released an edit of it with the same approach as MDNA/RH: different hairstyle, outfit every few seconds. We would have it all. It's hilarious how so many of her concert releases have some iconic discussions about them. WTG: Switching necklace and audience BAT: Which taped show is the best? Ponytail, curls or Poodledonna? Which vocals are the best? Is the full Paris show somewhere? DWT: Wtf is that hair? CT: Editing on steroids for 2007 standards, then came MDNA and RH and took it to another level S&S: dubbing galore, where are the 2009 performances? MDNA: How many (grainy) cuts do fit in one second 2.0 and did David Banda really record the audio for the DVD from behind the stage with his phone? RH: Will Aldo Diaz be the graphic designer?
  16. Btw I love the production of Take A Day. It has a carefree and positive vibe to it. Pretty timeless, too.
  17. This reminds me of the MDNA Tour Bluray fiasco. So I wouldn't be surprised if it happened by accident.
  18. Confessions and MDNA Tour stages were awesome. I don't like the WTG stage, it's stairs, stairs and more stairs.
  19. I constantly see an add about a Million Reasons remix from a sponsored account on my instagram feed. So annoying, no other artist appears that frequently
  20. It can't be worse than the MDNA Tour cover though.
  21. If that ICON answer is real, it doesn't reveal anything at all. I hope this clears up some of the muddy water.