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  1. They must hate M?

    Love it
  2. I think that "live feeling" is audible because it's a vocal take from a rehearsal where she did the actual performance.
  3. Vogue from the tours ranked

    Now that's interesting, it's my favourite version. I think it's a perfect updated version true to the original. Love the arrangement very much, it sounds timeless.
  4. I just saw this comment under a video with the radio remix on youtube: "If Rain had been on the Rebel Heart album, the original version would have been shelved and this would have been put on the album."
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Her voice sounds so beautiful, I'm in love!
  6. GOODBYE TO INNOCENCE appreciation thread

    Wait what? I always thought the 2nd video was the original version. It's a remix? So the first one is the original? It's awesome. Does it last longer? That fadeout seems too short.
  7. GOODBYE TO INNOCENCE appreciation thread

    Live this gem, it's been stuck for days in my head. What did I read in this thread about Madonna rerecording vocals for Waiting in 1993??? What for?
  8. The album version wins for me! I love the song and that arrangement is soooo good, especially how it's divided onto the different channels. Heavenly! The live version is great as well. The harmonies and the "Just My Imagination" interlude are awesome! I don't really care for the radio remix. It's too watered down and karaoke-ish to do the song justice.
  9. Liz Smith has Died [merged]

    Oh no, that's so sad! :( RIP
  10. Have you guys heard Nelly's new album? If yes, what's your opinion? It's called "The Ride" and I have to say I really enjoy it. Such an improvement over "The Spirit Indestructible", which I thought was uninspired and even annoying in terms of production and vocal delivery. This one is pretty diverse and interesting Btw, her husband didn't master it which means it doesn't sound crappy.
  11. Amazing thread! Someone talked about Vogue during RHT being a new prerecorded vocal. I think it's just the original vocal pitched down which makes it sound like it's not even her singing it. It's especially noticeable on the final release.
  12. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    Ouch this looks painful...and it obviously is when you that woman's reactions.
  13. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    I love this promotion approach!
  14. Rebel Heart ♥ Tour DVD / Blu-ray

    They should've included the backstage pass footage on the release
  15. Haven't seen the whole thing yet, but I loved her Kardashian Hi-and-Bye
  16. The RHT version of Burning Up is what the RIT version tried to be. I love this version, especially the guitar solo.
  17. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I'm pretty sure I hear sound effects from the RHT Intro in this clip.
  18. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Btw do you think Trolldonna let them print background visuals for Nicki and Kiley on the first page of the booklet on purpose? I mean...when you think about it...you really can't hear them.
  19. I love the beginning of Body Shop when she messes up her cue because she can't stop chatting.
  20. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    It's grainy on my Bluray, too. Thank god it's not the case for the main show.
  21. I can't wait to see what she has in store, but most of all I'm excited to hear and read that she's inspired and that the musical part of her career doesn't seem to be pushed back for a while. We may get the movie first, but her creative juices are flowing and that's wonderful.