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  1. Maybe not rare, but I'm not sure I've seen this before.
  2. Great article. It's indeed a wonderful record. Listened to it from start to finish the other day and it's perfect. I love every song on it. The songwriting, lyrics, vocals, harmonies, production, arrangements and themes are amazing. So personal, honest, exciting, powerful, sensual and timeless.
  3. Love this demo. Erotica was such a wonderful era.
  4. This woman!!! Can't believe it's been a year since the tour ended. It feels like yesterday, right?
  5. It's really fascinating! Thrilling arrangement and wonderful lyrics. Love that the verses have this kind of hard and industrial production and when the chorus kicks in, it gets soft and colorful.
  6. Why hold it back for the album recording though? I understand that some singers don't put 100% into vocals during rehearsals, but not using the full strength for a studio cut seems like a weird compromise to me.
  7. Btw I love how they added the stomping sounds to the video and some performances for the breakdown. Such a good effect!
  8. Love the song and its message. It's a bit anti-climatic though, the breakdown parts after the chorus don't sound finished somehow. The vocal production in the verses, especially the first one, is a bit robotic and nasally, but apart from these things, it's a really good song. Uplifiting, empowering and exciting. Despite its flaws, the production has really interesting elements to it. Love the choir, the beats and the sound of the piano, especially during the intro/first verse.
  9. It's the serum, guys! #havinggoodskin
  10. Of course I hope we get the uncut performances and a few extras from the third section, but the ending of Heartbreak City without LDLHA is so cleverly edited that I wonder if they really did that for the Showtime special only.
  11. Aaaand she changed it again to another colored version by him.
  12. I always wondered why this wasn't included on STR. Btw I love the strings, they sound so warm and bittersweet!
  13. It's another edit by aldodiaz
  14. I seriously cannot decide. The Girlie Show version is the closest to perfection when it comes to representing the original version. The stripped back DWT arrangement was a wonderful approach, too. The sped up CT mix is great to dance to and has a really uplifting effect on me. I prefer that one to the S&S version, because while I feel that Madonna added something very entertaining to the Live Earth performance (Lela Pala Tute), that concept somehow fell flat on the S&S version. It wasn't as exciting and energetic anymore. The RH version was very enjoyable, too. Great arrangement, kind of stripped back, yet true to the original.
  15. One of her very best ballads! Love it! Her vocals on the BS tracks are so silky and smooth.
  16. That location looks weird. What is it? An underground garage?
  17. The expression on her face is hilarious in this picture! Loved the performance. What a way to kick off the RH era!
  18. True, loved the article about her. Got one copy today, the pictures are mesmerizing. There's one mistake in it though. She writes that Amy Schumer opened all 88 sold out shows of the Rebel Heart Tour.
  19. Yes, it irritates me, too! Of course not every fan has to like and appreciate every artistic choice she makes, but she really put her heart and soul into the whole Rebel Heart era. Blood, sweat, tears!
  20. @Pedro Thank you, great post and I totally agree! Btw I'm so in love with the imagery of this shoot and video.
  21. Love it. It's beautifully shot and she looks gorgeous. Just when I thought we were already spoiled with all these amazing magazine covers and pictures, we get even more!
  22. He talked about it more in the context of WITLFAG and said she mostly "changed a few lyrics" on Nothing Fails.