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  1. Illuminati

    Shawn Mendes

    I really don't get why so many young people are crazy about Shawn. He seems so boring and bland to me.
  2. Illuminati

    ABBA thread

    I always wondered what kind of effect it is. I guess it's something like a vocoder which creates that "metallic" (?) sound. It's a very powerful opener. Talking about openers... I have to mention the majestic "Eagle". I mean, what a glorious piece of music. At the early stages of becoming a fan, I only had the GOLD and MORE GOLD compilations. Later on, I bought their original albums on vinyl. Can you imagine my reaction when I first listened to the full version of "Eagle"? Of course the MORE GOLD version is even marked as an "edit" on the back cover, but I didn't pay attention to that. The short version omits one of the best parts of the song, that solo is LIFE. The next surprise was the uncut version of "The Name Of The Game" where another full verse magically appeared.
  3. Illuminati

    ABBA thread

    Right now I'm listening to "The Visitors". It's such an atmospheric and unique record which is perfect for this time of the year. So many great songs on one album. I think the title track is one of their most overlooked works. Such a haunting production from the arrangement to the melody and vocal production. I get shivers every time I listen to it. "Two For The Price Of One" often gets ridiculed, but in the context of the album it works. It's a pretty dark and moody record overall, so it's "the small relief in between" for me.
  4. Illuminati

    ABBA thread

    Criminal. Such a gem! I think I read somewhere that B&B always thought that the verses and chorus sound like two different songs and don't flow too well. Shouldn't have stopped them from releasing it as bonus track in recent years though. The harmonies are heavenly.
  5. Illuminati

    ABBA thread

    Jazzy Jan, I'm SHOCKED you just recently discovered this great song. 😄 On the other hand I'm pretty jealous as well, because it must feel great to listen to a "brand new" ABBA recording as a longtime fan. 🙂 Love this one so much.
  6. Illuminati

    ABBA thread

    Both great songs, right? I think Happy Hawaii is an early version released as a B-side. It's interesting how some of ABBAs melodies can be found in demos or early takes of their other recordings, e.g. Under Attack / Just Like That / When The Waves Roll Out To Sea (not really ABBA, I know) or Does Your Mother Know and Dream World.
  7. Illuminati

    FIRST AID KIT - love this band so much

    Guess what's the name of their upcoming tour? It's called "Rebel Heart Tour" 😎
  8. Illuminati

    ABBA thread

    This is soooo exciting, ABBA is my favourite band of all time!!!
  9. Illuminati

    Tom Petty has died at 66

    So sad! RIP Tom!
  10. Illuminati

    "Everything Now" - Arcade Fire

    I don't like it so far. I'm missing proper melodies on most songs. There are a few exceptions, but all in all it seems they were so busy finding new sounds and different directions that they forgot to write proper songs to use them for.
  11. Illuminati

    "Everything Now" - Arcade Fire

    I really like it, excited for the new album!
  12. Illuminati

    Harry Styles , sign of the times

    I really like it. Should be interesting what we can expect on his album.
  13. Illuminati

    BRIT AWARDS 2017

    Btw, someone REALLY needs to tell Chris Martin to buy some new clothes. I can't tolerate it anymore.
  14. Tango is a great album, you'll enjoy it. Saw Fleetwood Mac live in 2015 and they were awesome. I'd love to see a solo Stevie concert as well, she has so many good songs on all her albums.
  15. Isn't It Midnight is one of my favourite tracks on the album. Can't wait to hear it remastered and with bonus tracks. Btw what's your opinion on When I See You Again? Many FM fans dislike Stevie's vocals on it. Whassamatta baybaayyyy....
  16. Illuminati

    George Michael thread

    Since the news of his death I've been listening to "Faith" over and over again. Such an amazing album!
  17. Illuminati

    George Michael thread

    Oh no, such sad news!
  18. Illuminati

    Kate Bush

    Soooo who already listened to her new live album? I think it's absolutely gorgeous! The Ninth Wave and An Endless Sky Of Honey translate perfectly into the live setting with their glorious arrangements. What a joyful and intense production.
  19. Illuminati

    Stevie Nicks!!

    The alternate takes of "Sable On Blond" and "I Sing For The Things" are so damn good!
  20. Illuminati

    2016 American Presidential Thread

    It's unbelievable! I'm shocked, devastated, speechless. What the fuck???
  21. Illuminati

    Stevie Nicks!!

    Bought the deluxe re-issues, they're awesome! The remasters sound really good and the bonus discs are awesome. Especially "The Wild Heart" has such a great collection of previously unreleased songs and alternate takes. The liner notes are wonderful as well. Go buy it!!!
  22. Illuminati

    ABBA thread

    Can we please talk about the PERFECTION of their song "Eagle"? It's everything...melody, vocals, production, atmosphere...so gorgeous!
  23. Yes, true. Rudebox had some good songs, but Intensive Care was a more cohesive work for my taste. After Rudebox, nothing really interesting happened apart from a small bunch of songs.
  24. I actually like that one, but the next album Rudebox was a mess.
  25. I love his early solo work and had a big crush on him, but his latest musical output is so bland and uninspired. I couldn't care less about it.