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  1. It's unbelievable! I'm shocked, devastated, speechless. What the fuck???
  2. It's perfection. Divine vocals, perfect melody, moody arrangement and one of her best bridges. M at her best!
  3. Here's a fixed version : http://www88.zippyshare.com/v/UOmTfhHS/file.html
  4. It changes between "Body Shop", "Inside Out" and "Iconic". There are SO many great songs, it's really hard to choose.
  5. Love it! I was a bit shocked after I fell in love with the demo, but the final mix is great, too!
  6. YAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!! :D and that pouding, industrial beat underneath! Yes, I agree. I think it's rather an alternate version. Btw I actually prefer this over the Pt.2 version with Mike and Chance, because their parts seem a bit squashed in there. This one is perfect!
  7. ...this ICONIC demo: It's TERRIFIC! Love the dark vibe and production. The album version is great, too, and there's also the similar demo that features Chance and Mike Tyson as well, but THAT INSTRUMENTAL BREAKDOWN and final part with the uptempo beat and modified vocals!!!
  8. No, I think so, too. Sometimes it almost looks like an negative image or at least something that's beyond extreme saturation.
  9. I love it!Think I get what you say about the vocals though. They sound kind of shrill.
  10. I tried to mash both versions: https://soundcloud.com/musicinferno/madonna-inside-out-musicinferno-demo-mashup-1
  11. The album version is my favourite, I love the dark and industrial sound and the strings towards the end. They could've used some of the guitar in the final mix, but it's heavenly without it, too!
  12. We need making of material from her videos. The Ghosttown making ofs on Tidal seem like teasers.
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