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  1. That look was SO SEXY!!!
  2. Chill people, not everyone who doesn't really like her outfit says it's ridiculous or "not Madonna".
  3. Her face looks amazing once again! Hopefully we'll get some info/stories of her aftershow party.
  4. Yeah,maybe we get to see another full body shot in which we see the whole outfit properly Anyway, it's for her private party, so it's totally fine. I guess I wouldn't have liked it if she went to the Vanity Fair Party dressed like that though.
  5. Fingers crossed she may attend the ceremony as well. On a german pre-show they just said that they heard she'll come. I mean, it doesn't confirm anything, but it would be great, right?
  6. When does the whole thing start? How long do we have to wait?
  7. Yes I'm hoping for this, too! Time for another gorgeous Vanity Fair red carpet look.
  8. This just can't be topped as it defines perfection!
  9. The Beast Within from RIT gives me goosebumps every single time. So cool that she posted the clips!
  10. Yeah, I feel similar about the Brits performance. Maybe it's not the concept itself, but the execution.
  11. Yes, me too, it's so intense! And the clock ringing when the music stops and he enters her bedroom. One of her very best music videos. Love Finchers work!
  12. Love the video!
  13. She was definately nervous and it shows in her vocals, but for me it adds emotion and vulnerability, even if her vocals aren't as soft as on the album. It's only during the "we had it all" part where her voice slides into out of tune area.
  14. Loved her Grammy performance. Really cool visual concept and stage setup!
  15. Life is a pair of dogs! One of my favourite songs on COADF! Essential Madonna lyrics. Love the moody string transition from Push to LION on the mixed album, too. Kind of sad that some of these cool moments got lost on the unmixed version.
  16. That's exactly what I experienced with this album and that didn't happen with any of her records before! Beautiful Killer is a fantastic track though. Great musical and vocal production and mixing. It has that classical Madonna vibe all over it.
  17. That's not an option, sorry! She's super cute in that video.
  18. Which one and what did they say?
  19. Btw what is going on with those random keyboard noises from 2:05 to 2:20 in that PDP performance? Did someone fall asleep?
  20. One of my favourite BAT moments! That outro is amazing. Perfect example of a musical interlude that lets the band shine. Recently listened to the WTG and BAT recordings a lot and I love all the guitar and keyboard solo parts that add another layer to the songs.
  21. Amazing, can't wait! The woman who keeps on giving!