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  1. LDLHA wasn't only the highlight of that particular performance, but of the entire show for me. I'm so sad about the omission!
  2. Apart from my complaints about her vocals I have to say that the track sounds great on my headphones. I love the beat and the bass is loud and clear.
  3. The overall mix is indeed much, much better than the MDNA mess. If only they didn't mute the live lead vocal for so many tracks.
  4. I was hoping they would bring her live vocals more upfront in the mix, but they're hiding behind the 80s album vocals.
  5. Cherish "Cherish"!

    This song is uplifting pop perfection and the ending with all the vocal layers is heavenly!
  6. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    The original or re-release? Which one sounds better btw?
  7. Tragic Madonna Wax Figures

    Jesus fucking Christ, this is very scary thread!
  8. Vogue Sticky and Sweet Tour reaction video

    Um it's from Truth Or Dare
  9. The intermet melody is part of the setlist of RHT. Sometimes Madonna skipped it, but when she didn't, it made us dance in a different way. ;)
  10. "Pre-order on my Bday" Which year though?
  11. I enjoy the actual riff, but the overall arrangement is a mess. It starts with electric guitars and later switches to the original playing in the background with its disco beat. It doesn't blend properly. They should've re-arranged it entirely with proper use of her drummer throughout the song to make it sound less copy-paste.
  12. Bad songs, can't dance, no stage presence.
  13. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    All these treasures!
  14. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    I heard the original pressing of the AL album sounds better than the CD. How about the re-release? Does anyone know?
  15. Vogue Sticky and Sweet Tour reaction video

    "Yaaaaas the time, okay!" She's hilarious!
  16. True. Kevin Antunes & his Casio keyboard have to go. I hoped it clicked when she performed with The Roots on Fallon last year, buf it doesn't seem so. Excited for what she has in store though.
  17. My favourite M compilation. I think "Love Tried To Welcome Me" could've been included instead of "Forbidden Love".
  18. RIP Chester This interview is pretty recent, right?
  19. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

  20. "Rescue Me" appreciation thread

    Love the song and all the remixes. When I bought TIC I didn't pay the song much attention tbh, but after a while it clicked and is one of my favs since then. What a powerful vocal performance, certainly one of her best. Sometimes I wish her vocals during the chorus even were a tad louder or clearer, they sound a bit muffled.
  21. Mercy James Center Opening

    The woman on the left irritates me. She looks emotionless or unimpressed in every picture I've seen so far. Who is she?