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  1. Haha @ Diplo
  2. Love her and I was obsessed with "My Heart Will Go On" back then. Great performance as well, but there was quite a lot of auto-tune going on, right?
  3. Bon Appetit is really growing on me!
  4. Maybe it'll grow on me, but I prefer Chained To The Rhythm. I actually think CTTR is one of her very best songs, it's awesome!
  5. Have you guys heard Nelly's new album? If yes, what's your opinion? It's called "The Ride" and I have to say I really enjoy it. Such an improvement over "The Spirit Indestructible", which I thought was uninspired and even annoying in terms of production and vocal delivery. This one is pretty diverse and interesting Btw, her husband didn't master it which means it doesn't sound crappy.
  6. I just read that Nelly and Demo got divorced. Btw I agree that the cover is terrible. Can't get Tap Dancing out of my head recently.
  7. Crappy and superfluous as usual.
  8. I constantly see an add about a Million Reasons remix from a sponsored account on my instagram feed. So annoying, no other artist appears that frequently
  9. These vocals...
  10. True, at first I thought it was Sarah, too!
  11. Yeah, I feel similar about the Brits performance. Maybe it's not the concept itself, but the execution.
  12. Who was that?
  13. Love the video!
  14. Loved her Grammy performance. Really cool visual concept and stage setup!
  15. Totally agree with you. I feel it's a grower. It lacks a certain punch and is a bit monotonous, but somehow has its charm. There's something in Katy's voice that puts a smile on my face. Maybe it's her quirkiness and her cheerful nature which makes it sound refreshing despite the rather generic production.
  16. OMG edit: Oh sorry, it's that fake account again!
  17. Can't wait, I love Katy!
  18. Those retarded dance moves again...
  19. I hope she dances like crazy and looks like a total fool!
  20. Hilarious, she can't even remember these few sentences and reads them from somewhere next to the camera.
  21. She's such a mess and looks so ridiculous walking on that stage, having no clue how to save this embarassment.