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  1. Love her and I was obsessed with "My Heart Will Go On" back then. Great performance as well, but there was quite a lot of auto-tune going on, right?
  2. He joined instagram on May 31th this year though, so maybe he's just realizing that Madonna fans love stuff related to her.
  3. Maybe she hasn't noticed him yet on instagram.
  4. Those crane shots look so damn good. Love the dynamic movements and how they make you feel you're there.
  5. It's not bad, but the original song has one of the best bridges and it totally lacks the magic in this version.
  6. Yes, totally agree. I wonder why some people call it "fake", only because it may not be a real demo. It's obviously Madonna's voice, both lead and harmonies, so it's a mix made with the stems. "Fake" sounds a bit off to me in this context.
  7. Really hoping for Who's That Girl as a bonus track. That song was my emotional highlight of the show.
  8. Every single pic out of the official press photos from opening night, even without any additional "design" or logo or font, would be amazing for the official cover.
  9. Sooo I wouldn't be surprised if the Detroit part from the concert special ends of being on the audio CD.
  10. So much bullshit coming out of her mouth! Apart from that she can only wish to have just a little touch of M's star quality.
  11. Do you remember this?? Haha what an entrance
  12. It's still there