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  1. My favourite M compilation. I think "Love Tried To Welcome Me" could've been included instead of "Forbidden Love".
  2. RIP Chester This interview is pretty recent, right?
  3. Love the song and all the remixes. When I bought TIC I didn't pay the song much attention tbh, but after a while it clicked and is one of my favs since then. What a powerful vocal performance, certainly one of her best. Sometimes I wish her vocals during the chorus even were a tad louder or clearer, they sound a bit muffled.
  4. The woman on the left irritates me. She looks emotionless or unimpressed in every picture I've seen so far. Who is she?
  5. As you said it's probably because of her hairstyle and length. That performance is a perfect example of her stage presence. Look how she works it. When she walks down the catwalk for the first time during LIB, it seems it was only built for her...which it probably was.
  6. If LDLHA is really excluded, that's a shame. It was an emotional highlight for me! Btw I really hope the full "Between the Bars" from TOAC makes the cut.
  7. It's so spectacular, right? Oh and it was the last appearance of Stuart Price as musical director. Good times!
  8. Beautiful post!
  9. Does anyone have HQ audio of this performance?
  10. Can't believe it already was 10 years ago, it certainly doesn't feel like that for me. A stellar performance, quintessential Madonna! That LIB performance kicks ass, so good.
  11. Why should I explain this? I totally agree with you. I only talked about the tribute and nothing else.
  12. Except that her vocals weren't poor. A bit shaky and very raw, yes, but NC2U by Sinead has this agressive slightly out-of-tune vibe and Madonna went for it, too. Problem is that it's totally against her usual singing style, so it sounded weird. I loved it.
  13. I never really cared for the "Purple Rain" segment, but I love the "Nothing Compares 2 U" part. Maybe it's not perfect vocally, but there's something about her voice which totally gets me. Full of emotion, devastation and sadness. Everything comes from her heart and it shows in her vocals imo. When she starts the line "I know that living with me baby was sometimes hard", it's indeed a bit hard to listen to, but I love it overall. Agree about the arrangment though. Those casio keyboard drum sounds are awful.