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  1. When she sings Mac Miller, I always hear Bette Midler...
  2. The casio karaoke arrangement of LAP didn't help. It was so thin and dull that it sucked the life out of a brilliant song. Combined with her not having a good night vocally, it felt irritating.
  3. One year already? Oh God, time flies. Still love this song very much!
  4. Thanks so much for sharing! So this has to be one of my favourite Madonna remixes in a very long time. It's fun from start to finish and perfectly samples sounds from the album version while turning the song in a very different direction. Perfect!
  5. Oh wow, she once said that she is a fan of this show.
  6. I actually think they made her live vocals louder.They were always vocodered and buried under her album vocals, but now they're more upfront.
  7. True. I listened to the original after I played the remix and the album version is much more interesting sonically. Although you could describe it as a quite repetitive track on first listen, there's something in its structure and arrangement which is just so unique and what grabs me throughout the song. There's so much tension and mystery about it, don't really know how to describe it. Most of these nuances get lost in the remix.
  8. I really like the new Honey Dijon mixes. Miss some (backing) vocals of the final part of the song though. They add so much to the original recording.
  9. The spoken words in Ciao Bella are her, but I doubt it's her voice in God Control. Somehow I always think it's Mercy.
  10. What are the real lyrics during the chorus? I'm not sure about the part that starts with: "They say be all I can be..." if that's correct to begin with...
  11. I enjoy the Tracy Young Radio Edit, but the vocals could be a little bit louder.
  12. She sounds kind of raspy, right? It's very different, but I actually think it adds to the song's vibe. For the pre-chorus, she switches to that soft, high and almost innocent tone which is a great contrast. Many people complained about the autotuned vocals on Madame X, but what I really love are her diverse vocal deliveries. My fav section is Killers - Crave - Crazy - Come Alive - Extreme Occident. For each song she chose a different vocal style. Amazing!
  13. True. Also, I wasn't instantly impressed by it, but its magic unfolds more with each listen. There's so much attitude and soul in it. The vocal delivery is sublime, as @Jazzy Jan said. In another thread someone was complaining about the autotune, but I think it's very subtle (if used at all, the verses sound pretty natural). I LOVE its use during the choruses towards the end when her note gets pitched up. "I don't seeeeaaaaa---eearch...". You know what I mean?
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