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  1. LFL wins for me! UB sounds a bit too much like a demo. I love when there's additional instrumentation and harmonies during the final chorus. This part always reminds me that there's more potential in the song than what we got on the album.
  2. No matter what she's up to and who she's collaborating with...PLEASE Madonna, don't let Demo Castellon destroy all the magic during the final steps of the process. There's no need for all the processed and filtered vocals.
  3. I'm so excited she's in the studio again and can't believe the bitching has already begun. So excited how this will turn out, I'm ready!!!
  4. She should've put the demo version on the maxi CD. It shits all over the official mixes.
  5. YouTube reaction videos

    I was about to post this when I read the title of this thread. Love this video, he's really into it, paying attention and visibly moved.
  6. Like A Virgin from the tours ranked

    RHT wins for me. The whole performance is so awesome and I love the remix. It's sad that the audio is messed up on the official release. Love the arrangement of the CT version and the performance, too. In terms of re-inventions, there really isn't a bad one. They're all great.
  7. The song is gorgeous!!! So emotional and melancholic. I agree that the cover doesn't suit the song at all though. So many great stills from the video and they chose a shot that looks totally out of place.
  8. Santa Baby turns 30

    I love her version of the song!
  9. They must hate M?

    Love it
  10. I think that "live feeling" is audible because it's a vocal take from a rehearsal where she did the actual performance.
  11. Vogue from the tours ranked

    Now that's interesting, it's my favourite version. I think it's a perfect updated version true to the original. Love the arrangement very much, it sounds timeless.
  12. I just saw this comment under a video with the radio remix on youtube: "If Rain had been on the Rebel Heart album, the original version would have been shelved and this would have been put on the album."
  13. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Her voice sounds so beautiful, I'm in love!
  14. GOODBYE TO INNOCENCE appreciation thread

    Wait what? I always thought the 2nd video was the original version. It's a remix? So the first one is the original? It's awesome. Does it last longer? That fadeout seems too short.