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  1. Illuminati

    ABBA thread

    Both great songs, right? I think Happy Hawaii is an early version released as a B-side. It's interesting how some of ABBAs melodies can be found in demos or early takes of their other recordings, e.g. Under Attack / Just Like That / When The Waves Roll Out To Sea (not really ABBA, I know) or Does Your Mother Know and Dream World.
  2. Illuminati

    FIRST AID KIT - love this band so much

    Guess what's the name of their upcoming tour? It's called "Rebel Heart Tour" 😎
  3. Illuminati

    ABBA thread

    This is soooo exciting, ABBA is my favourite band of all time!!!
  4. That crane footage is amazing. Makes me think about all the breathtaking spider cam footage that must exist of the Sydney RHT recording.
  5. Hello everyone, the acoustic version of WTG was one of my personal highlights of the Rebel Heart Tour. Could someone tell me which fan recording has the best audio quality? I'm still sad this wasn't part of the final release, so I hope to find the best version possible. ;)
  6. Illuminati

    Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    What a magnificent tour, I love it so much. Visually and sonically stunning. Btw I actually like her hair on the DVD. It looks weird at first, but once it gets messed up a few songs in, it looks cool. I think it fits the Cowgirl section really well, even better than the straight hair on a lot of pictures in this thread.
  7. Amazing thread! Someone talked about Vogue during RHT being a new prerecorded vocal. I think it's just the original vocal pitched down which makes it sound like it's not even her singing it. It's especially noticeable on the final release.
  8. Illuminati

    Tom Petty has died at 66

    So sad! RIP Tom!
  9. Illuminati

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Btw do you think Trolldonna let them print background visuals for Nicki and Kiley on the first page of the booklet on purpose? I mean...when you think about it...you really can't hear them.
  10. I love the beginning of Body Shop when she messes up her cue because she can't stop chatting.
  11. Illuminati

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    It's grainy on my Bluray, too. Thank god it's not the case for the main show.
  12. Illuminati

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    I know It's misspelled though, that's what I meant.
  13. Illuminati

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    What is an "accordian"? Kiley and Nicki on background visuals...
  14. Illuminati

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    I need the full Take A Bow performance! The footage in the small clips looks gorgeous! Her smile!!!