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  1. No, I heard he’s married. Very hot though- I’ve seen him live twice.
  2. Of course it does. Should have been clear to the team from day 1 and be performed at Eurovision. They have done many things right this time, but this oversight is just ridiculous.
  3. So guys I was lucky enough to be in the audience and see the whole thing live from up close. There were a few technical issues with her mic at the beginning, but then her singing was fine from there. I really liked the performance overall and it was well received by the live audience. My only criticisms- from a point of pure love for this woman- would be the arrangement of LAP, which was just too theatrical and slow for Eurovision, her dress which made her look stiff as she was walking down the stairs, and her hair and make-up but that’s just personal taste. The criticism of her is just beyond
  4. Did you see the ROL insta post?! OMG. She might surprise us all with her set list.
  5. Wow. My favourite of all the new songs. Why why why does she not perform this tomorrow? Guaranteed hit!!!
  6. I’m so excited and so relieved that she’s performing . The speculation in the last two days got me worried
  7. Me too. She can’t perform anything we’ve heard so far at Eurovision as this would be a lost opportunity. Yes, Medellin grew on me, but we need a proper hit. She knows it- or at least so I thought. So perhaps she’ll drop another song out of the blue? There’s hoping.
  8. I have to agree and won’t change my mind
  9. Totally agree. Getting worried about Eurovision- and I’ll be there to support her
  10. No, a fan of 25 years who booked Eurovision tickets to see her
  11. Hated my first listen. Hope it’ll improve. My friends hated it too. Such a missed opportunity
  12. Me too. I hyped everyone around me so much that they are now waiting for the song to drop too lol. This will be like Hung Up!!!!!
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