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  1. Reply to an old post, but, I became a fan from MDNA. Well, er, a fan after the Super Bowl Show. But I still enjoyed the whole era nonetheless, and went out and bought all her albums!
  2. I've recently fallen in love with Iconic, which I liked before, but after hearing it live and with that AMAZING intro.. it's just clicked. The beat drop, the chorus, its everything.
  3. Yeah, the quality of Rebel Heart wasn't the best. They cheapened the physical releases so much. Especially the Super Deluxe CD, like seriously.. no liner notes. They didn't put any with the record either. I think its because the designers and people who worked on the packaging were too lazy to compile liner notes for 20+ songs. Any who, my copy just has an interscope and live Nation logos and mentions that the copyright belongs to Boy Toy Inc.
  4. Yes.. He really resonates with conservatives. Which is baffling. I'm not a conservative, but out of all the republican candidates, why choose Trump?
  5. Yeah. A lot of people don't get it unless its something they have had to deal with first hand. I came out very very young, and I remember kids asking me if I wanted to become a girl just because I was gay. That in itself shows that it's an abstract concept for some people, especially young people who have never known a transgender person. I didn't get mad or defensive over them asking me that. It was something I kinda just shrugged off before explaining to them that there is a difference between being transexual and being homosexual. So yes, I agree with that aspect of things Ulizos.
  6. I hate Ben Carson. I would leave the country if he or Donald Trump won the election! Donald Trump's worse though, and I'm literally flabbergasted when I see how many people support him. He's a pig!
  7. You pose a valid point. I guess what I was trying to argue didn't come across as I meant it to.. All I'm trying to say is I don't really see how its their right to not want a woman in the locker room with them. Since she is a transgender woman, she has just as much of a claim to those locker rooms as a "normal" girl would. I struggle with the same thing as a gay man. It is incredibly intimidating and nerve racking to use mens locker rooms and it's something I hated in school, especially since I was out at such a young age and every kid knew I was gay. They have a right to oppose a transgender person using the locker room, but at the end of the day, I feel as though the transgender person has just as much of a right to be in there as the other girls do. To me I see it the same as telling any other girl she can't be in there just because others may be a little squeamish around her. I'm sorry if I came across as crass, Chellegasm. Sometimes I feel strongly about something and my fingers type quicker than my brain can process. We all experience that at some point
  8. You and I must have the same mom. Mine is the exact same way. I got a text on that day saying "Gay marriage is legal everywhere!" with a bunch of hearts. God, I love my mom.
  9. She doesn't want special treatment.. She wants to use the proper locker room. The fact that people think you have had to have thousands of dollars worth of surgery to be transgender is asinine. It's not about your body, its about how you feel on the inside. To me, surgeries and physical altering is just something you do progressively to feel more at ease with yourself. Just because you haven't had surgery on your genitals, or breast augmentation, doesn't mean you aren't transgender. The majority of these close minded statements and oppositions are due to the fact that these people are so ignorant about LGBT issues. We can only progress when we teach people about what they don't know, then that way they won't have to be so scared and defensive about it. Just let the girl use the damn girl's bathroom!! Like jesus christ. The other students opinions on it are invalid. She is a girl, therefore, she can use the girls bathroom. End of debate. Its a violation on her rights, not the other students.
  10. Terribly sad and disconcerting. All this violence needs to stop. Its something new everyday and a lot of people are beginning desensitized to become to it. RIP
  11. Hmm anal sex is unnatural, but we have prostates in our asses. Makes no sense.
  12. Yeah, she did a lot of work on the MDNA tour, and I think I remember her addressing all the issues around the release and apologizing. from wiki: "In an online chat with website Reddit, Madonna addressed the concerns regarding the mastering issues with the DVD and Blu-ray in Europe, saying that she was horrified about the glitches and her record label was solving it. She concluded by saying that "[I] spent 6 months editing and doing the sound mix for the DVD the last thing I want to hear is that the fans aren't getting the fruits of my labor."[42] On September 23, 2013, Interscope Records announced that they were recalling all the Blu-ray discs issued in US, after hearing continuous reports of glitches in the sound from consumers, adding that an "error in manufacturing" compromised the 5.1 audio of the discs"
  13. Yeah.. for me Hold Tight is the worst. Don't even get me started on the vinyl mastering! I don't even think it was mastered at all! Just the tracks dumped onto records. My CD copy sounds good though, besides the issues you guys already pointed out that are apparent on all releases. I also think Madonna worked heavily on the album's production herself? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember her saying she was holed up in the studio immediately after the leaks in December, polishing the first 6 tracks for rush release. But to me, the first 6 sounds the best! Clean vocals, no distortion, and they all seamlessly flow. Maybe if she had one person working on the album continuously, the final product would have been cleaner. I do feel like I'm nit picking because through and through it is still a very good record and I feel as though she did give it her all and worked on it as much as she possibly could given time constraints, leaks, etc.
  14. That's very true. But I feel like the south becomes more and more liberal and metropolitan as time goes on. I personally don't live on a farm or anything, but I know of people that do. They have disgusting personalities, are racist and homophobic, etc. I actually live in a decent part of the south. Gone through school with maybe only one or two instances of bullying, and none were significant enough to have any impact on me. But it does also kinda bother me that there's this preconceived notion that everyone here is racist trailer trash, which is the farthest thing from the truth. I meet plenty of pleasant people who are nothing but kind.
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