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  1. Reply to an old post, but, I became a fan from MDNA. Well, er, a fan after the Super Bowl Show. But I still enjoyed the whole era nonetheless, and went out and bought all her albums!
  2. I've recently fallen in love with Iconic, which I liked before, but after hearing it live and with that AMAZING intro.. it's just clicked. The beat drop, the chorus, its everything.
  3. Yeah, the quality of Rebel Heart wasn't the best. They cheapened the physical releases so much. Especially the Super Deluxe CD, like seriously.. no liner notes. They didn't put any with the record either. I think its because the designers and people who worked on the packaging were too lazy to compile liner notes for 20+ songs. Any who, my copy just has an interscope and live Nation logos and mentions that the copyright belongs to Boy Toy Inc.
  4. I got mine for 14.04 w/ tax at Barnes & Noble in Augusta GA. Don't know if that helps anyone. I literally said "fuck yes" and ran to the checkout
  5. I could definitely see that argument early on in her career, when basically a whole album was singles (5-6 songs) But she has evolved into an artist that makes cohesive albums that are listenable from start to finish. Even albums like Hard Candy, that are either loved or hated, still have a universal theme and imagery. I feel as though music listeners are evolving towards album listening anyways. Obviously the general public doesn't sit and listen to albums anymore, but they're not ignored like they used to be, when people would just purchase 2-3 songs and ignore the rest. Young people are f
  6. https://instagram.com/p/712KnDnDJ8/ Sky Ferreira praised the show on Instagram! I don't know how to imbed Instagram posts.. So I hope the link works. Sky is a total stan when it comes to Madonna.
  7. I said the same thing! Then my show was rescheduled to January... and I said fuck it!
  8. Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and Rihanna on the list???
  9. Yeah, she did a lot of work on the MDNA tour, and I think I remember her addressing all the issues around the release and apologizing. from wiki: "In an online chat with website Reddit, Madonna addressed the concerns regarding the mastering issues with the DVD and Blu-ray in Europe, saying that she was horrified about the glitches and her record label was solving it. She concluded by saying that "[I] spent 6 months editing and doing the sound mix for the DVD the last thing I want to hear is that the fans aren't getting the fruits of my labor."[42] On September 23, 2013, Interscope Records
  10. Yeah.. for me Hold Tight is the worst. Don't even get me started on the vinyl mastering! I don't even think it was mastered at all! Just the tracks dumped onto records. My CD copy sounds good though, besides the issues you guys already pointed out that are apparent on all releases. I also think Madonna worked heavily on the album's production herself? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember her saying she was holed up in the studio immediately after the leaks in December, polishing the first 6 tracks for rush release. But to me, the first 6 sounds the best! Clean vocals, no distortion, and t
  11. Has anyone here seen Basic Instinct 2? Those moans kill me.
  12. It's watchable, but certainly not the best. One thing I do love is the packaging and artwork for it. Especially those beautiful liner notes Aesthetically, my Blu-Ray and CD look so nice next to each other on the shelf. The Blu-Ray, like I said is watchable, but the CD is just flat and has no depth. I don't feel like I'm really there when I'm listening to it. I do have the CD ripped though because I love some of the tour renditions, and like to listen to them on the go. I'm using shitty headphones anyway, so it's not like I can tell a difference.
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