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  1. oh wow...the lady I thought is at least 55 yo...
  2. I used to play Hybrid theory over over over over over over over over again...
  3. y'all are soo mean... I'm gonna have nightmares tonight..... please post Justin Bieber butt naked to ease the pain...
  4. wick1234

    Kanye West

    was it not selling...just like Mariah? and of course ...janet
  5. Richard marx is best... some of his song is ...bestest ever
  6. wick1234

    Ace of Base topic

    agreed..AOB was sooo good..but suddenly they disappeared ...like boyz to men and backstreet boys
  7. wick1234

    David Bowie thread

  8. very good effort...fun...that's how parody should be!...IRONIC!
  9. soo this means..he's uncircumsized anddddd..........have big shoe?
  10. at the beginning of the performance sound flat and out of tune...maybe it's just me