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  1. Body Shop cause mechanics are hot! Plus her vocals are cute, in Candy Shop the beat and vocals are grating.
  2. Has she ever sang so many songs off an album live on tv? This song and era are everything! Bring on the singalong at the tour!!!
  3. It really still is the shit. pure madonna all eras!
  4. 20k and we have 1hour and 40 minutes West coast time till 10 million views.
  5. If we've learned nothing from this woman, at least it should be she doesnt like to repeat herself or look back. Warner era is over. The whole record label era is over. She does it on her own, always has. She's a leo she's brave. This era is brave.
  6. Omg the success is real!!! Yay this album deserves the recognition!
  7. I feel this is the one!! Summer jam! It's going to get some solid AirPlay!
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