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  1. Sanctuary27

    Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    Fuck meeeeeee! WOW!
  2. Sanctuary27

    Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    Wow! Thank you for this.
  3. Oh, really??? I really like that song, lol.
  4. Oh... How could I forgot about Melanie C album "Northern Star" which was produced not for 1 but 3 Madonna's collaborators (among others), William Orbit, Marius De Vries & Rick Nowels. Love that album!!!!!
  5. I'll never be a saint, it's true.

  6. Love that album Fav songs: Closer, Illusion, Put Your Hands Up..., Better Than Today, Cupid Boy.
  7. Sanctuary27

    New Tori Amos thread

    Omg!! Totally forgot About that one!! I was In a rush, lol. I love that song!!!!!!
  8. Sanctuary27


  9. Sanctuary27

    Whatever happened to Sheryl Crow?

    Her album 1000 Miles From Memphis isn't that bad, I mean it's not an OMG kind of album, but it's pretty enjoyable. I absolutely enjoy these songs: Our Love is Fading, Eye to Eye, Sign Your Name, Summer Day & I Want You Back.
  10. Sanctuary27

    New Tori Amos thread

    Ok, these are my fav songs, album by album: Little Earthquakes: Winter, Precious Things, Crucify, Little Earthquakes. Under The Pink: Pretty Good Year, God, The Waitress, Cornflake Girl, Icicle. Boys for Pele: Horses, Marianne, Caught a Lite Sneeze, Muhammad my Friend, Hey Jupiter, Little Amsterdam, Doughnut Song (I absolutely adore this song, it means A LOT to me) From The Choirgirl Hotel: Spark, Black Dove, Iieee, Liquid Diamonds, Playboy Mommy, Pandora's Aquarium. To Venus and Back: Bliss, Juarez. Strange Little Girls: Strange Little Girls (LOL) Scarlet's Walk: Amber Waves, A Sorta Fairytale, Strange, Carbon, I Can't See New York, Scarlet's Walk, Gold Dust. The Beekeeper: Barons of Suburbia, Witness, Original Sinsuality, The Beekeeper, Marys of The Sea, Toast. American Doll Posse: Bouncing Off Clouds, Girl Disappearing, Body and Soul, Fathe's Son, Code Red, Roosterspur Bridge, Dark Side of The Sun, Smokey Joe, Dragon. Abnormally Attracted to Sin: Give, Welcome to England, Flavor, Curtain Call, Starling, Fast Horse, Ophelia, Lady In Blue. Midwinter Graces: Star of Wonder, Snow Angel. Night of Hunters: Shattering Sea, Edge of The Moon, Night of Hunters, Seven Sisters, Carry. Gold Dust: Flavor, Yes, Anastacia, Flying Dutchman, Snow Cherries from France, Marianne. Unrepentant Geraldines: America, Wedding Day, 16 Shades of Blue. Selkie, Unrepentant Geraldines, Oysters.
  11. Sanctuary27

    New Tori Amos thread

    Wow!!! You just mentioned The exact ones I love from that album. I should add Ophelia to that list, tho.