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  1. Bedtime Stories vinyl re-issue

    Hey, Thank you so much! But... I ordered directly from Amazon, yet I received an older copy. I don't know if I'm able to file a claim because I'm in Europe so... I'm so mad, I mean like REALLY.
  2. Many miles many roads I have traveled, fallen down on the way... Many hearts many years have unraveled, leading up to today. This song!!! It's fucking perfect!!!
  3. Music (album cover) was just fucking FLAWLESS!!!!! I love everything about that album!!!
  4. Janet Jackson thread ☕️

  5. Janet Jackson thread ☕️

    You know what? I used to Like her, a lot.. Back In her Velvet Rope days, which I think, it's great album. After that, well, she just went downhill.
  6. Madonna Instagram thread - Oct 2016

    My thing isn't about her being educational, at all, it's about her wasting her time with those trolls, they won't understand her point no matter how hard she tries, if they don't understand her already through her music, performances, etc, then there's no point.
  7. TPOG back cover it's a nightmare!!!!
  8. Madonna Instagram thread - Oct 2016

    Unfortunately yes... LOL.
  9. Madonna Instagram thread - Oct 2016

    I don't, I can expect that coming from Mariah, Janet, Jlo, Swift, Gaga, Britney, even Kylie... Not from Madonna.