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  1. Thanks curtains - I didnt realize fanzine closed - thought i was having issues on my phone! this list is pretty solid!
  2. the black opening section outfit with the big blonde fall.....very hot. Majorette outfit had weird proportions...for me....just looked awkward on her....almost kinda squished her.
  3. thanks for that, Ai. It helps. ...all i want is "get together"....that should be the closing track or second to closing and boom...ok ok....im going to bed. thanks again, night!
  4. I never said confessions was her pandering album.....well not in a bad way....It was genius! Loved it and it was very smart of her. Just havent been a fan of her tour song choices in years. Maybe Im never gonna be satisfied....but is it too much to ask her to have done "Get Together"....just one goddamn Confessions song?!? If she had thrown just that one track in, as a dance track (not some acoustic version) it would have totally helped change the pace of this show. Is that too much to ask for? Instead we get not one, not two, not three, not four but almost 5 songs (if you count the medley tracks) just from the like a virgin album.
  5. OH god no, I hated that MDNA mess.....was the first M show I didn't bother to get floor seats for and left before it ended....it drained me. There just arent any strong performances at all here for me (granted, ive only watched fan clips) and maybe thats what she's doing intentionally. the rolling stones, Cher, and u2, who charge similar prices to M, dont have choreographed numbers or as much complexity as Madonna shows....maybe she's scaling back and revising her stage formula.
  6. Ai - thats how the other part of me feels. One of the last times I will get to see her....even though Im not in love with the pace at all.....song selection is strange....I mean is this the rebel heart tour..or the virgin tour?!? (Why are there so many virgin album tracks?!)
  7. im torn - i love high energy live shows and this one so far is leaning very heavy on the ballad - slow to mid tempo side....may end up waiting for this to come out on bluray.....unless she changes some things by the time she gets to LA. A
  8. after the Confessions album it was pretty disappointing for me. Its very easy to call a tour successful from a revenue stand-point when it is one of the most expensive tickets and ran for 2 yrs rather than her standard run of a tour. So yes, monetarily, its her most successful. Creatively a letdown though. As for the album - Atleast half the album is excellent - Why was Ring My bell only a b-side?? It shouldve been a single.
  9. I absolutely love that track to this day but theres no reason it should have ever been performed after Sticky & Sweet tour. Its probably just easy for her to sing that deeper register.
  10. nah - her "gayest" period started right at the 1989 MTV VMA's and closed with the 1995 Bedtime Story Pajama Party. Confessions to me was her answer to all the critics saying, Madonna left the gays, shes married, kabbalahed out, putting out folk records, not talking with her gay brother, etc.....and she said, no, no, gays, im still here....I have forgotten about you somewhat because I am a mother and wife to a homophobe (says her brother), but Im still here and I need a hit record and I know you queens love your dance music so here goes nothing......and it worked! Hung Up is probably her last major worldwide global hit - I cant imagine 4 minutes surpassed it....but well stranger things have happened.
  11. Im convinced it would have been a hit if she had put out simultaneous releases. something along the lines of putting hung up out as the main single and immediately pushing another track to the clubs - whether it was sorry or get together or whatever. I think this dual approach wouldve worked perfectly with her promo schedule which was basically one quick shot for the Hung Up single around the world and then boom she went on tour. I think that was the big problem. she was pretty much gearing up for her tour and there was no promotion at all for get together and for jump, BOTH of which should have been massive hits. As far as im concerned Get Together is one of her modern day classics. One of her all time best and would like to see it re-released one day.
  12. Had we gone from the American Life cover to Hard Candy, coulda been fine but the problem was she EXCEEDED expectations at all levels with the confessions era, that Hard Candy was a letdown, from artwork to overall album (though I still love many tracks from this album) and that mess of a tour and the cheeks....
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