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  1. But I wouldnt consider "Directors Cut" a "remaster" - those were, as Wiki puts it, ".....remixed and restructured, three of which were re-recorded completely...." Those can be fun to hear but I dont like wasting full release cycles on them. Tack them on with something else, fine. Wasnt into Kylies orchestrals or George's. A
  2. I mean, we would have to define "expert" then. What makes a better "expert" than the original creators of the work. In the case of Purple Rain, that Prince spent a year plus remastering, it sounds wonderful to me. In the case of most of "Celebration" - whichever "expert" worked on that, should have their "expert" status taken away. A
  3. i love when an artist does their OWN remastering. My fave example is Prince doing the remastering of the Purple Rain album that wasnt recently re-released - sounds wonderful to my ears!
  4. HaveASit - I can see this happening because its happened before. Do you guys remember the serious technical mishap during Erotica on the Celebration album?! Its not like that on the mp3 versions that are available to buy now. Its been quietly corrected.....unless it wasnt quiet and I just didnt get the memo. Gonna listen to this Holy Water now.
  5. Non Album Top 5: Back That Up Borrowed Time - Original Avicii Rebel Heart - Original Avicii Queen Heaven
  6. Top 6 - was impossible to do a top 5. Living for Love Joan of Arc Heartbreak City Unapologetic Bitch Inside Out Best Night
  7. I listen to the varied acoustic versions all the time and on the rare occassion the album version comes on I sit there and ponder how that karaoke sounding beat ended up getting approved and completely changed the mood of the track. It went from tear jerker to cute pop ditty that wont ever be a single.
  8. agreed! love this track! super uplifting. If I were her (which im not) I would open the show with this song and definitely use a backing track that has an uplifiting energy similar to this demo version
  9. Sander K remix is one of her best remixes in years. I cant remember loving a Madonna remix since Madonna Give It To Me. I LOVED the remix she did during her Living for love performances but of course cant find that anywhere.
  10. Ray Of Light Erotica Confessions On A Dance Floor Bedtime Stories Rebel Heart Like A Prayer Madonna Music True Blue American Life Hard Candy MDNA Like A Virgin I'm Breathless
  11. Not listening to the album in full anymore: I regularly play: Joan of Arc (acoustic) Heartbreak City living for love Devil pray borrowed time Queen A
  12. I actually felt like this song should've opened the album. Very Haunting with perfect vocals.
  13. while i personally dont LOVE this song, I voted for Unapologetic Bitch because Ive been hearing it all over. One example was a spin class recently and people were absolutely into the track and it really is exceptionally catchy.
  14. 1. Living For Love [9] 2. Devil Pray [8] 3. Ghosttown [7] 4. Unapologetic Bitch [7] 5. Illuminati [4] 6. Bitch, I'm Madonna [5] 7. Hold Tight [5] 8. Joan of Arc [10] - IM torn! The album version is my least favorite. The beat sounds too garageband amateur. I wish she had put the accoustic one. Significantly more impactful. Nonetheless Im so happy i have 3 versions of this song to listen to. 9. Iconic [7] 10. HeartBreakCity [11] 11. Body Shop [6] 12. Holy Water [7] 13. Inside Out [10] 14. Wash All Over Me [7] 15. Best Night [11] 16. Veni, Vedi, Vici [10] 17. S.E.X. [7] 18. Messiah [7] 19. Rebel Heart [9] 20. Beautiful Scars [8] 21. Borrowed Time [8] 22. Addicted [6] 23. Graffiti Heart [9] If you want to rank the demos: 24. Queen - 10 25. Autotune Baby - 7 Rated SOME of the Demos: 28. Heaven - 11 30. Two Steps Behind - 9 33. God Is Love - 8 35. Score - 9 39. Back That Up - 11
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