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  1. Yup, that too. That's not being nitpicky like how some people claimed the official iTunes release had bad "mastering", that's just blatantly obvious during tracks like Body Shop and WAOM lol.
  2. It's really not, though. Any human with normal hearing should be able to hear the extremely obvious difference in quality between the officially released tracks and these leaks.
  3. It's seriously not. Just gonna be honest. And if it IS mastered, it's still very very low quality. Wash All Over Me basic sounds like a jumble of noise once all instruments kick in. But don't take my word for it, download Body Shop and compare it to the official release of Unapologetic Bitch. I listened to a few songs then deleted the whole thing because I don't want low quality to ruin my first listening experience. I can wait.
  4. Are you deaf? It's obvious tracks like Body Shop are extremely low quality. Just compare the sound quality to the tracks that have been officially released. Hell, even the JOA final version snippet sounds more HQ than what we have now. Just sayin'. For those who think this is the FINAL version, it could be, but it's definitely not good quality... The audio QUALITY is the same level of a demo.
  5. Well I have to agree with their opinion, considering how perfect original JOA, WAOM and RH were. But then again the leak is so low quality, it's impossible to judge properly. The latter half of WAOM is just a big indistinguishable noise to me.
  6. Yeah if you check my follow-up post to that, I suddenly realized that's very possible. Because some of these tracks sound like total demos still. For the tour, I really hope it's mostly Rebel Heart + 2 or 3 classics + 1 or 2 mashups like Erotic Candy Shop. I'd love to hear some less popular classics, like Nothing Else Matters, Frozen, Hollywood, Die Another Day, etc. I don't care that much about Express Yourself, Open Your Heart, Into The Groove, and all those old gems. Plus this album's theme would lend itself very well to a song like Nothing Else Matters or Die Another Die.
  7. Nothing Lasts Forever would've fit in with the album's post-apocalyptic urgent theme very well.
  8. I don't want her to rush the release. I want Hold Tight & JOA so I can focus on those tracks for 2-3 weeks, then add the actual HQ leak of the Deluxe Album, then a week later add the Super Deluxe tracks. There are just too many songs to take in all at once!
  9. I hope they don't rush the release. I only listened to a couple of tracks and as long as we get Hold Tight & JOA I have no problem waiting for a month. The leaked version is really poor quality.
  10. Meh I ended up deleting everything except SEX, because I need some naughty music in my life... I would really suggest people to not listen to the album until it leaks in HQ lol. Just compare the audio quality between Unapologetic Bitch (official) and Body Shop, it's huge.
  11. Oh yeah, Messiah is definitely an improvement. It went from generic orchestra ballad to something truly unique and interesting with a build-up. Inside Out, if you think Illuminati improved from the demo you will like it. If you preferred the Illuminati demo you probably won't like the new version. But can we all just appreciate Iconic? That song is surprisingly the best thing on the album to me like omg, it's so powerful. Can you imagine it during a concert but with us the crowd cheering instead of the crowd on the track?
  12. Okie everything deleted except SEX, Borrowed Time, Addicted & Iconic. Can't enjoy the other songs in this low quality format. :')
  13. Messiah kept the real orchestra but added some beats, drums and EDM. It's really fantastic. Inside Out they removed beats, like Illuminati.
  14. Haha Nekci Minji series teas Listening to Wash All Over Me again with different expectations... Meh it's still giant noise to me. I need it properly mastered to make up my mind lol.
  15. Haven't listened to all songs yet because it's a LQ leak, but Favorites: Hold Tight, Joan of Arc, Iconic, SEX, Messiah, Rebel Heart, Borrowed Time, Addicted This album >>> MDNA & Hard Candy, and I love Hard Candy
  16. Time for Addicted... :3 Watch me burn with the fever that I love so much. <3 OMG YES SHE KEPT THAT AVICII SOUND IN 10/10
  17. +1 Listening now. It will take some getting used to, and I need it in HQ, but I'm not hating it. :3 Ooh, love the strings in the final chorus. Okay it's pretty good. Sounds more timeless. Sounds like a road trip song now. @Bill: Haha, actually it's the opposite, if I expect it to be bad it can only be good. ^_~ Edit: OH YES BORROWED TIME!! Goodbye Avicii sound, hello beauty!! <3 Omg <333 Looove love love love.
  18. Okay I seem to be the only one who thinks Wash All Over Me is ruined then, hahaha. Maybe I need to get used to it. For me it used to be a fragile, sad song, even in EDM form. Now suddenly it's some heavy low ballad. Messiah is AMAZING. Huge improvement. Ok time to turn on the big one... Rebel Heart... let's see how bad it is.
  19. Omg what has she done to Wash All Over Me? What is this shit? Did she re-record her vocals or turn down the pitch or something? Wow this is bad lol.
  20. What did she do to Inside Out? The song is no longer catchy. Removed guitar and beats?
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