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  1. 21 minutes ago, dollhouse said:

    Its the best M & Mirwais album for sure

    1. MX

    2. M

    3. AL

    And its better than COADF and ROL.

    It seems to be a horrible sacrilege, because Confessions is her celebrated best album since AL, but it's true: MX is so much better than Confessions, AL, Music and ROL. 😳 

    It's weird... It's impossible... It can't be... Madame X is her best album since... Erotica, maybe since Like a Prayer... 💎



  2. 2 hours ago, JR! said:

    Love the production of this song!

    First we didn't know if Killers is the notorious discobanger - its not. But it's so great. You can question the lyrics (and think about it) but it's a really good song. It fits so well to the mood of the album and the message is not exaggerated. It's haunting and something special. My heart for this song. 🥰

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