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  1. I like it. The eyepatch doesn't disfigure her as much as the grillz and the enormous butt pads. I am glad that she got rid of them at the moment.
  2. Moira and Madonna prove the world needs more wigs to be a better place.
  3. It's okay to get a rough impression of her performance.
  4. I found this on YouTube. I don't know if it's an official cover.
  5. I'm shocked. It's even more intense than American Life. This should have been her first single/video for this era.
  6. Faz Gostoso Crazy Medellin Looking for Mercy Batuka I save God Control for a later list.
  7. I have the feeling, that the end result has some unexpected surprises in store.
  8. Without any doubt. It should have been the second single.
  9. Anitta is trash and fun - and Faz Gostoso is a massive bop.
  10. Of course a low budget video in a tavern or on the beach (like Despacito) mustn't cost $200.000 but Madame X is unable to think low budget, although it would be undoubtedly the best investment for this era. Faz Gostoso is a banger.
  11. I need a full remix album "Madame X in the Mix" 01. Medellin 02. God Control 03. Crave 04. Crazy 05. Faz Gostoso 06. I Don't Search I Find 07. I Rise 08. Looking For Mercy 09. Back That Up to the Beat 10. Ciao Bella
  12. It seems to be a horrible sacrilege, because Confessions is her celebrated best album since AL, but it's true: MX is so much better than Confessions, AL, Music and ROL. It's weird... It's impossible... It can't be... Madame X is her best album since... Erotica, maybe since Like a Prayer... M
  13. It's a hate crime, this song wasn't the second single after Medellin!
  14. This is the album I was waiting for since Erotica - it's life!
  15. First we didn't know if Killers is the notorious discobanger - its not. But it's so great. You can question the lyrics (and think about it) but it's a really good song. It fits so well to the mood of the album and the message is not exaggerated. It's haunting and something special. My heart for this song.
  16. Abstinence has something morbid that no longer fits in our fast-paced times.
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