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  1. Where`s Lay All You Love on Me? It's my favourite ABBA tune #1 and surely on the same level with Gimme Gimme Gimme. It was a mistake that it was released only on 12 inch maxi. I also wonder why Summer Night City always stays in the second row of their classics. The ABBA guys told that they hate the released version because of its "lousy production".
  2. This is my favourite Branigan song Lucky One. It was one of the first vinyl maxis I ever bought (the first one was Dress You Up). I remember an old interview with Raf in a German music magazine. He said, his record company promised him a brandnew Ferrari, when he gets #1 in Germany. He lost: Laura was #1 and Raf only #2.
  3. It's a pity that his US #1 Batdance and other Batman tracks aren't very popular. The remixes are really cool - like the other ones for 200 Balloons, The Future, Partyman, Electric Chair, Scandalous and Arms of Orion.
  4. Top 10 Thieves in the Temple When Doves Cry I Would Die 4 U Little Red Corvette Raspberry Beret I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man When You Were Mine 1999 Pop Life Under the Cherry Moon Plus 10 Nothing Compares 2 U Mountains Girls And Boys The Future America The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Kiss Te amo corazon Let's Go Crazy Alphabet Street
  5. This is called Depeche Mode's worst single ever (by fans and critics) and it's the only DM vinyl single I bought (back in 1982). And I still love it! I remember attending to a Elton John open air concert with my mom back in 1984 - with Depeche Mode as opening act!
  6. If Australia wins, Australia decides in which European country the next ESC takes place. Most likely Great Britain - they won the last time 20 years ago. It's the same rule as for poitically unstable or broke ESC winners. Australia attends because the country loves the ESC, the broadcast has outstanding ratings since the beginning - and of course they want to counterbalance the overweight of East European participants. Maybe it's another step away from a European Competition to a worldwide song contest. As Australias participation received positive resonance I guess they stay as "permanent guest".
  7. They are masterpieces compared with the entries from Georgia, Greece, Romania, Montenegro, Moldova, Slovenia, Albania, Belarus or San Marino.
  8. The betting poll positions change every day and will change dramatically after the first rehearsals in Stockholm. I like the Swedish and Russian entries - but they are not among my favourites. Both have charismatic singers but no strong songs.
  9. Why no Iconic/ Unapologetic Bitch release for North America and a Devil Pray/ Joan of Arc release for the rest of the world? Of course including masses of new remixes!
  10. My vision More Confessions on a Dance Floor All tracks remixed by Avicii, Diplo & Stuart Price 01. Rebel Heart 02. Living For Love 03. Devil Pray 04. Ghost Town 05. Never Let You Go 06. Joan Of Arc 07. Nothing Lasts Forever 08. Inside Out 09. Wash All Over Me 10. Take a Day 11. Borrowed Time 12. Alone With You Bonus Tracks 13. Two Steps Behind Me 14. Hold Tight 15. Beautiful Scars 16. Tragic Girl
  11. 1: Inside Out 2: Devil Pray 3: Rebel Heart (Avicii) 4: Joan of Arc 5: Iconic
  12. Here's my playlist. It could have been the tracklist for albums for two different markets: Rebel Heart - US Version 01. Iconic 02. Bitch I'm Madonna 03. Ghosttown 04. Hold Tight (NEK Version) 05. Unapologetic Bitch (Diplo Remix) 06. Living For Love (Acoustic) 07. HeartBreakCity 08. Joan of Arc (Acoustic) 09. Illuminati 10. Wash All Over Me (Album Version) 11. Body Shop 12. Best Night 13. Veni Vidi Vici 14. Rebel Heart (Acoustic Demo) Bonus 01. Iconic (Part 2) 02. Messiah 03. Graffiti Heart 04. Heaven 05. Addicted 06, Devil Pray (Demo) 07. Living For Love (Michael Diamond Remix) 08. Bitch I'm Madonna (Demo) 09. Holy Water --- Rebel Heart - International Version 01. Rebel Heart (Avicii) 02. Devil Pray (Demo) 03. Joan of Arc (Album Version) 04. Wash All Over Me (Avicii) 05. Alone with you 06. Bitch I'm Madonna (Kleinenberg Rebitch) 07. Ghosttown (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix) 08. HeartBreakCity 09. Holy Water (Demo) 10. Inside Out (Demo) 11. Iconic (Remix) 12. Best Night 13. Living For Love (Acoustic) 14. Take a Day Bonus 01. Living For Love (Offer Nissim Vocal + Drums Version) 02. Never Let You Go 03. Beautiful Scars (Disco Mix) 04. Queen 05. Borrowed Time (Demo) 06. Two Steps Behind Me (Remix) 07. Wash All Over Me (Acoustic Demo) 08. Nothing Lasts Forever (Remix) 09. Tragic Girl
  13. Me the same - why not an Iconic/ Devil Pray EP including Veni Vidi Vici, Joan of Arc & Inside Out. With a second EP digital pack containing demos and remixes.
  14. This one is my favourite: Ghosttown (Victor Dinaire & Bissen Remix)
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