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  1. In retrospect I think Amazing would have been a good single. It was released as promo to radio stations in Germany. Wasn't Amazing Warners choice as the last single and Madonna wanted Impressive Instant? Wasn't that disput the reason, Madonna refused to include Amazing to the Drowned World Tour setlist, to prevent a live video?
  2. Remember her writing Live to Tell, Like a Prayer and Oh Father. In my opinion these songs were Madonna's artistic climax until Ray of Light. I love Erotica and like Bedtime Stories - but I would classify the Dita era more as an insecure musical self-discovery phase and not superior to her work with Bray and Leonard. Of course the production of Erotica is bolder and more progressive. But the songwriting is in my opinion overall not as strong as at True Blue and Like Prayer.
  3. Of course. The 80's are her defining era. Every album that came afterwards was based on it.
  4. I can't rank them because I love all of them. More or less: Masterpiece True Blue Like a Prayer Madonna Like a Virgin Awesome Confessions on a Dance Floor Ray of Light Erotica Rebel Heart Music MDNA American Life Nice Bedtime Stories Evita Hard Candy I'm Breathless
  5. @material_boy & vocalism: Thanks for that information - I didn't know all of that mess. Sounds almost like Warner sabotaged the singles releases.
  6. SFH was a good b-side and Skin would have been the best last single. But the remixes for both weren't that great.
  7. They say that for over 25 years.
  8. Madonna: You Must Love Me Gaga: You must love Million Reasons
  9. I'm thrilled - she looks amazing!
  10. Madonnas career is paved on controversies and testing limits - so is her life. It would be a boring world where Madonna acts (or ages) without causing a commotion.
  11. Shocking! She needs a nipple protector!
  12. Only one obvious choice.
  13. Looks like the cover for canceled Artpop - Part 2
  14. Maybe MT, EY and Frozen deserved it most. I go for Frozen.
  15. It's hard to locate a quick finger in a dance ensemble, when everyone expects Madonna to be the villain of the game. ;)