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  1. She's a goddess. But I hate her for excluding LDLHA. A little bit.
  2. Lady Gaga thread: Flopanne Tour

    She will shine in Bette Davis' role in the remake of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Isn't that the movie she's making actually?
  3. Her most underrated single is Rescue Me. It's maybe her best vocal performance in her imperial era. I'm also disappointed by the chart appearances of Miles Away, Bad Girl and Girl Gone Wild. They deserved so much more accolade.
  4. "Madonna is fine with my body. It has never been a problem." "I had to gain 45 pounds to play the young Billie Holiday."
  5. Debbie 'Deborah' Gibson

    I loved her. She was a shooting star with her first two albums. I bought her records and played her tracks when I was a DJ. It's a pity that all went wrong, when she released her boring 3rd album because she wanted to be recognized as a mature songwriter... Her first two albums contain more great songs than most other singers have in their entire career.

    I love all of them, especially the Erotica leather package.
  7. Lady Gaga: does anyone even care anymore?

    She's really much better than her latest unpleasant Joanne dramedy performances.
  8. Lady Gaga: does anyone even care anymore?

    They try to keep their face because they have absolutely nothing against him in their hands: "The UN's Working Group on Arbitrary Detention says the Wikileaks founder was arbitrarily detained by UK and Swedish authorities since his arrest in 2010, and the detention violated his human, civil and political rights." http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39973864
  9. Lady Gaga: does anyone even care anymore?

    The investigation into the allegation of rape has been dropped by Swedish authorities. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assange_v_Swedish_Prosecution_Authority
  10. You're right. And even some of her fans wake up to see she's obviously paying for Billboard charts positions.
  11. I doubt she needs money. It's more about networking and kissing influential asses.
  12. I still adore the cassette cover. Fortunately the vinyl album included the long version of the picture as a mini poster - without the lettering.
  13. Lady Gaga thread. "The Disease"

    It's better than any daily soap.