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  1. I see it just like you. Spotlight is a very special uplifting and motivating song. I listened to it very often before I went to the clubs - and it worked very well: It changed my life more than any other Madonna song.
  2. The Benny Benassi remix of "Celebration" is good but...

    Me too - I prefer the album version, even if I like the remix. I don't understand why so many dislike the original version. It's pure Madonna - maybe a little Retrodonna.
  3. New Steve Bray Interview for BBC (october)

    Thanks for sharing. Too bad it's just so short. I think he's got a lot more interesting to tell.
  4. Masterpiece vs. Ghosttown

    She looks amazing and I love at least the much too short dance scene with Terrence Howard.
  5. Masterpiece vs. Ghosttown

    The first one is a masterpiece. The other one is... Ghosttown. To be honest: The strange video ruined Ghosttown for me.
  6. It wasn't the time - even for power women - to change the whole system of male "superiority" because it seemed to be carved in stone and was/is backed by the whole society. It was/is the time of don't ask, don't tell and try to make the best of the thing and try not to be the one who comes under the wheels - because we all know the world is full of Weinsteins.
  7. The reason why she worked with him is easy: The business is full of Weinsteins and Madonna knows how to deal with them. That's the reason Jolie, Pitt, diCaprio or Paltrow continued to work with him too. Everyone who spoke about it did not get any jobs anymore - ask Heather Graham or Rose McGowan.
  8. That's absurd. Everybody knows it for decades what he is doing.
  9. Yes, all of her great ballads leave a bitter feeling of valediction, I never thought about it. I can understand that a power woman in her best years hates to perform lines like "The show is over, say good-bye", " I learned to let go, I travel in stillness", "Don't cry for me...", " Can't say goodbye to yesterday" or "I yearn to say good-bye ". She prefers to celebrate.
  10. Killer songs Madonna sat on

    There are some Skin promo mixes by Club 69/Collaboration (Calderone/Thunderpuss) . One is on Calderone's compilation E=VC2, Vol. 2. The other Waiting "remix" is Did You Do it?
  11. HOLY TRINITY | Rebel Heart

    Your instructions were too seductive to ignore them. Madonna shares many producers, writers and remixers with Cher and Kylie. They often share a similar style of European dance pop. Hits like Holiday, Into the Groove, Hung Up, Sorry or Girl Gone Wild are eurotrash and her first album is, as commonly known, heavy influenced by Italian Europop. Confessions on a Dance Floor is pure Eurotrash, mainly influenced by European pop icons like ABBA, Giorgio Mororder and Pet Shop Boys.
  12. HOLY TRINITY | Rebel Heart

    Eurotrash is Madonna's root and main influence. Eurotrash is not only her first album - most of her albums are dominated by that style. And eurotrash is the essence of most of her biggest hits from Holiday to Hung Up. Madonna is the best when she does eurotrash. That's why it was a mistake to remove the international chart compatible Avicii versions from Rebel Heart. Eurotrash isn't dated - it completely dominates the world charts: http://www.chartsservice.de/world.htm
  13. HOLY TRINITY | Rebel Heart

    Rebel Heart Devil Pray Inside Out (and the Avicii versions of RH & WAOM ARE the best productions from that era)
  14. HOLY TRINITY | Erotica

    Erotica Deeper and Deeper Bad Girl (+Rain, Waiting, Thief of Hearts)

    Masterpiece Girl Gone Wild Beautiful Killer (+ Gang Bang & Love Spent)