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  1. It's better than any daily soap.
  2. With The Fame Monster they expanded the success of The Fame. I don't see much potential that they want to extended Joanne`s endless suffering any longer. It's a stillbirth which has to be buried for a long time.
  3. "Madonna and I are VERY different."
  4. I must admit I have seen it twice in the cinema and bought rollerskates after that! After Moulin Rouge and La La Land we could say, the movie was maybe far ahead of his time.
  5. Lady G. could write a moving song about it: "Warts in the Wind" or "I Can Feel My Warts Tonight".
  6. Sonia: "Hello! My name is Sonia! I'm your biggest fan!" Gaga: "Security! A weird stalker!" Sonia: "I am suffering from cancer..." Gaga: "That's wonderful! I wrote this album just for you! May I call you Joanne and call up the world press?"
  7. Sure. But this time the concept seems to work.
  8. She's back in her role as an "independent artist".
  9. We live in hard times. Caviar, champagne and plastic surgeries won't get cheaper.
  10. And in 63 countries at iTunes #1. It's impressive how fast she reacts, to correct her wrong direction with #flopanne.
  11. Olivia was my favourite female singer - before Madonna came. I even loved her mega flopped movie Xanadu because her included songs are awesome: Xanadu, Suddenly and Magic - and she never looked better.
  12. Buy Million Reasons and get a free shining fridge!
  13. They say that for over 25 years.
  14. Madonna: You Must Love Me Gaga: You must love Million Reasons
  15. Shocking! She needs a nipple protector!