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  1. I must admit I have seen it twice in the cinema and bought rollerskates after that! After Moulin Rouge and La La Land we could say, the movie was maybe far ahead of his time.
  2. Maybe they will use songs Madonna hasn't written, like Borderline, Holiday, Material Girl, Dress You Up and Like a Virgin.
  3. "The play, written by British pop star Boy George, was slapped with a cease-and-desist order in London last year (02) by Madonna's lawyers, after her hit 1990 song VOGUE was spoofed in the production. Former Culture Club frontman George sang, "Ginger Rogers, FRED ASTAIRE/that Madonna dyes her hair." Although George, 42, complied, he moaned to the press, "I used to think she was an icon but she's more eyesore to me now."
  4. Boy George wanted to use Vogue for his infamous musical. According to his information Madonna didn't allow him to use it and he bitterly removed that scene. So I guess, Madonna has essential rights on her music.
  5. Lady G. could write a moving song about it: "Warts in the Wind" or "I Can Feel My Warts Tonight".
  6. Sonia: "Hello! My name is Sonia! I'm your biggest fan!" Gaga: "Security! A weird stalker!" Sonia: "I am suffering from cancer..." Gaga: "That's wonderful! I wrote this album just for you! May I call you Joanne and call up the world press?"
  7. One of the best Madonna movies. It's perfect. Her performance, the song, the story. The movie proved, Madonna don't have to stand in the first line to rule.
  8. Of course it's a certain difference, singing (and moaning) "Like a Virgin" in a bridal dress or singing "jaunty" about a lost love in a short skirt. It's not the show costume that makes the "naughty music" - it's the way of the performance.
  9. Sure. But this time the concept seems to work.
  10. Madonna feels comfortable "being sexual" and exposing it and some female artists don't. No reason to burn one or another. I'm no Sheryl Crow fan or own one of her songs (but listen to them when they're on the radio) but I respect her personal opinion. Of course "selling sex" was one of Madonna's many marketing concepts. And it worked for a certain period of time. Partly based on feminism and certainly based on sales.
  11. Mercy is so sweet!
  12. She's back in her role as an "independent artist".
  13. Erotica is hot. Hard Candy has some cool and awesome moments - but never was a "hot" album - no matter how hot it was in the recording studio. It was a commercial Timberland construct without much soul to produce hits. It didn't work as it was planned. But I'm grateful for Miles Away.
  14. We live in hard times. Caviar, champagne and plastic surgeries won't get cheaper.
  15. Nothing Fails absolutely didn't work as a single and the remixes are horrible - so I chose Nobody Knows Me because I love the remixes. All the songs from AL are awesome (except ISS) but no one had massive hit potential - but Die Another Day.