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  1. It's disgusting that the BBC not only airs these views, but then feels it is right to tweet it to even amplify it further.
  2. This is horrible. I feel so sad for all those affected by the fires. Seeing all this devastation is just heartbreaking. And the thousands of poor animals that are being killed just makes it so much more painful to witness. The poor creatures can't even understand what's happening.
  3. Not surprised, really! Never expected MTV to nominate a 60 year old brilliant female artist when their target audience are mindless braindead tweens. VMAs aren’t worth shit today, and have barely any cultural significance, so pay no mind. Their only function is promo and PR, however to a dwindling audience because no one tunes in to watch it.
  4. What a mindblowing era this has been. No one comes close to the artistry of this woman.
  5. Love Batuka so much! This era is a complete serve!
  6. What a great interview. Thanks for sharing. Mirwais totally gets M, and vice-versa. Such a great partnership.
  7. Oh, wow! That's ridiculous. Send it back. It's not the same product at all.
  8. Guys, don’t forget to leave a review on amazon after watching the documentary. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TJM9F39/ref=dmm_sm_lm_MD_B07TJM9F39_070219?tag=smarturl-20
  9. I loved the performance... But one thing that made me even more happy about all of it was how happy M was during the performance. She looked so comfortable and happy on that stage.
  10. Awesome news! Brazil really deserves some Madonna love.
  11. This... So much this! The performance was overwhelmingly loved by both fans and casuals, and she is giving us so much this era, 37 years into her career. Ignore the noise!
  12. From the bits I just saw it looked amazing... Hope we get a professional recording. Can’t wait to hear the experience of those who were there. Tell us everything guys.
  13. Don't pay attention to him, and don't give him any clicks. He is just a sad frustrated man, with a sad obsession over M. Nobody will ever know who she is, while Madonna will forever be part of history.
  14. I'm sorry to say, but these kids manage to make it all about themselves. Gun Control goes beyond them. It's not just about their experiences. Madonna always puts her money where her mouth is, and this tweet is just ignorant. I'm glad she is being called out, not only by fans, but by actual organisations. I hope she retracts her ignorant tweets and apologises.
  15. OMG, WHAT?!? She just keeps on giving this era! Surprised this is available without any notice or announcement. Let's get it out there via social media, and leave good reviews on Amazon.
  16. The video has got loads of good press, both in print and TV, and she definitely got people talking about such an important topic, which is exactly the intention of the song/video. On top of that, we got a visually and aesthetically outstanding video, so it's a win win situation for M and us fans. This era has been one hell of a ride, and a complete creative peak for our M, and I couldn't be happier as fan to still be witnessing all her brilliance. Madonna is Madonna and she will forever be right at the top with the greatest. Her work and achievements will never be erased. More views would be nice! If she still got a hit here or there would be great too. But the main thing is that we don't let the competitiveness of stan culture get in the way of our enjoyment of M's work.
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