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  1. It's disgusting that the BBC not only airs these views, but then feels it is right to tweet it to even amplify it further.
  2. This is horrible. I feel so sad for all those affected by the fires. Seeing all this devastation is just heartbreaking. And the thousands of poor animals that are being killed just makes it so much more painful to witness. The poor creatures can't even understand what's happening.
  3. How can a head of state write stuff like this? Just unbelievable the world we live in right now.
  4. Yessssss. People like Bannon should be nowhere near the White House. The future looks scary.
  5. Of course not. The video is getting praise by mainstream media... Just the usual outlets criticising it negatively. It's always the same. Monsters or Swifties (I can't believe I am writing this) are not the GP. No need to drag this pointless negativity here...
  6. There is an important aspect that people don't seem to understand regarding the cameos, mainly those who say that the cameos are unnecessary and pointless. The reason for the inclusion of all this high-profile celebs is of course to draw attention to the video. But most importantly, it has to do with the message of the song. All these stars are Madonna. We are all Madonna. Even the 4 little girls in the beginning are Madonna. We are fearless, strong and we can do anything. This is how I see it. In addition to the fun, colourful part of the song, this is meant to be empowering.
  7. I honestly don't agree, but I respect your opinion.
  8. It's just silly. It's being picky just because. What does camera work choreography mean? Is there a dancing camera in the video?
  9. Just no. WTF is camera work choreography? There dancing from beginning to end...
  10. This is true. The whole video is choreographed. Akerlund said in the EW interview they rehearsed the video before filming, which is very unusual. The point is to seem effortless, when it is not. There's constant motion and dancing. All along.
  11. Really like the remixes. Can't wait for the video. Just read that starting June 8th teasers will be posted on various social media up to the video release and that a making of and remix video are also in the works. I hope this is all true.
  12. Completely agree. This era has been amazing in all aspects. She has been giving us so much. Looking forward to an amazing video and to the best tour ever.
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