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  1. She's dating this man, who looks just like her father... The woman has issues.
  2. She can fucking wish, but she will never compare!
  3. Look at these guys! Amazing acting. Best actress ever.
  4. Look at her today on the set of A Star is Born! Look a her 'acting'. All that emotion...
  5. This woman makes my blood boil. She is truly disgusting... How can she make everything about herself? Even her supposed best friend's death? And above all, how low can she go? Promoting her latest flop using her friend's death?
  6. You're reaching. There are many ladies... This looks like something religious.
  7. Joining American Idol is not a good move. They must be paying her a lot of money, though.
  8. This desperate creature popped up twice in my timeline today. First on facebook, then on instagram. And you now how? With a promoted The Cure post that played the song automatically. Her desperation has no limits.
  9. It is telling that the channel sharing this video is called 'ARTPOP Jesus'. Monsters are the worst fanbase ever and deserve her fave to flop over and over.
  10. WTF! So this bitch tweets that Rihanna was the best dressed in "her humble opinion" and puts pictures of herself. Self-obsessed much!?
  11. I have noticed that too. Always looking for a negative angle to spin the story. And other fanbases, like Caca's, are pushing for her to flop, digging stuff to make her look bad.
  12. You know what will be great about her doing this Coachella gig? Is that she will do pretty much the same thing on the tour... Identical for sure. Her fans are setting themselves up for disappointment if they expect her to do something new. And on GagaDaily comments are not nice about Coachella, so expect more to jump ship. She used new backdrops at Coachella and I am pretty sure she won't film new ones for the tour. The choreographies are always the same. There won't be innovation whatsoever. Who would pay to see the same shit - literally - over and over again? I hope the press follows LA Weekly and calls her out for how rubbish and basic she is.
  13. So good.
  14. Love 'Hard Times'!