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  1. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Guys, listen to this CNN tribute to Donnatella Versace that Cuntga narrates. https://edition.cnn.com/style/article/donatella-versace-fashion-icon/index.html OMFG, what the hell is that accent? This woman is completely demented. And she pronounces Versace wrong from start to finish, even after Donnatella says how you should pronounce at the start. Edit: Apparently Doris new name is Stephania, StefAni-a Jerma-noHta.
  2. Oh I'm sure it is bullshit. They make this things up. If you search google trends, she is far from being one of the most searched people on the internet. No one cares about this has been...
  3. This is brilliant. Great research work. This should be pinned as the first post on every Gaga thread!
  4. And it is obvious this was planned because of how badly the tour was doing in Europe. Why of all places would she film the concert in Birmingham? Not meaning anything about the city, which I quite like actually, but she had been and would still be going to other major cities! This creature is a complete fraud, with no integrity as an artist or as a person. The other things that begs the question is why not reschedule the shows instead of just cancelling them? If she truly has fibromyalgia, she would be better with pain management in a few weeks, and she could easily do the remaining 10 shows in a month or so. So why? The answer must be because the shows weren't selling in Europe, so the safest option is just to outright cancel them.
  5. Her BBC review a few pages back is now followed by this: Seriously, the media are so gullible. Her fake ass sickness is no reason for you to have to come back to your review and almost apologise for giving it 2 stars. She always makes use of the victim act. Oh, poor me... Fake fraud...
  6. I guess it must be her little slow motion jump. To her and her fans, that's something groundbreaking!
  7. Another priceless moment in Lady Fraud's career. The big screen that has the clock wasn't working properly in Birmingham, so she had to walk into the stage after the countdown. Look at how sad it looks... No stage presence whatsoever. In her second show there, it malfunctioned again and she had to stop the show and start Bad Romance again. I think even the stage is done with her.
  8. They made another thread about MadonnaNation! http://gagadaily.com/forums/topic/259467-omfg-madonna-nation/ Monsters have been having a tough last few days...
  9. She panders so much to these type of awards, that makes the fact that she lost even more special.
  10. This creature, among her many diseases, has serious daddy issues. Her boyfriend is a complete lookalike of her dad. Disturbing.
  11. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    "I ‘ve decided to play the documentary made about me" Every sentence she writes just demonstrates how insecure and egotistical she is. It's like she is always screaming "me me me, please look at me".
  12. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Apparently this is a leak of an unreleased track from The Fame. Just another unoriginal piece of shit.
  13. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    http://picosong.com/wR3U7/ 'Gwen Stefani, is that you?'