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  1. This is a lovely interview. Loved the 'fat soccer mom' bit. It's like she is indulging on everything she hasn't in years, before coming back in force. The fact she was self-aware of gaining a bit of weight but still choose to wear colour just shows how confident she is about herself. I fucking love this woman.
  2. So goooood to hear that! Every media out there keeps pushing her down everyone's throats, and still, nobody cares.
  3. Look at the fake act. Such a fraud. She is as fake to her supposed friends as to her fans. And what is going on with her face?
  4. That won't happen any time soon, at least by her own volition. She craves fame and attention too much. If she continues to flop, then yes, she will go away.
  5. Here comes another album of the millennium. Everyone that works with her needs to hype her to the max, then when the music is out is disappointment after disappointment.
  6. She was expecting noms — she even took these photos to use when thanking the academy. She is a complete puppet of the industry. Promotes and campaigns like crazy and flops every time.
  7. You are right. It just makes me so angry some of the things they say that I find myself going there just to defend M. Just need to ignore it.
  8. As anyone seen this on GGD? I am seriously angry. How can they make accusations like this? Some of the comments there are disgusting and the way they try to change the facts. I am really upset. I truly despise this fanbase and the cunt that created it.
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Have you guys seen this response in her latest post?
  10. Mic Feed! Horrendous... When is this good singing? Delusion Reality
  11. Could this be any worse? No star quality, basic dancing skills, and even her voice - that normally gets all the praise - was totally off key for the entire performance. She basically performed to ensure she would get the award -- her fake reaction when she was announced the winner was so true to herself. Always a fraud.
  12. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Amazing. Love the look and the recognition of the best tour EVER.
  13. She is very selective about when she has fibromyalgia — it comes and goes as she wants. A complete fraud.