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  1. Tragic Madonna Wax Figures

    I'm gonna have nightmares!
  2. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    The Power of Madonna! No one has even managed to come close.
  3. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    This is amazing! I had never seen this.
  4. Lady Copyga Fraudga Flopga Fadga

    This Daily Mail story is juice. I just hope it gets picked up everywhere. This is just another proof that she makes no contribution to what she does -- a fake ass puppet.
  5. OMG. This is just so sad. 😂
  6. I just can't get over how amazing she looks. It's incredible. And Ray of Light??? OMG! I would die if I was there.
  7. Love love love. And the dress is beautiful.
  8. OMG. 😲 I just saw this. Is she going to sing "Open your heart" at the Gala? This is amazing!
  9. Yes, this needs to be all over the internet. Can't let it slide once again and let this bitch continue with her fake Mother Theresa act.
  10. I couldn't care less about this letter. Real or fake. Just another attempt to diminish M -- one day after she opened the first and only pediatric hospital in Malawi. It is infuriating, but that has been the thing with Madonna from the start -- always trying to bring her down. Those who hate her will continue to hate her and just use this as another excuse, even if fake. And those who love her, will continue to love her.
  11. The thing with the Emmy's is that SHE wasn't nominated, but the executive producers and etc. There's no nomination in her name. All her bullshit with 'we're so grateful' is just to make it all about her, when in fact she is didn't get a single nomination under her name.
  12. Mercy James Center Opening

    Couldn't be more proud of our girl. 😊
  13. Guys, if you have some spare time, read this thread: http://gagadaily.com/forums/topic/238047-gagas-dive-bar-show-postponed/ Not sure what made me laugh more: the meltdowns or the excuses the little floppers find to justify every lie she tells them. 😂