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  1. I found this on Billboard site. which performance you looking forward to this Sunday at the Grammys ? http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/polls/poll.jsp?pollId=1005002608
  2. oh well, is this gonna be with bunch of Gay guys dancing ? nothing is new. same old style. who directed the video? Madonna dont want to spend much money for the video. must be good, othewise flop
  3. Yeahh , hope she steals the show! stands out among the rest!!
  4. of all her tracks , the best and the very catchy song ever is 2 steps behind me . too bad not included in the album.
  5. dont get me wrong. .im frustrated. why keep so long to release are we supposed to call every radio station to request her song? or FM station online ? instead of keep hanging here , telling how excited we are but we have to do something. call our local DJ's perhaps ?
  6. i already listens all the songs, i had downloaded all of them. doesnt make any sense to wait that long another month from now.
  7. So , Madonna for pitt sake releases all your singles . i do not know why keep holding them for long. no more excitement you releases online . but cant be release on the radio? why
  8. i do not feel , Living for Love, will be a hit. One Gaga supporter made a prediction . commented on my video " there will be no hit on M new album" - " the whole era album will be a mild result" - the only chance to make it on the radio airplay is with Nicki M , ' Bitch , Im Madonna". take note fans. Radio Dj wont play her songs ????
  9. im hoping and wishing , she can pulled it off at the grammy show. there are many great performers as well. lets see who stands out! and Lady G diffinitely not you!
  10. are you kidding ? seriously . a lot of fans dislike ? not me! apparently .. "Bitch Im Madonna". is the most popular and promising to be huge mainstream hit. even non Madonna fans embrace the song and creating music videos for their workouts, dance exercise . etc... have a look: and enjoy!!!!!
  11. i mean what is she waiting for? release the album officially although 6 songs were release online eventually it will be quickly old sound.
  12. my own prediction - of all her tracks from the album , the most potential to become a Huge Hit - Mainstream sound is... "Bitch, Im Madonna." ! marked my words.
  13. wait, thought REBEL HEART is not a single, - only title of her album
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