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  1. Madonna is sneaking around this time. 😁 And.... I could not be more thrilled about her secrey and prowess. Stealthy... Sexy... Serene...
  2. There is a shitload of brilliant and fantastic music on Madonna's last three albums. Just sayin. And her themes and writing were absolutely on par with the rest of her catalog. We shouldn't diminish or critique her work based of chart performance, sales or radio play. Hard Candy, MDNA and Rebel Heart were solid efforts with a lot of stunning and beautiful moments.
  3. Madonna has no mediocre albums. NONE!
  4. Not offended. Haha. I just judge an album by the number of songs that I really like. By that logic, I like MDNA better than Like a Virgin. 😁
  5. After the RH leak fiasco, do you honestly think that she is being as transparent? She may be doing a lot more than we know and may have already worked a lot of the production. We really do not know.
  6. MDNA had a lot of fucking great songs. Gang Bang.... I'm Addicted... Turn Up the Radio... Some Girls... I Dont Give A.... I'm a Sinner.... Love Spent x2.... Masterpiece.... Falling Free... Beautiful Killer.... and I Fucked Up... All of the hate is a little effing ridiculous with 11 bangers. Geez...
  7. Agreed.... 😁 I follow lots of artists and I assure you that I am not collaborating with any of them. Hehe Besides, let M do what she does and enjoy it or let others (like me) enjoy it. Madonna staying current with music is a good thing. Do we really want her to release an album like Cher or Janet's last few? I unapologetically love every single M album and wanna almost piss myself that we get another. Bring it Madonna and thank you for not releasing the same song or two, over and over and over, album after album. Thank you four the diversity. Fourteen albums in (and yes, I count Breathless) and she has never dissappointed me. NEVER!
  8. Not me... I always loved it. Rebel Heart was and is a wonderful album title but definitely should include the song on the standard version.
  9. Madonna said that [no one is going to tell her what kind of record to make]. She is making a record. We really do not know that she hasn't been recording before or after... but she has already acknowleged that she [will make the record that she wants to make]. Repeat... Madonna is making a record.
  10. Lourdes spent time in the studio as a youngster.
  11. I have the weirdest feeling that the album is being finished... not started. Remember the "intense roots" instagram post... followed immediately with the platinum "blond ambition" post. What if the album art and a couple of videos were done right under our nose? Maybe the "feels so good to be making music again" post was a distraction. Has she really only been a soccer mom for the last year? Not that many soccer posts.
  12. Avicii demos

    They were demos. Hard to say hiw Avicii and M would have finished them. Glad I heard both versions.
  13. Why couldn't Madonna pull a Justin Timberlake and release volume one under the Live Nation deal to close it out and then release volume two all by her lonesome (digitally only) a la Prince a bit later to keep the album momentum alive? It would be a fuck you to record labels and could really work. Realistically... does Madonna require a label to release music in 2018? She has production money and the technolgy to skip out on the label entirely. And what does the label actually provide her at this point? Promotion? No. Capital? Not really as they are trying to squeeze a profit. Madonna could fund the videos as well and the commissioned remixes. At this point in Madonna's career, the label is a thorn in her side artistically and she has the resources to go around them. She could be as creative as she wanted without a contract prohibiting her from doing so. Indeed, she could start a revolution. Gang Bang as a first si gle instead of Give Me all You Luvin'... Think about the potential.
  14. Don't all songs start as demos in a studio? I am confused by your comment.
  15. I would love this. Hopefully, M would get a four disc set. 80' 90's 00s and 10s....
  16. Be Careful (Cuidado) Speed Mystery

    Ricky Martin talks a lot about Madonna in his autobiography, which I bought, and she was one of the only people that he could be himself sround. Nothing sinister... she knew... and she was a tremendous support (per Ricky Martin himself). Madonna does not support other artists creatively or emotionally just to fuck them.
  17. Does anybody remember the last time they purchased a Madonna record with material that they had not heard? It was magic. I wanna make M14 a complete surprise aside from an official single release. I miss the old days so much.
  18. Gonna really enjoy the hell put of this go 'round. I cannot wait... but I will... Not gonna listen to anything unofficial until it is all over. I really wanna hear a brand new Madonna album from start to finish without any sabotage or spoilage. Long live the Queen...
  19. All of this... L4L was not a weak first single. I do not understand anyone who could say different. I felt that it was anthemic and the most "classic" Madonna song in ages. I l.u.v. it.
  20. Is Madonna getting ready to change her hair color? All of the new, added dark is sending me into a frenzied anticipation... That much dark was clearly added as she would most certainly have plenty of gray. I love the new look... the first noticable change since Sticky and Sweet... Brunette Ambition. #iamready
  21. Madonna's live albums may not be as polished as her studio albums but they deliver so much life. Recently, I switched to Madonna Live for my work outs and my performance has greatly improved. Madonna's live music is all light and offers unprecedented endurance. Sure.... I pretend that I am performing but I have dropped fifteen pounds in three weeks in the process. Haha. :) #dontstopmenow #dontneedtocatchmybreath #giveit2me M delivers her music so perfectly when she is performing but her live albums are shunned by the masses as she has never been accepted as a "musician" despite writing hundreds of songs, playing multiple instruments, carrying so many awards and honors and holding a discography that would make any man, woman or child (living or dead) irreconcilably envious. One only needs to look at the copycats and wannabes to verify the industry wide envy. #liquidlove #toomuchblindinglight #shinyandnew #onandonthebeatgoes #lovetechnician Live.... Madonna is undediably brilliant.... We should call them the "LIFE" version rather tgan "live" versions. Just sayin'. My personal live favorites are.... IGTTYAS 1. Nobody Knows Me 2. American Life 3. Into the Groove CONFESSIONS 4. Jump 5. Ray of Light 6. Music 7. Hung Up STICKY AND SWEET 8. Human Nature 9. Vogue 10. Give It to Me MDNA 11. Gang Bang 12. I'm Addicted 13. Celebration REBEL ❤ 14. Girl Gone Wild 15. Holy Water 16. Like a Virgin 17. Unapologetic Bitch Believe it or not the live version of Spanish Lesson nearly made this list... I love it when Madonna collaborates with other musicians on tour. The results always seem to elevate even her unprecedented energy and creativity. What more can I say? I love Madonna and absolutely adore her "LIFE" versions. XOXOXO Am I alone here?
  22. Drowned World/Substitute for Love is one of her best songs ever.... Love Tried to Welcome Me is gorgeous and Messiah.... mmmmmmmm hmmmmmm.... I would love a 2 disc version of Something to Remember.... I "could pack a lunch and spend a while there". -Prince
  23. I 100% agree.... Singers like Josh Groban and Susan Boyle pull shit like that... not ARTISTS.
  24. I'm a Sinner is one of those songs for me. I adore the live version.