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  1. I like the song a lot but prefer Nothing Lasts Forever, Queen and Tragic Girl.
  2. Voices is unlistenable? WTF? Are you listening to the same album that I am listening too? Voices is a gem. Go to the doctor.
  3. I forgot about Joan of Arc. So many great songs.
  4. 1. Devil Pray 2. Borrowed Time 3. Ghosttown 4. HeartBreakCity 5. Rebel Heart (Avicii Version or the album version. Doesn't matter cause I love them both. It feels as if they are two different songs)
  5. What about Something to Remember. I alsonly consid we Candy Shop to be Hard Candy's title track. Maybe I am reaching here. Lol
  6. Agreed! To the person that stated that ROL "sucked outside of the singles", you are an idiot.
  7. Heaven sounds quite finished to me. I have heard less finished versions but the version I have heard sounds as finished as Queen or the songs that were actually included on Rebel Heart.
  8. Parodies in general are very lazy and not art...especially mean spirited ones. People need to have talent or stay out of entertainment. Won't watch this. Nope.
  9. M did the Grammys the last two years and has a kick ass album so it is possible that she will do well. Hopefully she will get big awards and let people know that she has a new album. Believe it or not, I run into people every day that are not aware of Rebel Heart's existence. People don't know about MDNA or Hard Candy either. Grammy awards could boost sales. A number one album could still happen. Look at Sam Smith after the Grammy's and the Brits. Fingers crossed.
  10. Is it just me or is she preparing to be a brunette again? A lot of roots.....I mean a lot. It seems that she might have a future plan.
  11. Video is fixed and is amazing. So much F.U.N. M looks amazing and she gave yet another vantage point to experience rebel heart. As for the criticism for the short cameos....It was perfect and flawless. Other than Madonna, Nicki is the only one who deserved true spotlight as it is her song. The work would have come across as "less than" had there been guest appearances and not cameos. PERFECTION. I can see this video playing at the clubs. Watching this video, "I wanna dance naked in a rainstorm".
  12. Madonna should re-release Rebel Heart with the "demo" versions of some songs (original versions before the leak) and a few alternate selections. Never Let You Go, Heaven, Queen, etc. She could still get a number one out of this. There was plenty of material. I would buy another version in multiple copies again. It would be terrific. The album would end up being very different from the current album and would generate enough sales and interest.
  13. This was not as hard as I imagined it being. Like a Virgin is the least Madonna"esque" album for me. Although Angel is one of her best songs ever. I felt bad about placing Confessions so low but it is both brilliant and repetitive. Disco Disco Disco. Like It or Not and Issac are among her best songs. This is one kick ass discography though. Long live the Queen. 1. Ray of Light 2. Erotica 3. Rebel Heart 4. American Life 5. Like a Prayer 6. MDNA 7. Madonna 8. Music 9. Bedtime Stories 10. Confessions on a Dancefloor 11. True Blue 12. Hard Candy 13. I'm Breathless 14. Like a Virgin
  14. I'm glad that Madonna is releasing a rebel song. I was making a Rebel playlist and I just realized that Rebel Heart is mostly Heart. Take the two sex songs (Holy Water and S.E.X.) out of the mix (and Madonna herself describes those two as satire),what Rebel is left? Unapologetic Bitch and Bitch I'm Madonna...maybe Best Night but that to me is a pseudo-Rebel song. Even the unreleased demos were mostly Heart. MDNA had more true Rebel in my opinion. Gang Bang....I Don't Give A....Some Girls.....I'm a Sinner....Beautiful Killer.... Not a complaint....I love Rebel Heart album but the message seems to be, "I'm more Heart than Rebel". Bitch I'm Madonna will expose the Rebel some...I hope. I love the Queen and again....I'm not bitching. L.U.V. Rebel Heart.
  15. The song will be number 1 on the dance charts this week. Why is the single not out yet? Ridiculous. Her ground breaking 45th number 1 on the chart and no physical copy. I already bout 10 versions of the album so it is hard to support her without the remixes to purchase.
  16. I find it raw, meaning not overproduced and covered up. I find it edgy because it is more intelligent than the usual pop ballad. It speaks of developing and maintaining a social conscience and is not an exercise in mere personal reflection. It is not a song about falling in or out of love. It is not a song about being saved. It is not flat. Rebel Heart is not a Celine Dion or Mariah Carey"esque" ballad. Madonna is critical of her own vanity....her fame....her noteriety. She is critical of both her career and her personal life. The "absolutely no regrets" woman is truly reflective but does not wallow in regret. Calls herself a massichist....a narcissist... never satisfied.... Madonna no longer sings "Rescue Me" but opts to be her own hero. To me, it is edgy because it is a call to a higher social and spiritual plane. Perhaps I am using the wrong terms. I just find it quite unique to the mere ten songs that radio continually plays over and over.
  17. I couldn't agree more. Celebration was a holler out to her past albeit a fabulous past. BIM seems actually innovative in the vein of the Ray of Light Album or the American Life album. I have been a fan since 1986 and have always been drawn to the reinvention rather than the remaking of Madonna classics. Admittedly, I was uneasy with BIM as a potential single until I saw the Fallon performance. Madonna proved to be the chameleon once again, shed her skin and made me fall in love with her for the ten millionth time. At this stage....M needs to release whatever the hell she wants and fuck the naysayers. Long live the Queen and RESPECT cause Bitch....she's Madonna.
  18. I really was enamored with the Avicii demo of Rebel Heart but I have to admit that now I almost exclusively listen to the album version. I do think that the Avicii version is great but the album version is so much more intimate and meaningful (to me). I would be the first to line up and buy the Avicii version if I were provided the opportunity but the album version of Rebel Heart is pretty stellar in of itself. Truly, I think that Madonna should release Rebel Heart as a single but I think that the album version is more unique to all of the other "crap" on the radio that it would be even more well received than the Avicii version. The album version is raw and edgy. I love it and hope that she sings the album version live.
  19. I only have one problem with Hold Tight....that is deciding which version is the best. It is a dream come true sort of Madonna experience.
  20. This attitude in this song always makes me think of Dress You Up. I don't know why. I love it though.
  21. I want to get up on my desk right now and sing (and dance) to this song.
  22. Actually, Ray of Light was above her range then. Orbit has commented on this many times. He felt that the strain actually created a beautiful effect. I agree. One thing that has always impressed me with Madonna is that her vocals are clear. This trend has remained throughout her career. There are very few times when the lyrics are in distinguishable. Janet Jackson for instance, definitely requires lyric inclusions in her material. I agree with you 110% that God is Love and maybe Revolution should have made the cut. Not bitching but she could have left S.E.X. off and included both songs. God is Love is far more Rebel and far more Heart than S.E.X. S.E.X. is fun though as a one off demo sort of thing.
  23. The writing on Rebel Heart is out of this world too. I think twelve of the songs are among the best written songs that she has ever produced. I love me some M- 1. Living for Love 2. Devil Pray 3. Ghosttown 4. Joan of Arc 5. Heartbreak City 6. Inside Out 7. Wash All Over Me 8. Messiah 9. Rebel Heart 10. Borrowed Time 11. Beautiful Scars 12. Queen
  24. M has a fantastic catalog. My faves 83-present...... Borderline Angel [Extended Dance Mix] Open Your Heart Like a Prayer Justify My Love Deeper and Deeper Secret You’ll See You Must Love Me Frozen Don’t Tell Me Love Profusion [Headcleanr Rock Mix] Let it Will Be (Paper Faces Mix) Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You I’m a Sinner (William Orbit Mix) Messiah Queen Joan of Arc certainly follows this trend. Long live the Queen.
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