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  1. U r my Madonna soulmate. Lol. 100 percent agree.
  2. I AM FLOORED. I cannot wait until I have the actual CD in my hands. This is unbelievable material. Gorgeous music. Experimental stuff, classic sounds, and equal measures of Dare and Truth. With the demos, we have three albums worth of material so I won't fixate on what is missing or what has changed. It is all too amazing. Thank God for a QUEEN that plays with her subjects. Autotune Baby is so over the top fun. So is Body Shop and Bitch I'm Madonna. S.E.X. and Holy Water are completely out of control. The first time that Madonna took risks since Erotica. Devil Pray, Ghosttown, and Joan of Arc are beautiful. Unapologetic....I admit that I love Iconic. It is Express Yourself Part 2. I L.U.V. it all. Would we want a whole album of Ghosttown? IMO Living For Love is the song that will be Iconic of of this album. This could have been an eleven track CD of Tony Bennett duets. Thankfully....our QUEEN is not slain. My Faves....Devil Pray.....Unapologetic Bitch.....Hold Tight....Iconic....Body Shop....Veni Vidi Vici.... and Borrowed Time.... Great job Madonna..... I love you and your Beautiful Scars. An opportunity to show Madonna what fans are. Don't steal this. Buy her record.
  3. Wow! Speechless! i am stunned and amazed. 2015 belongs to M-
  4. True enough. Can you imagine getting only 9 or 10 songs? 19 songs is a lot of effing songs. In the day of digital playlists.....bitching about song order is crazy. Hopefully we won't piss M off and she retaliates next time with a Tony Bennett duet album containing 8 songs. (cohesive and concise) Just what some of the fans want right? .
  5. Madonna should immediately release the standard and keep the deluxe for March 10, 2015. She would sell so many more. I couldn't resist a peak at the 14 complete tracks a month and a half early. Cruel but effective. LOL It is the only way to sell the shortened album really.
  6. sul8323

    What tours have you seen live?

    Who's that Girl, Blond Ambition, Girly Show, Reinvention, Sticky and Sweet x2, MDNA
  7. Listening to the album in tracklist order (I-tunes/demos)(not an insider-please do not attack LOL).....I like the flow a lot. Not sure where the hate for the flow is deriving from. There is a difference in flow and all of the songs sounding alike. For me, the flow is great...... Wouldn't want 19 versions of any one of the songs in straight play. The experimental ones BIM, Holy Water, Illuminati, Iconic are so much fun and I am a Rain, Take a Bow, Ghosttown kinda guy. Need my pop ballad fix but the experimental stuff makes me wanna role around on the floor "Like a Virgin" all over again. I really love the diversity of the Rebel Heart era and I cannot wait till I have the real album. I ordered the Amazon and the I-tunes version and will order any special edition that comes available (and will not feel ripped off at all). The demos are exciting as they reveal a process but all we all know....nothing beats the real thing with Madonna. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am extremely grateful for the anticipated 19....yes count them 19 new M- classics (Kiss me...I'm dying). Madonna can put her 19 new tracks in any order that she sees fit and I will gladly accept them on the very day that she let's me have them. -S
  8. I love it! Sounds like nothing she has ever put out and I wasn't the craziest over the initial demo. Loved the message but was unsure of sound but this has excited me even more. This album is gonna be a killer. You can call me "S" tonight...... Best night of your life.....
  9. I notice Avicii is listed. Perhaps the rumors of him being cut out are not true. Hopefully not. I like his stuff and his work on the demos was good.
  10. Inappropriate topic. First and foremost.... A true fan site shouldn't contain topics that are disrespectful to the artist. "Most disliked" really? Secondly.....we have not heard 13 of the completed songs yet. How can I rate a song that I have not heard? The answer is that I can't, nor can anyone else. The demos are not 100% indicative of the finished product. Thirdly.... We were never supposed to hear the incomplete work anyway. Any displeasure over the finality of the work is a self inflicted problem. Perhaps.... we should be rating loyalty and respect rather than unreleased songs.
  11. Certainly Madonna will pull a "The Beat Goes On" for us. A few of these demos will be new songs completely reworked (lyrics and all) while retaining the original title or close to it. She said "half wouldn't be on the album and the other half would be completely reworked". Unapologetic Bitch wasn't reworked because it is perfection. Some demos could also be combined.....Keep the Trance/ Hey You/ Voices. I believe the rumor that Iconic is reworked with an industrial sound by Kanye. I love that idea and I do believe. LOL We will have to wait......I know....it gets harder every time.
  12. sul8323

    iTunes reveals album tracks length

    It doesn't suit her description of the "Rebel" side. I agree somewhat. Her Rebel side as of late seems to be more about fighting injustice (social, racial, LGBT, etc)....speaking her mind....helping others... but historically... S.E.X. has been a feminist mantra for her and now she is rebelling against ageism as well. It is upsetting that every time she is mentioned in a media report, they list her age next to her name in the story. Her age is listed in a blatant attempt to dilute her relevance or her message. BTW She is still very sexy.... but a woman's relevance is not tied to her sexiness....These songs could fit her theme in that realm. Rihanna and others use sex as mere marketing. I mean....Rihanna sang duets with a man who physically abused her. Rihanna and many other female artists are the antithesis to feminism....Madonna's use of sex has been much more calculated than Brittany Spears or even Miley Cyrus (although Wrecking Ball was a valiant attempt to resurrect Madonna's message included in Express Yourself). Madonna used sex to sell her brand only on the Like a Virgin album. After that....S.E.X. evolved and was always incorporated into her feminist message. For Madonna, the backlash on Like a Virgin was proof that women were not evaluated fairly my society and she became a Rebel for that cause. Everything after Like a Virgin was created for protest or rebellion against her Father...the church...sexism....and her critics...I don't think that "Rebel" can be defined as all external subject matter. S.E.X./Holy Water could be used to reinforce her earlier rebellion. I prefer Borrowed Time but I think Madonna's rally against ageism, sexism, gender/orientation discrimination and sexual politics is legitimate and definitely fits Rebel Heart.
  13. sul8323

    iTunes reveals album tracks length

    She must have shortened Messiah because we were told months ago that Messiah was closing the album by the W.E. music guy. Messiah also fits a Madonna closing song. It has been a very long time since a Madonna album ended loud or overly happy. However....Messiah could close the standard edition and the 19 tracks may not be the standard. As for song lengths....I do think that anthems such as Living for Love need to be longer but TUTBMP (Playground) suffers a bit by going on and on. The two last tracks do seem short but they could be perfection. If there is a 22 song deluxe...I hope she divides the CDs evenly and lengthens the anthems. The 2nd CD on MDNA was appreciated material but could have been included on one disc....not that I am bitching about more material but the 2nd partial disc is a pain. There are a couple of songs on the bonus that are incredible like Beautiful Killer and I Fucked Up. It is a pain the put a 2nd disc in. Of course, I use the digital Itunes version but the physical copy plays better in the car. Itunes version was mixed funny. What will we get this time? Hmmm. All speculation on my part I suppose. LOL I also love Madonna fans. My friends and family would never dare speak ill of her in my presence but they are not genuine fans. My daughter is in love with American Life album and I'm Breathless but is not overly interested in any other material. My mom took me to Who's that Girl Tour in 1987 and she hit the nail on the head. People that do not love Madonna have never seen her live. My new husband was a casual Madonna fan. We missed Confessions Tour live and I sulked for three years. He went to Sticky and Sweet (2 nights to make up for it) and he has been a much bigger follower since. (of course....he pretended not to know me when I nearly convulsed as the show started.) He practically knocked me over to purchase MDNA Tour tickets. LOL It seems that most people love a Madonna era or two but the true fans.....I love them the most. I have been this excited every era since True Blue. Honestly....I did not know who Madonna was before then....Had no idea that the Live to Tell singer also sang Into the Groove, Holiday, and Like a Virgin. Forgive me Madonna....I was young....LOL
  14. Mesiah is closing the album. They must have shortened it. Abel K said as much in an interview. We wrote the orchestration for the last song on Madonna's album. It has to be Messiah. I am convinced.
  15. Matching these demos up with estimations of time and explicit content....I began to think.....Couldn't explicit mean that she changed "hell yeah" in Rebel Heart to "Fuck yeah"? Maybe the demo was the single (radio friendly) edit Also could be a guest rapper/vocalist on a song where she personally doesn't curse. If the title track and single choice had the word "Fuck" in it....she would need an edited version. Personally...I thought the Hell yeah" was a little weak for such an impassioned song. Personally, I am not sure that S.E.X. is explicit. Does she actually curse in S.E.X.? Just a thought. As well....Trust No Bitch surely would have an explicit label but a third song with Bitch in the title could be a bit much.
  16. sul8323

    iTunes reveals album tracks length

    Couldn't explicit mean that she changed "hell yeah" in Rebel Heart to "Fuck yeah"? Maybe the demo was the single (radio friendly) edit Also could be a guest rapper/vocalist on a song where she personally doesn't curse. Personally, I am not sure that S.E.X. is explicit. Does she actually curse in S.E.X.?
  17. Hold Tight does not feel like an album closer. I like it but as an album closer....I'm not sure. I love both Body Shop and Borrowed Time so I hope that you are slightly wrong.....but then again.....what else would I cut? I think a Tragic Girl sort of ballad will end the album. Although the one exception was Veni Vidi Vici. Length is not right though. Hmmmm. We are also not including a lot of songs not leaked. Who knows. It is fun guessing though.
  18. First thought.....Imagine if we had to reduce the forty plus demos to between 11 and 13 songs. Yikes. Thankfully, 19 songs is a lot of music. Second thought....I think that the demos are detracting from the album a bit. Imagine if we only had the 6 official songs right now? Are we missing out on the love for Unapologetic Bitch, Illuminati, Devil Prays, and Ghosttown. (And of course Living for Love!!!!!) Third thought.....All is not lost with some demos not making the album. We already have nearly two double albums of music. I am beginning to wonder if a "Super Deluxe version of Rebel Heart will materialize sometime between April and June. Just a feeling that she is gonna Beyonce or Mariah Carey us with an enhanced edition of a current album. Or perhaps, she will J.T. us and release Volume Two at a later time. I am sure that Madonna would love to fulfill her recording contract with the excelent material that she already has recorded. Perhaps the leakers postponed a double album but did not cancel it. Final thought....The Rebel Heart Era is officially on and I have never been this excited about Madonna (and that says a lot.) The Rollingstone interviews, the Billboard coverage, the Grammy's, the high profile Living for Love video. I absolutely cannot wait......
  19. Discussions are starting to get lively in here. I agree with a lot of you but I could live with most of the demos. S.E.X. is alright but Erotica, Justify My Love, and Forbidden Love (both versions) would eat the demo alive and shit it out the next day. I like S.E.X. but is is far less provocative than her earlier material. I do love Back That Up but it is rather Hard Candy"esque" in it's demo form. I can't stop singing about lemon drops though Ultimately, I am holding off the greatest eargasm that I have ever had. I CANNOT WAIT! Borrowed Time and Beautiful Scars are musts for me.
  20. Oh. Thanks. That makes sense. I was worried. I have to have it all. LOL I even bought the Amazon version.
  21. Why is ITunes selling Rebel Heart pre-order for 7.25 when they sold it to me for 14.99? US Itunes.
  22. Love the M-nation crew. Nobody loves Madonna like y'all. My husband has tried to understand my obsession but never will. Although he drinks beer at all of her shows and pretends that he doesn't know me as I go into cardiac arrest. LOL. Madonna was the first person on the planet to tell me that it was OK to be a gay man. Should have been my dad but wasn't. Way before Lady Goo Goo. Love her and am more and more excited about Rebel Heart. My children actually called me a freedom fighter for getting married in late 2014. Told me I was brave. I think Rebel Heart is an awesome anthem. I like all of her incarnations but I am drawn to Rebel Heart like no we a before.
  23. If they prefer demos, they can keep them but I hope people don't come into the new rebel heart album thread bitching. At the end of the day, it's Madonnas decisions and we should respect what she decides to put on the album Agreed....I can'tell stand any forum that incessantly bitches about the subject. Disney forums are notorious for that. Don't come into a Madonna forum if you don't like Madonna. But there are those that are recording experts, marketing experts, photography experts, lighting experts, mixing experts, etc. I despised the drum majorette costume in the MDNA tour but there was an awful lot of things that were over the top fantastic. Certainly, I was not going to fixate on that one costume in that giant extravaganza. intend to enjoy and absorb this album even if Borrowed Time doesn't make the cut. After thirty plus years in the business, Madonna is the expert. Besides that...she is an artist and we can't have the same meaning in her art if we dictate the finished product. Rebel Heart will be killer. The demos prove that. I cannot choose nineteen without reconsidering the inclusion of my left out tracks.
  24. The demos are all off the chain and have me falling in love with Madonna all over again. I am a tragic fan from now until the end. Some very empowering material in this collection. I cannot effing wait. The Unapologetic Bitch is the forever Queen.