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  1. Madonna has never disappointed me....Never. Love the demos and have already purchased the I-tunes version and the hard copy of Rebel Heart from Amazon. I do hope that she will pull a Mariah and release some Deluxe Deluxe Super Deluxe version at a later date. LOL The material is just too good. The demos seem to be on par with her best material in ages. I like the demo material better than the Confessions album (which is a huge statement from me...trust me. I love Confessions on a Dancefloor). As well, in my opinion, the demos are nearly equal to the Ray of Light or Like a Prayer albums. The only Madonna album that I really never loved was Like a Virgin and these demos have opened my eyes to why I never grew attached to that body of work. Like a Virgin was Madonna's least self inspired work. She didn't write a lot of the material as she did with the Madonna album prior and all of her other albums after. Sure...we got Angel but we got quite a few "Girl Gone Wild's" and "Give Me All Your Luvin's" as well. Not picking on the MDNA album either. Love it. Love Spent...Beautiful Killer...I Fucked Up....I'm a Sinner are among my favorite M tracks ever. Sorry about all of the other album speak it is just that Veni Vidi Vici is taking me down memory lane and I love the journey. SEX has potential but we already have Erotica and Justify my Love which are far more sophisticated. If SEX does end up on the album....I will enjoy it but I feel that she should not dilute the power of the Erotica Album. On that note....I am in love with Body Shop. It is so fun and I love that Madonna is rallying against sexism and ageism. Freedom Fighter always. Madonna seems to be giving us all what we want this time around although I always appreciate her finished work. In the discussion of her new material (demos and otherwise), I am not sure about all of the downgrading of her catalog in this forum. American Life....MDNA and Hard Candy all had great material. I also didn't hate the mastering on MDNA. The I-tunes version was a tiny bit off but the CD copy was pretty good. The problem with getting an early listen to these demos is that people become overly concerned about their favorites not being included or the material being further altered in a way that is not acceptable to that individual listener. Every album has this demo process.... Some material makes the cut, some doesn't, and other material is changed for artistic or continuity reasons. M will pick good material... She usually does. Now...every song she has ever included on an album has not been my favorite but I do appreciate each and every song. Spanish Lesson, for instance was not as enjoyable as Across the Sky (for me) but Spanish Lesson/ La Isla Bonita was my favorite section of Sticky and Sweet. These demos and the chosen tracks are reflections of her artistic journey. Let her be an artist. Some of the more outrageous/noncommercial demos are great. Stop comparing new material to her classics. We do not want or need another song identical to Like a Prayer. We already have a gorgeous version from 1989. Her demos are really diverse this time and we are bound to get a real treat. I think Madonna brings a level of diversity to her music that is absent with most other artists. Bitch...I'm Madonna and Ghosttown are as different as La Isla Bonita and 4 Minutes. Revolution and Unapologetic Bitch are polar opposites. Diversity is one of my favorite aspects in Madonna's longevity. The demos are very exciting. Glad that she is not a Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, or Katy Perry (Don't jump on me....I love each of them....I just feel that most of their songs and albums are interchangeable. Anyway... Back to M's demos... Don't care about charts or retail performance. These demos are extraordinary and I am thrilled that Madonna is back with something this great. Have to have Heartbreak City.....Inside Out...Tragic Girl...Wash all over Me...Hold Tight.....Never Let You Go...and of course Rebel Heart. (and I love Back That Up although I kinda agree that it doesn't fit but it is just a demo. It might be perfect reworked).
  2. Equality is so sexy!

  3. We are either very lucky or should be very nervous. Lol
  4. I need....absolutely need.... Borrowed Time to be on the album. I love this era more and more. I can hardly wait. It is my favorite song (even ahead of Ghosttown which I adore). I like the ballads a lot but understand that Madonna cannot tour on a ballads album. Zip-lining, jumping off of buildings, helicopters... explosions... you all know what I mean. I do hope that the leaky bastards did not screw the fans out of a double album That would really suck. The music is all too good to sit idle for all of eternity.