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  1. Did it 2x. Oopps. I DIDN'T KNOW I COULDN'T TALK ABOUT S.E.X.......
  2. Borrowed Time is my # 1 favorite. Sorry. I guess she included it for me and not you. LOL
  3. The first three are among her best in a long time. WOW! I do respect your opinion though.
  4. The only songs that I do not think are complete tens are: 1. S.E.X. (7.0) S.E.X. is a grower though. I originally gave it a (6.0) I would rate it higher but it is hard to overlook the similarities to superior songs such as Erotica, Justify My Love, and I Want You (all perfect 10.0's ). 2. Best Night (7.5) (The speaking Justify My Love section of is song is a (10.0) This is the only song that I have not specifically played outside of the general tracklisting. I don't hate it by any means, it just feels artificially rebellious.) 3. Grafitti Heart (9.0) My highest "non ten". It is great but it feels a bit out of place. (I still love it). 4. Addicted (8.0) A few demos were tens that weren't included so I am punishing this song. Never Let You Go and Nothing Lasts Forever are brilliant yet omitted. 5. Autotune Baby (8.5) Fun but it is not a ten. What can I say....I would have rather seen Tragic Girl reworked and included. My taste only not an expert analysis. Just my opinion. Not trying to wreck anyone's day. XOXOX to all rebel hearts.
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    A close friend of mine died today of cancer. His last facebook post was a lyric video of Madonna's Iconic. Rip my friend.
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    My favorite song on Rebel Heart.
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    This is my new "Dress You Up". I love this song. F.U.N. and sexier than Holy Water, S.E.X. and Best Night.
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    Live to Tell 2.0. Brilliant. Rebel Heart seems to draw from the past in all of the right ways. Reflective, relate-able, and relevant.
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    Holy Water was far more successful than S.E.X. I think S.E.X. is alright but Holy Water makes me remember the Fall of 1990. Madonna was so REBEL"lious". Even Prince could not touch her provocativeness. She was a "bad bitch". L.U.V. M and her Holy Water.
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    Wash All Over Me is Like a Virgin all grown up. I love it.
  11. Super Deluxe, Super Deluxe (Ticket Master), Deluxe, Deluxe (Clean), Deluxe iTunes, Standard, and I sent another Super Deluxe (Ticket Master) to a coworker.So 7 so far.
  12. As someone who has only heard this version and is choosing not to hear the demo, it's fascinating, because I cannot imagine this song being better than it is. Is it the production of the demo that some people preferred? I have heard several references to the vocoder, but can that really be what this comes down to? During MDNA error, many were wishing Madonna would not have so many effects on her voice, and now we have an album of her full, rich, clear vocals, and some are longing for vocoder? Was there an extra verse in the song or additional lyrics? The lyrics were the same. The production was radically different. I agree though. Rebel Heart is a great song. I really like it both ways. The other version allowed Avicii too much control and stifled Madonna a bit. The album version is far more exposed and vulnerable. The vocoder effect was used to embellish the song. The verses did not utilize the vocoder. Her voice was still clear and pristine. I am glad to have both. The original leak has divided some but I believe that M ultimately chose best. You could hear it in the other order. I would be curious to get your take on it. Long live the Queen.
  13. I am in ecstasy today. Exhausted from waiting on iTunes and then (of course) listening. LOL My deluxe and superdeluxe are supposed to be delivered before 8:00 PM tomorrow but I should get the tour download code today! As well, I will go out and buy the standard today. I would have ordered it but I always enjoy going to a store and making a new Madonna record an event. After the iTunes download, my husband looked at me last night and said, "This album has grown on me. It is so fucking good". I was like, "Who are you and what have you done with my husband?". He practically wore out the Iconic download. LOL Can't wait for Miami and maybe Portland. M really brought it. I wonder if the super deluxe tour download will be the same as the physical copy. Described similarly but not definitively. We shall see. I love all you Rebel Heart bitches today and wish you all love and good things.
  14. 1 Living for Love 2 Devil Pray 3 Ghosttown 4 Joan of Arc 5 HeartBreakCity 6 Inside Out 7 Wash All Over Me 8 Messiah 9 Rebel Heart 10 Queen
  15. Bill....you have stellar taste and always do. ♡ I cannot decide which Devil Pray I like the best. All versions are fantastic. I have loved Devil Pray since I first heard it. Epic. I want DP as a single. This last weekend of waiting for the official record is killing me. At least it is Dalight Savings end. One less hour to wait. Lol
  16. Some people do take things very personal. I for one respect everyone's opinion but bitching about every imaginary blip on a stolen downloaded track when you haven't heard the finalized work yet is tiresome. As well, condemning previous work and degrading M's stellar catalog is counterproductive and ignores true history. MDNA and Hard Candy were very good records and American Life was one of the finest pop records ever made by any artist. It kills me to hear some "fan" who has never spent five minutes in a recording studio complain about Love Profusion, Love Spent or Voices as each is a genuine masterpiece. There is a way to be critical without criticizing M- and that is what I believe the disgruntled people in the forum are trying to suggest (although not as clearly and polite as they could). "Cringe worthy" are not words that I would use to describe anything on Rebel Heart. "Embarrassing" is also not an assessment that I would offer. That is just my stance. Madonna worked hard on this album and historically has always offered herself fully to her projects. MDNA was not "lazily" completed or poorly performed. I'm a Sinner is one of the best songs that M has ever put out and there were many other gems on there that were ignored as singles. Perhaps, it is the medium that many in here are using to access M's material. Stolen downloads often do not carry the same quality as the officially released material. As well, in my experience, digitalized music does not equally perform with physical releases. The physical MDNA CD rocked compared to the iTunes version. Rebel Heart is generous and exemplary yet people still bitch.....about artwork.... and digipacks.....and blips and sounds. OMG!!! you can hear her turning a page of sheet music. For me, those sort of finds are treasures to discover and make the experience more real (IMO). It is ok not to love all M- songs at the same level. Word of advice.... You can skip a song and not ruin it for someone else. We all have our faves. Do not describe an M song as "abysmal" in a fan forum and you will not be subjected to the poor treatment. Reviews should be balanced. Do not tear something apart and ignore all of the the good. I would feel totally different if Madonna put out several crap albums like Prince did during the 90's to seek revenge on the Warner execs. She is not guilty of such a thing. Her records remain x-static, impressive and rebellious. Madonna's heart and soul has gone into each era and if someone cannot see that, than they do not understand M- at all. Let's embrace Rebel Heart as we may not have this privilege too many more times. Long live the Queen.
  17. Kiss me....I'm dying. I will never make it til Tuesday March 10, 2015. I always order this stuff ahead and then regret not just racing out to the store on the first day. My celebration CDs came a week late. I only ordered iTunes for MDNA and then bought to physical as it sounded quite a bit better in the car. GRRRRR. Anyway, I will get the remainder of the iTunes version downloaded at 12:00AM or so on Tuesday morning and my Deluxe Amazon says I comes with CD RIP. That may hold me through the night. I decided to get the standard and standard clean the day of just in case Amazon fucks with me again. LOL Besides...picking up a copy on the first day is always so exciting. Exciting times. My husband already knows that Madonna will reign throughout our home for several weeks. I actually let him play a David Guetta CD the other day and even let him listen to internet radio. I felt bad. He likes her and plays her quite a bit himself but is the kinda fan that pretends he doesn't even know me at the concerts. LOL He has played Iconic non-stop since the iTunes release. He says that "Iconic is Rebel Heart's Some Girls" (his favorite M track of all time). Still hoping that Madonna.com is still correct and Queen and Autotune Baby will be on the American version (I know...I know.... Or maybe it will be on the tour download? A boy can dream, right? Well I do hope that all Rebel Hearts will have an Iconic weekend. XOXOX
  18. 1. Like a Prayer 2. Ray of Light 3. Rebel Heart 4. American Life 5. Confessions or Erotica (hard to chhose)
  19. Are you reviewing the official versions or some stolen download? It is not fair to judge and bitch about anything unofficial. Just saying....I want to reserve judgement for the official releases on Tuesday for my region. The leak from a month ago sounded pretty decent to me. A tiny bit of polishing (not a stolen download) should yield something great. IMO. Anyway...I am super hyped and like all of the songs. MOST...I love. Holy Water is interesting. With so many gems ..I can handle an interesting song. Can't wait to hear it from start to finsh. The stanrd, the deluxe, and then the super deluxe...If she releases another version, I will buy that too. I love this album. Who in the industry has put out anything this good recently? No one. M remains the Queen.
  20. Does anyone else find it strange that the digipak photo looks incomplete? Those pics are all readily available and why not show the other side? I have doubts of the authenticity. As well....AB and Queen still show up on her websitee. Maybe this is fanmade or an early prototype. Just observing and guessing. Could be wishful thinking about not getting already leaked remixes. Thrilled none the less that we will have the real deal soon.
  21. Beautiful scars album was different but after a few listens...I prefer it to the demo. That says a lot because the demo was my second favorite. Second only to Borrowed Time. BT is still my song and will continue to be.