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    Excellent taste but I have to go with Love Profusion (although I love Die Another Day) and I'm a Sinner (almost a tie with Love Spent).
  2. Perhaps not indie but I agree with the general idea started in this thread. M is very experimental with this album and much of it comes across as artistic rather than commercial. Rebel Heart thumbs its' nose at the traditional pop music industry.
  3. sul8323

    Ghosttown to be a sleeper hit? Discuss

    And Blaming piracy is silly since her streams are pitiful as well. Piracy is real. Streaming also is affected. Why would anyone stream a song that was in their library? Your argument doesn't even make sense.
  4. sul8323

    Ghosttown to be a sleeper hit? Discuss

    Ghosttown is great. So was Living for Love. Her music is really quite excellent at the moment. She clearly still outsells most artists. YES. I SAID IT. Madonna still outsells most artists. Rebel Heart, MDNA, and Hard Candy all outsold MOST artists. Every Madonna record since 1983 has outsold most artists. Interest in Madonna is not the problem. Sales have not been her problem either. Lots of music is played that has far undersold M-s records. Is the industry ageist? Hell yes. Sexist? Hell yes. Still, Madonna is putting the industry to shame by achieving mammoth success despite being ignored by radio. Her fans are all over the world. Meghan Trainor, Iggy Azalea, and Ariana Grande are being played on infinite repeat but none of them will ever be Madonna. M has had her love affair with the radio. In my opinion, her music is much better now. I'm a Sinner is a far more sophisticated song than Lucky Star or Material Girl. M made a choice with Justify My Love to be a rebel. She chose to actually say something socially meaningful. M made a choice with the Erotica album to be an artist and not a caged, pop princess. M made a choice during American Life to reject her prior personas and radio dropped her. Mainstream media loves Madonna's HEART but does not understand her REBEL. Not being played non-stop on radio has not hurt Madonna. Perhaps, it even has kept the interest alive. She has a mystique that other artists cannot compete with. Her tours are legend and you see how every audience responds to her (including the BRITS performance). She is idolized and revered. She is not the flavor of the moment. Thank God for that as it allows her the platform to be more creative than all of her counterparts. She is an ICON. If commercial success (which Madonna still has) and radio play are your only barometers then blame the fan base. Let's face it. People steal her music by the droves. There are people on this forum and others that steal from her catalog and refuse to truly support her. I have actually read countless posts relaying the idea that they like the new album almost enough to buy. Do people have to buy? No but they sure as hell do not have to steal. Why should she invest in singles and massive videos to entertain thieves? If every person that stole her demos this go around actually now bought the record...Madonna's Rebel Heart would be number one next week. Some people would rather bitch and steal. That's not Live Nation's fault. That's not Guy Oseary's fault. That's not the record industry's fault. And that's not M-s fault. PIRACY IS WRONG AND HINDERS ART. IF YOU STEAL YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.
  5. M is quite the chameleon. LUV her. She actually has ideas behind her art. When I heard her explain the sexy clergy clothes on the reinvention da ncers, I was amazed. It wasn't to offend or just to be artsy. She was making a commentary that religion can destroy and divide us rather than promote humanity. She is a true artist.
  6. I love it. It is questionable and the questions mean that we have our M back. No more English Manor Maiden (although I love her too). It is like Madonna putting away a persona and choosing another. Queen of reinvention. Never liked the grilz or the erotic gold tooth but I love both Dita and M-dolla. It is all about playing a character. I love all of her personas. She is like Roger from American Dad. Luv it all.
  7. sul8323

    Hold Tight!

    I was less impressed with the demo (liked it but didn't love it). The album version is Epic but so is the MNEK version. I love this song now. The changes were made, I'm sure because of the leaks, but it really worked for this one.
  8. If she performs, I hope she does Iconic. It could be exciting and appropriate for the boring award show audiences.
  9. I thought that M could not sell Bitch I'm Madonna but I was wrong. Very wrong. What a fun performance. Impressive Instant. Makes me want to get up and do something.
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    My fave on the entire album (including demos). I was disappointed when it did not make the Deluxe 19 but was thrilled when it was included on the SD. In my Playlist, I play it right after Living for Love. I can't get enough of Borrowed Time. XOXOX
  11. sul8323

    Rate the Ghosttown video

    I am only giving this a 10 because I can't give it a 12.
  12. People will complain but two great videos from this album already. We could have got a world flag video , a Miles Away, Get Together, Give it 2 Me, or a Jump video. But we didn't. Visually stunning and the song...let's face it is off the chain. I LOVED EVERY MOMENT of it.
  13. I think that it is the grilz with the cross. Makes the gap look big.
  14. It is gorgeous! A video to rival her 90's videos for certain. Love live the Queen!
  15. sul8323


    I concur. Awesome post and welcome to the Nation.
  16. sul8323

    Ghosttown Remixes

    100% agree. A couple of the TUTR remixes did the same thing, excited you with a verse and then absolutely no trace of M for the remainder of the song. Ghosttown is about M....not Don Diablo. I do like the restructure though. It is interesting and fresh.
  17. Has anyone seen Madonna's instagram. Holy Fuck.....She has never looked better. Never.
  18. What about all of the fuck wads that have illegally downloaded her last five albums and not supported M at all. REAL FANS DO NOT DOWNLOAD AND NOT BUY. To me, there is a big difference in being an anxious fan and a theif.....The difference is buying the material when it is released. Madonna has suffered sales for some time due to piracy.
  19. sul8323

    Rebel Heart album discussion

    Interesting M interviews as of late. Looks like the leaks really did change the album. The leaked 25 track version also changed after the final leak. Omitted Queen and Autotune Baby. As well Avicii's illness factored in to the production. M claims she changed things just so that they would be different. I wonder what album we would have got without the leaks and the illness, not that I'm complaining but the darkness was added because of the leaks. It is all fascinating. Rebel Heart is off the chain in both demo and final versions. ♡♡♡♡♡
  20. Are you kidding me??? People have declared her over for thirty years yet she sits on the pop world's music thrown. Madonna needs to release whatever the hell she wants and just be an artist. She will be fine.
  21. Who cares about radio play and charts? I want Madonna to release relevant and artistic singles for the fans and to remain purposeful as an artist. I want her to put her all into the multimedia presentations of this fucking awesome material. Did it really matter what her single choices were for the last several albums? No. The radio was not going to play her anyway and that does not alter her un-compromised track record. Her commercial history and vast catalog are intact. Let Madonna be Madonna and I will consider the result a success. More recently, she has tried to manufacture chart success again and again when she should have been the artist that we know her to be. Commercial success will be in the bag from the tour sales anyway. Madonna is not having any trouble paying her bills so she should not be coaxed into behavior that seems as if her fame and fortune are on the brink of collapse. Deliberate marketing to radio will not achieve a good end result. MDNA, Hard Candy and Confessions offered far better material overall than a lot of the "hit" albums that radio was rubbing all over their crotches.. I would have rather had a kick ass video for I'm a Sinner or Love Spent than The Football Song....I mean Give Me All Your Lovin'..... any day. That single should have been a "I'm in the Super Bowl" promotional single at best. It was far below M's creative ability. Girl Gone Wild was so generic compared to Gang Bang, I'm a Sinner or Falling Free. Miles Away over Voices or the Devil Wouldn't Recognize You? Why? Did radio play Miles Away? No. Madonna needs to demand artistic liberty in all ventures forward. Let Guy Oseary and Live Nation worry about the charts and radio play. Guy Oseary needs to be given objectives and answer when they are not met. Madonna can afford the best. Let Meghan Trainer be the flavor of the moment. She's no Madonna. M needs to concentrate on being an artist and not trying to get played on the radio. I want singles and lots of them as I am drawn to the art. The people on infinite replay now will not be relevant in thirty years. Taylor Swift is not an artist. She is a commercialized and manufactured personality. I could name endless popular personalities and place them in the same category. Madonna has paved the way for many "artists". All of the women in the industry wear there underpants and bras to the award shows and during their performances. Their performance choreography also is Madonna designed. Beyonce and Mariah Carey are a prime examples of that truth. Both are talented but their public personas "borrow" so much from M. Same thing with Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande. Brittany Sp[ears.....Christina Aguilera..... My point is they are all copy-cats to an extent. Madonna changed the industry and that will not be forgotten regardless of what radio stations play or don't play. M needs to change the dialogue again within the industry. That is her gift.
  22. People that are concerned about the inclusion of Terrence.... I was concerned about the Mike Tyson feature in Iconic... but it works very well. I trust M... I cannot wait. I am gonna go to Ghosttown and stay.
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    I need a jumpstart.