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  1. sul8323

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    First, I want to say that I love all of Madonna's tours but I do agree that the Rebel Heart Tour Blu-ray is extremely overedited and over dubbed. I would be okay with clips being taken from different shows but each song should absolutely remain a single performance. The Rebel Heart Tour's incessant alternating hairstyles, costumes, and make-up (within the same song), along with the oppresive filters, are so distracting that many of the performances are rendered unwatchable. To me, the MDNA Tour is actually more enjoyable to watch than the Rebel Heart Tour. Aside from the changing tattoos in Like a Virgin, the MDNA Tour feels polished but carries greater authenticity (dubbed vocals in the first four or five songs aside) than the Rebel Heart Tour. Truthfully, I always feel obligated to reassure my friends who watch the MDNA Tour with me that Madonna actually sings live at her live venues as the dubbed vocals are painfully obvious (at the start of the show) but the MDNA Tour Blu-ray production feels more truthful to the intentioned message of the show than does the Rebel Heart Tour Blu-ray. Overall, the MDNA Blu-ray feels more like high art and deserves a prominent place among her immaculate tour catalogue while the Rebel Heart Tour comes across more as a collection of clips and highlights of a Madonna Tour. For The Rebel Heart Tour, the heavy splicing worked in Unapologetic Bitch and Holiday but no where else. Often the vocals do not even match the performance, as she painstakingly created a Bride of Frankenstein hybrid of the show. Unfortunately, the end result to her visual patchwork is that her vocals and performance feel even less live. I purchase her studio albums for the generally, polished perfection but her live performances remain high art only if they are actually "live". The work that went into more than two years of editing the Rebel Heart Tour is abundantly obvious but entirely gratuitous and a grievous error. Truthfully, the handling of her brillance and genius on this release is inexcusable. During the live show, M started a revolution. M exorcised a few demons and even conjured up some new ones. M brought us to HeartBreakCity but didn't leave us there. The Mid-evil, Warrior, Bitch, Goddess carried us through the wilderness but delivered us safely to the other side. M traded her crown for a sword and shield a became both a True Blue champion and our Unapologetic revolutionary. In the post-production translation, however, M surrendered and allowed her heart to be removed, rendering her show a lifeless corpse in a Ghosttown. Inexplicably, Madonna edited out two and a half hours of Madonna from the Rebel Heart Tour and left us with mere remnants of an Icon. Madonna is so fucking good live that I cannot justify even the slightest sacrilegious treatment of any of her shows. I attended the Rebel Heart Tour in Boston and felt that it was among her best work, rivaled only mt Blond Amvition. Unfortunately, the Rebel Heart Blu-ray suffers from a mortal wound at Madonna's own hand. Although I appreciate having something for the archive over nothing, I would choose Madonna uncut, with all of her beautful scars, any day over the over-manufactured fodder that we were offered after an extremely extended delay. Admittedly, I seldom criticize M for anything but I had to purge this from my psyche to heal. During the next go around.... Madonna, please give me a full show with a couple of camera angles, a few "motherfuckers" spattered in, and plenty of close ups. I promise that I will never bitch again.
  2. sul8323

    Take a Bow from the Japanese release

    haha... Believe it or not... I didn't know who she was until 1986... Grew up in a country music home and I was a bit young for a lady rolling around in her underwear (so my parents thought). By 1987 though, my patents actually took me to the Who's that Girl Tour after we all about wore out the Virgin Tour VHS.
  3. sul8323

    Take a Bow from the Japanese release

    I have been a Madonna fanatic since 1986... so why does she punish me this way and refuse me one of her finest performances ever just because I am an American. Blah.... Take a Bow is gorgeous. Should have been a bonus for all. I still love her though... even if I do get "smacked around" a little. hehe
  4. Fans seem disgruntled no matter what the fuck M does. Why? We are getting a great tour and double soundtrack. Truthfully, the show was pretty fucking awesome. Personally, I am rather thrilled to add these releases to my collection. All is well... great tour from a great album... so let's enjoy it a bit. Damn...!
  5. Not the one I watched. The angles seem very different. I watched it several times on Netflix? Hulu? Amazon? Not sure.
  6. First.... Who said that the DVD is the Showtime broadcast? MDNA EPIX concert was entirely different angles... editing... etc.. Do we actually know that know additional work has been done regarding content, etc? Second.... Watching M's hats, hair, and clothing changing 70 times during LAV AND RH is a bit distracting. So many cuts and splices... It makes it look as if she could not make it through the whole song(s) when I know that is not the case. I was there. What is the thinking here? Third... I still will buy it as it is pretty fantastic. Hopefully all of the songs are there though and that we end up with the full audio track list (CD) as well or at least True Blue and La Vie An Rose included as they are more rarities. Time will tell.... After her official website advertised Queen as being on the Rebel Heart album for weeks... who really knows what to expect.
  7. sul8323

    Boston September 26

    WTG is here to stay. She explained that someone did not turn her mic on in Philly. That was the glitch. Early start. Unbelievable, live vocals. The choreography was way better than any of the periscope videos. The crowd was crazy. Very diverse. A lot of M love. I met a 95 year old dressed as Material Girl. She was adorable. M- was so happpy. David was awesome. So special to see Madonna and child. David made the night very specisl. True Blue and Wtg were my favorite moments. Unapologetic Bitch and Devil Pray were excellent. And Rebel Heart was off of the chain. S.E.X. can go. She made those statements long ago and better but the rest of the show was over the top phenomenal. If I were to change anything, I would only change the sex interlude (with almost anything) and add Like a Prayer and one more classic (my be Hung Up) before Holiday just to add to the finale. Awesome show. It really was all about the music...and the music was grand. As a side note...nothing but love for M all over the city. Boston people of all demographics seem to really adore her.
  8. sul8323

    Boston September 26

    A few more hours. I cannot wait. Saw the M tour signs throughout the city.
  9. I agree that there is a lot of negativity here as of late. The show is pretty phenomenal and people are focused on a hairdo that they do not care for, a catalog omission, missing a choreography step or the persistent bashing of previous work as commentary on the new tour. Can't we just reflect for even a moment that we have a nearly 35 year relationship with M-. This work is far superior to any artist with that longevity. I too was baffled that M- chose La Vie en Rose over a piece from her massive back catalog but her performance was so touching. She has such a healthy balance of music, showmanship and controversy this time around. I rather enjoy her "singing" at a concert even at the sacrifice of the heavier dance routines. Rebel Heart has been a great era both in artistry and substance. Let's give M- a little credit here.
  10. I loved MDNA's stage so much. I hope that the Rebel Heart stage doesn't disappoint. I'm sure that it won't but the MDNA stage was a party. I am getting so excited. Was scheduled to see both nights in Miamai. Had to buy Boston tix too cause I will never be able to wait until January.
  11. sul8323

    Never Let You Go Demo

    I like the song a lot but prefer Nothing Lasts Forever, Queen and Tragic Girl.
  12. So much negativity this go around. I don't understand the increasing condescension against Madonna, her music and her recent tours. I believe the criticism of Madonna 2015 to be largely misplaced. Her shows are fantastic. Her new music is really good. Her promotion this era has been stellar. As for record sales... Hell, nobody sells records anymore. Even Taylor Swift's numbers are a flash in the pan against Like a Virgin, True Blue, Like a Prayer and The Immaculate Collection. Digitized music crept in and changed the landscape. Not to dwell on the past however.... Madonna has sold a lot of records since the Immaculate Collection as well. People steal music now at a exponential rate and not just Madonna's music. It is destroying the whole industry. Yes. The live stage shows are pricey. Inflated ticket prices are meant to compensate for that loss of album revenue. Should M work for free? Do you? Rebel Heart cost a chunk of change to produce. 40+ demos, and 24 official songs including Autotune Baby. Mixing/production, promotion, co-producers, artwork.... That wasn't free. A lot of people have to get paid, not just M. So why all of the hate. Admittedly, there are M records and tours that I like more than others but none of M's work is "trash" and it is offensive to listen to a bunch of squabbling "children" dismissing M's impressive visual and audio catalog. Sticky and Sweet and MDNA were mind blowing, breathtaking, heart stopping productions. In fact, all of Madonna's tours have been masterpieces and I am baffled by the onslaught of personal attacks. I cannot believe the homophobic, ageist, sexist remarks that are being made by Madonna's "fan"base with the aim to discredit her as a relative artist in 2015. In my opinion, this behavior is very disturbing and does not have a place on a fan site. People are bashing an upcoming tour over a handful of rumors and I might remind you that you do not have to purchase a single ticket. Stop demeaning Madonna's work present and past. Despite, your desire to bemoan her every breath, M's accomplishments and accolades stand tall. Sorry to the real fans but the naysayers need to have a seat. Enough already. I want to enjoy my visits to this site. I want to share experiences and be reminded why I am a fan of the world's greatest living entertainer. Shove the negativity where the sun doesn't shine.
  13. It was a highlight. If people want the album version on everything, go listen to the album.
  14. Voices is unlistenable? WTF? Are you listening to the same album that I am listening too? Voices is a gem. Go to the doctor.
  15. I forgot about Joan of Arc. So many great songs.