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  1. I do understand your sentiment but Madonna herself shared these traumatic moments in very public forums. Her emotive past is intrinsically connected to her art as well as her own projection of her mind, body and soul. I only intended to bring up her "take lemons and make lemonade" ambition. Art is indeed personal but our Queen deliberately shared the most sacred parts of herself and I feel so blessed and privileged for the honor. What is wrong with recognizing M's triumph over adversity?
  2. Madonna's creativity explodes during periods of loss. Much of her best music has centered around vacancy, emptiness and loneliness or overcoming and surviving those life events. What personal loss has yielded the finest Madonna music? 1. Her mother's death 2. Her relationship with her father 2. Divorce from Sean Penn 3. AIDS related deaths of her friends 4. Excommunication from the Catholic Church 5. Divorce from Guy Ritchie 6. Deaths of artistic collegues (not just musicians) 7. Misogyny, sexism, and the isolation of being "Madonna" Keep in mind that Madonna sometimes directly addresses her losses and at other times is less absolute. Think outside of the box on this one and Express Yourself...
  3. It is time for another EP.

    I love the Rebel Heart album as is... and it yielded tons of fantastic music. I am only fantasizing about a little treat to tide the fans over during this long interim.
  4. A new Madonna EP is long overdue. With M's extensive catalog and remixologist friends throughout the industry, the possibilities are endless. Maybe some Rebel Heart demos finished? A remix album from American Life through Rebel Heart? Anything but this emptiness. I just need my fix. My wet dream below.... 1. Rebel Heart [Avicii Mix] 2. Never Let You Go [Remastered] 3. Beautiful Scars [Remastered Demo] 4. Heaven [Remastered] 5. Nothing Last Forever [Remastered] 6. Tragic Girl [Remastered] 7. Hold Tight ft Mnek [Remastered] 8. Wash All Over Me [Remixed Demo Version 9. Living for Love [Carry On Version w/o autotune Remastered] 10. Inside Out [Remix] 11. Messiah [Orchestral] 12. Queen [Remastered] 13. New Song 14. New Song 15. New Song A boy can dream right?
  5. MADONNA REWIND: "4 Minutes"

    Agreed... 4 Minutes should be at least 4 minutes long. it doesn't even make sense. haha
  6. MADONNA REWIND: "4 Minutes"

    Charts.... Blah... Streaming alone should have made Bitch I'm Madonna a top ten hit... However, Madonna has put out a ton of great music since Hard Candy so I do not particularly care about her current chart status. IMO... All three singles from Rebel Heart were better than some of her "hits" such as Like a Virgin or Lucky Star so charts seem meaningless. I mean....When you are downgraded to the number two spot behind work that actually sold fewer copies, you can no longer honor the authority of the Billboard charts. BTW... I am not diminishing Like a Virgin or Holiday as they are both bangers. As for 4 Minutes... It was so fun and fresh and proved that only Madonna can successfully create an unlimited supply of diverse sounds and original genres and still remain authentic. I agree with those who claim that 4 Minutes was not traditional Madonna but neither was Frozen, Bedtime Stories or Beautiful Stranger. 4 Minutes is a classic Madonna reinvention and I just adore it. As for M's chart absence; "She's not their bitch... don't hang their shit on her".
  7. MADONNA REWIND: Prince Tribute 2016

    Imagine the backlash had she rolled around on the floor in purple lace and sang Erotic City. Or wore assless yellow pants... Or sang Pussy Control. Or sang her Like a Prayer Prince duet (Love Song). Or had she not mentioned Purple Rain at all. She would have been lambasted, ostracized from public life and thrown out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Her tribute was emotional, poignant and honest. Obviously, she was there mourning her friend and not for the publicity moment. The hatred for Nothing Compares to U is a very non-Prince, dick move. Prince wrote and sang more than 1000 songs (that true fans actually know about)... so those who do not associate one of those songs with its Creator are casual fans at best. Nothing Compares to U is on nearly every one of Prince's "best of" compilations. So why pretend that it is less of a Prince songs than Little Red Corvette? Imagine if Madonna were to die. Would we all get pissed about an honest, emotional tribute? If Prince would have sang Who's that Girl, Take a Bow or This Used to Be My Playground, would we be offended that he didn't choose Like a Prayer or Like a Virgin? Would people be angry if Britney or Gaga sang Ray of Light "too slowly" or with alternate instrumentation? Would radio stations and television stations have been focussed on the race or star power of the artist paying tribute? BET in particular ignored all that Prince was when they attacked his grieving friend for her honesty. Madonna did a tremendous job as she was there solely to mourn a vacancy in both the music industry and her own personal life. M was there to honor the man, his work and his legacy..... and that is exactly what she did. I felt that she was singing to Prince himself that night and she came across as a fan, a collegue and a friend.
  8. BITCH.... She's Madonma....
  9. Your Top 10 80's Madonna Songs

    Angel Borderline Like a Virgin Like a Prayer Crazy for You Dress You Up Who's that Girl Into the Groove Keep It Together Causing a Commotion
  10. Your Top 10 00's Madonna Songs

    Sorry Music Hung Up 4 Minutes Give It 2 Me Don't Tell Me Get Together Nothing Fails Love Profusion Die Another Day
  11. This topic.... WTF? I can't even....
  12. Admittedly, I was watching Celebration this morning because it is nearly impossible to watch most M videos on line in any decent, non-embarrassing quality. I have attempted to show friends and family many of her videos and come up empty handed. Completely unforgivable. In the age of streaming... What is her team thinking? Are they willing to just let go of her legacy? She has a video catalog that is not only unrivaled by any artist living or dead but Madonna continues to be the industry standard for this genre. One that subject, the glaring omissions on the Celebration DVD set is an outrage. I almost forgot that Oh Father, Nothing Really Matters and American Life were omitted. When the Crazy for You and Into the Groove (great songs/so so videos) make the cut and not Oh Father... I just cannot handle it. As I mentioned earlier.... It is not like I can just pull it up online. Who deserves to be set in the town center and drawn and quartered? This is a sin that must be punished. Celebration includes Miles Away for God's sake. Miles Away did not even have a proper video. And why did they omit This Used to Be My Playground... It was a number one song... a huge hit. So many other soundtrack songs were included with far inferior videos. It all seems a bit half-assed. I rarely criticize Madonna but this just eats me alive. There are a lot of great videos on the collection but it was billed as a complete retrospective "Celebration". Anyway, I will shut the fuck up now and attempt to recover this day. Hehe
  13. Your Top 10 90's Madonna Songs

    Rain Secret Frozen You'll See Take a Bow I'll Remember Deeper and Deeper Love Tried to Welcome Me This Used to Be My Playground Drowned World/Substitute for Love
  14. I adore the Rebel Heart album but I just finally listened to the 80 plus demos and I cannot imagine where Madonna would have taken us if Avicii would not have gotten sick, if the leaks would have not happened and if Live Nation would have allowed her double Rebel/Heart album. ICONIC mix 4 is fucking fantastic.... I.I.I.I.I.I.I Iconic... Most of the early demos were so cutting edge... Messiah... Avicii's Rebel Heart and Wash All Over Me.... BIM... The earliest Living for Love's "Sing Halleluiahs" are incredible... Madonna brought it lyrically but created a standard sound, scrapping the new sound that she had been creating for the record.... Rebel Heart is an excellent record but the demos make me yearn for the true vission. Fucking mesmerizing.... One of the HeartBreakCity demos is so off the chain that I just cannot.... And the many incarnations of Hold Tight???? I could go on but I won't. Anyway.... Fuck the leaker.... Madonna described the leaks as "artistic rape".... Now I understand her sentiments entirely.....
  15. Yep... I bought it for the pure pleasure, knowing that it was not official...