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  1. M14 producers wishlist

    Frozen is amongst Madonna finest five songs ever. Also, I get no 80's vibe. It is haunting and poignant. Gorgeous and lush... and done brilliantly on tour. I hope that she limits the producers this time. So many on the last few albums... Cool on one level but unnecessary. I want full on Madonna and less others. I love her most current records but I want intimate and our girl... Maybe, she could work with someone completely off the radar. All female producers might be interesting. Just saying.
  2. Realated... Have you heard Madonna's La Petite Jeune Fille?
  3. Fucking fantastic song... Madonna can sure create pop masterpieces. Brilliant... One of her best songs ever... Thank you for reminding me that Madonna is a pop goddess and genius. xoxxo
  4. I just woke up from the best fucking dream. My Rebel Heart BluRay and double cd came early. Wait... In the box, there was also a brand new cd and a signed letter. The letter said, "To a true Rebel Heart... Here is my brand new album that I have made in secret. Thank you for preordering the Rebel Heart Tour and know that you are a True Blue fan.... Luv Madonna." The album had 15 songs on disc one and 10 bonus songs on disc two. The album was called Ciccone and the image on the cover changed as you moved it, displaying holographic pics of M from childhood to present. I woke up right before I opened the disc. Now that would be a fucking awesome bundle.
  5. Her best live performance ever was Sooner or Later at the Academy Awards... So wonderful and unexpected. VMA Express Yourself performance was good but an extremely scaled down version of the Blond Ambition number and hardly unexpected.
  6. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    Fine for inclusion on the album... but a single? I don't know about that... Releasing it as a single ensured that all of MDNA's gorgeousness would be ignored by the general public (especially after the cheerleading number). Gang Bang... I'm Addicted... Turn Up the Radio... Some Girls... I Don't Give A... I'm a Sinner... Love Spent... Masterpiece... Falling Free... Beautiful Killer...I Fucked Up... and Best Friend... Ohhhh La laaaaa.... Lyrically.... I love Girl's verses... but the chorus... eh... I feel that all three singles suffered from weak choruses. That video though... and the spoken intro... Overall... a great club song... with a few elements of pop brilliance... and a tribute to her gay boys... :) I can dig it but releasing it as a single was like releasing Love Song instead of Like a Prayer. (Not dragging on Love Song but it is no Like a Prayer)... Overall... I like Girl Gone Wild and get happy whenever it is on....
  7. Fans seem disgruntled no matter what the fuck M does. Why? We are getting a great tour and double soundtrack. Truthfully, the show was pretty fucking awesome. Personally, I am rather thrilled to add these releases to my collection. All is well... great tour from a great album... so let's enjoy it a bit. Damn...!
  8. Not the one I watched. The angles seem very different. I watched it several times on Netflix? Hulu? Amazon? Not sure.
  9. First.... Who said that the DVD is the Showtime broadcast? MDNA EPIX concert was entirely different angles... editing... etc.. Do we actually know that know additional work has been done regarding content, etc? Second.... Watching M's hats, hair, and clothing changing 70 times during LAV AND RH is a bit distracting. So many cuts and splices... It makes it look as if she could not make it through the whole song(s) when I know that is not the case. I was there. What is the thinking here? Third... I still will buy it as it is pretty fantastic. Hopefully all of the songs are there though and that we end up with the full audio track list (CD) as well or at least True Blue and La Vie An Rose included as they are more rarities. Time will tell.... After her official website advertised Queen as being on the Rebel Heart album for weeks... who really knows what to expect.
  10. I am still Living for Love. Up... up... up.... up... I'm gonna carry on...
  11. The song is mastered quite well... Possibly her best mastered single since Frozen. Haters can hate me but that is my stance. The track has a good sound. Take out the cheering and GMAYL is a bop.... I am still not certain that it belonged on MDNA but I am rather fond of the song.
  12. Madonna's 12 Apostles

    1. Niles Rodgers 2. Jellybean Benitez 3. Shep Pettibone 4. Herb Ritz 5. Stephen Bray 6. Patrick Leonard 7. Monte Pittman 8. Mirwais Ahmadzaï 9. Steven Klein 10. Steven Meisel 11. Christopher Ciccone [Judas] 12. Guy Oseary 13. Sean Penn (post marriage) [Replacement for Judas]
  13. Anybody that says Madonna doesn't care about the music anymore is an absolute idiot... She gave us nearly 30 new songs in 2015, not including the demos and launched a fantastic tour. Rebel Heart was fucking excellent in every way... and it is abundantly clear that she poored her heart and soul into it. Excellent videos too. And tons of promotion.... And what about Tears of a Clown 1 + 2, and the Dicaprio performance????? "Doesn't care about the music"... my ass...
  14. Every person attending a solo act is there for one person... and the money does not have to be split...
  15. One cannot compare band grosses with solo act grosses.....