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  1. I love MX. To me, it is all that MDNA could have been if Madonna would have not been selling all of her non-music wares and what Rebel Heart would have been without the insane leaks and the rushed efforts to fix the problem. I still enjoy MDNA and Rebel Heart but MX.... damn... what a fantastic piece of work, start to finish. Platinum gold.
  2. The Tracy Young mixes do tend to be the most generic ones. She got a Grammy for I Rise but it was not the best remix of that song. Her Gang Bang remixes were great.
  3. Why does Madonna.com claim that their is a Tracy Young Remix for IDSIF? I purchased both EPs but thwre is no Tracy Young Remix.
  4. Funana is one of my favorite MX songs. For me, it is a song about being overwhelmed by abandonment. Madonna is a legend and she belongs to a fraternity. These people were her mentors, her peers, her friends and in many ways her family. They started something, alongside her in many cases, and are now gone. Funana is about carrying a broken heart but refusing to surrender. In Funana, Madonna seems to remorsefully accept the passing of the freedom fighting torch as she comes to terms that she is surrounded by loneliness and isolation. She is examining the social-political battleground and r
  5. I adore Medellin! The first time that I ever heard it, I fell in love with Madonna all over again.
  6. Looking for Mercy belongs there too.
  7. MDNA has it moments but most of them are the Orbit moments.
  8. I agree 100%. 1. Ray of Light 2. Like a Prayer 3. Confessions on a Dancefloor 4. Madame X
  9. Exactly. Tebeliipn and protest is at the very heart of disco.
  10. Add in the eleven additional top 5's and the three additional top tens.
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