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  1. Bad Girl or Angel????

  2. Would you rather....?

    "Throw out the rule book" to me means that that Madonna would defy every single expectation placed on her due to gender... age... familial status... cultural norms... religious mores.... etc... dor the entire show. We would get Madomna: The Second Coming. True enough.... Madonna is a rebel but has acquiesced a bit over the years to mainstream's expectations of her. Should she shock us again and what would that experience be like? What would a matured Dita be like? Should she make another SEX book with further developed themes and promote the project through a tour? With more of a feminist perspective than a man's pin up fantasy, we could be introduced to the evolution of Dita. Justify my Love on steroids... "Throwing out the rule book" means creativing more than a hybrid of her previous work. Maybe, she tells her life story on stage with an unprecedented amount of honesty rather than reciting Material Girl, Like a Virgin, or La Isla Bonita. Should she ignore mainstream thought and tour with a tracklist handpicked by her outside of promoter's influence? What would an unfilteted Madonna be like... Should she create the tour that everyone has always accused her of making? That is what I mean by "throw away the rule book". Everyone is currently copying her tour formula... arguably... even her.
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Perhaps... she is intentionally pretending to not be working on an album but really is... She has travelled a bit recently... Meeting and recirding with producers? Maybe...? The Rebel Heart leaks were devastating to her... I expect that we will not recieve the same level of detail as before... due tp the carnage and all of the obsessing that followed over the demo versions of every single song. It will be secretive this go around.
  4. Bad Girl or Angel????

    The SNL performance was better than eating creme brulee off of Adam Levine's stomach.... #justsaying
  5. Bad Girl or Angel...... Which is the real Madonna and which do you prefer? For me.... I prefer "kissing some kind stranger's lips".... but I feel that she is more "full of wonder and surprise" underneath it all... The beauty is that we don't have to choose... we get both... but what if you had to choose.....
  6. Crystal Coffin..... Well then yes.... I am referring to the Bottom Heavy Dub... My Bad for trusting the labeling.... Admittedly, it has been a minute since I pulled out the cd single. hehe
  7. Would you rather....?

    Would you rather Madonna perform a Revisited (Greatest Hits) Tour where she showcases only classic hits or embark on an Unapologetic Bitch Tour where she throws out the rule book? She certainly could go either way but what is your pleasure?
  8. I was referring to this remix.... but I love the Bottom Heavy Dub too... xoxox
  9. And it was performed brilliantly during the Virgin Tour.....
  10. They need to bring back the Royal Box; expanded and complete with videos in a modern technology format. A double cd, of course, is required to include every song released from 1982 through 1990 and throw in the unreleased Blond Ambition to boot. I would buy ten of them myself.... DISC ONE 1. Everybody 2. Burning Up 3. Holiday 4. Lucky Star 5. Borderline 6. Like a Virgin 7. Material Girl 8. Crazy for You 9. Angel 10. Into the Groove 11. Dress You Up 12. Live to Tell 13. Papa Don't Preach 14. True Blue 15. Open Your Heart 16. La Isla Bonita 17. New Song DISC TWO 1. Who's that Girl 2. Causing a Commotion 3. Look of Love 4. Spotlight 5. Like a Prayer 6. Express Yourself 7. Cherish 8. Oh Father 9. Dear Jessie 10. Keep It Together 11. Vogue 12. Hanky Panky 13. Sooner or Later 14. Something to Remember 15. Justify My Love 16. Rescue Me 17. New Song
  11. All anthems... luv them all without exception.
  12. "Hey..... whay's the matter? You scared of me or something?"
  13. Listen to your heart and step into the light......