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  1. Did you erase the trauma that is called "Spanish Lesson" from your memory? Be careful what you wish for... I think La Isla Bonita could have a little break form being on tour setlist, so we could hear some other older songs. I Also I really like Commotion, but never liked Who's That Girl. I think it aged, and not in a good way. The Look Of Love is one of her best ballads, definitely. And has beautiful cover sleeve.
  2. This thread is just asking for blasphemy. It will show up sooner or later. I won't respond to this potentially filthy agitation.
  3. (Take note I'm from Poland) I remember that after ROL or Music there were so many maybe not copycats, but "inspired" projects. In 1998/99 almost every female pop singer was "spiritual" and "world ethnic", had videos with gowns on deserts (or just places with sand - bonus points for dead trees and animals). After Music there was many, many albums called Music/Musique/Muzyka/Album/Songs etc. Also country aesthetics were in fashion - boots, hats, belts. It somewhat came again 1-2 years after Confessions, with "modern disco", mirrorballs, glitter and continuously mixed albums. I think she was more
  4. I'd like some of that precious holy water alcohol.
  5. I'm feeling dizzy. We have 25-song album (more than ANY M's album + Bsides!) + about 60 demos. Good lord. We NEVER had such abundance of material. And big chunk of it is really good!
  6. I mentioned that excerpt earlier. I think the lyrics are actually "Awesome night with you / you're not my ???". It sounds a bit like Orbit "disco" tracks, La Petit Jeune File, even Roisin Murphy-esque. Though I don't think it's in style of ANY of her recent producers and does sound a bit dated/much different from the others, so I'm leaning towards the idea that it's fake.
  7. Good. Very good. Now what about Queen? Madonnatribe wrote that Japanese edition will have a bonus remix. Ugh. Itunes only?
  8. Guys, what about that 15 sec excerpt that was labeled Score? It's dance-y, kind of La Petite Jeune File, with loooong vocals of "Awesome night with you / Not my ??? oh no" or something like that. It was available for good few days, if not weeks before now. Was it fake? It is TOTALLY different from genuine Score we got yesterday.
  9. As great a Cyndi is for herself, True Colors would be amazing on True Blue album. Even from the same time and nice title coincidence (maybe even a title track?)! And I think M could sing it just as well. Different, but just as good. Or if Erotica era was not to be such heavy in theme and sound, M could easily record early Ace of Base material - All That She Wants, The Sign, or Happy Nation.
  10. JimmyJimmy, your covers look maybe not "professional" indeed, but they do look BETTER than official one.
  11. Isn't Japan getting a bonus track? May be Queen. Or we are about to hear a brand new song called Bonus Track?
  12. It would be quite a precedent for a "collector" - to have something and lie to the wide audience they do NOT have it. Nah, that doesn't sound plausible . Not on old MChile.
  13. That's a very interesting read, thanks Unruhe. So maybe I remember it wrong. Or it was just not leaked before official release. Or that person was lying. No way of knowing.
  14. I remember reading a post on old Madonna Chile Foro claiming that Your Honesty's (or something that might have been this song - different title, demo or so) existence was totally unknown to any buyer before official release. This was said in a context that even the "collectors" are outsiders and their/our knowledge about many songs/demos/versions/collaborations and projects is very limited. I sadly do not remember who wrote that, though I remember it was an active member with lots of posts and information (if this is any indicator of their merit). I think it was during this major leaking in 20
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