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  1. The best thing on M's look is that she is carrying a putter instead of a cane or stick!
  2. Unapologetic Bitch and Addicted are smart choices in my opinion (oh and Holy water ehehehe)
  3. If M perfoms Unapologetic Bitch, the sales will go higher!
  4. What? where is that question
  5. One of my top 5 tracks in the moment. Just cool! I love it as hell
  6. My favourite track by now! At first I was pissed (yes, I listened all the demos) but now...the demo version is far from being as good as the final version, is weird. I love this track, I hope she performs it
  7. The demo version was everything, the final version....I don't know
  8. I really wish she performs or release the first demo
  9. Can't wait to see M performing it!
  10. WOHOOO! It's one of my faves!
  11. She should open the show with Living for love; bring back Holiday and close the show with Unapologetic Bitch!
  12. Sorry guys, but I think she should close with Unapologetic Bitch, for two reasons: 1. she's unapologetic and there's no better way to end a show remembering it to the audience 2. it's a very pump-up song, the chorus is infectious, I imagine all the arena singing!
  13. I hope she just performs 4 classics. I'd say Holiday, Girl gone wild, La isla bonita (dub plate version) and maybe an extended Vogue appearance in Holy Water
  14. Can't stop playing the performances! Living for love new version is so hot; and Ghosttown WAS MARAVILLOSO
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