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  1. The best thing on M's look is that she is carrying a putter instead of a cane or stick!
  2. Unapologetic Bitch and Addicted are smart choices in my opinion (oh and Holy water ehehehe)
  3. If M perfoms Unapologetic Bitch, the sales will go higher!
  4. What? where is that question
  5. One of my top 5 tracks in the moment. Just cool! I love it as hell
  6. My favourite track by now! At first I was pissed (yes, I listened all the demos) but now...the demo version is far from being as good as the final version, is weird. I love this track, I hope she performs it
  7. The demo version was everything, the final version....I don't know
  8. I really wish she performs or release the first demo
  9. Can't wait to see M performing it!
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