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  1. Crave is doing surprisingly well on AC radio (number 12 this week if I’m not mistaken), so an acoustic version on late night tv might be a good idea
  2. And I know it’s been said before, and I promise not to say it again on this forum, but I need to get it off my chest one last time Not a SINGLE pop star has stepped up to defend her. And yet these cowards are championed as human rights heroes far more often by far more people. Unbelievable.
  3. I think in terms of public perception, this is a battle Madonna will ultimately win - at least if the like/dislike ratio on YouTube is any indication. And, honestly, I don’t see Madonna pulling another Evita/BS this late in her career just to soften her image and make it more palatable to the GP. And, tbh, nor would I want her to, even if dwindling numbers are the price to pay
  4. I don’t think she even remembers recording a song called skin.
  5. I like Batuka, but I wish her vocals were a little more raw, more primal in that particular song.
  6. Did you guys see the AL hat on her instagram story?
  7. Far, far less backlash than I imagined. Which makes me wonder... What if God Control had been the lead single?
  8. Your English is perfect. And even if it weren’t, there’d be no need to apologize.
  9. Still trending at number 3 in Brazil (YouTube). The video has really struck a nerve here. Most of my friends who haven’t cared for M since HC are in awe. Maybe it has to do with the fact that we’ve elected our own Trump, who’s been trying to loosen gun control...
  10. Trending at number 3 on Brazilian YouTube right now. My country is stanning Madame X really hard this era - maybe as much as Portugal/Italy maybe even more? Wonder if she's aware of that.
  11. I mean no disrespect, but her peers - all of them - feel so... reductive now.
  12. We're in for a rough ride. When it dawns on middle America that she's taking the NRA to task, she's gonna take a lot of shit for this. And you know the sad part? I DOUBT the other pop princesses will stick their necks out for her.
  13. I can’t believe my eyes. Im speechless. She’d be CRAZY not to perform this at Pride!
  14. I think the worst thing she can do at this point is put it all down to ageism and fail to re-evaluate some of her own choices in terms of the price to be paid. I wonder if she ever looks back on Eurovision and regrets putting message over melody/arrangement/vocal training/audience awareness. If the pride setlist is anything to go by, probably not. Has she earned the right to give zero fucks and pursue her vision? Yes, sure. But then I think it’s time she came to terms with the fact that she might be alienating a lot of people along the way, and some of it might have little to do with her age. Maybe she’s thinking about her long-term legacy. Maybe she wants to be remembered as the woke rebel star who wouldn’t pander, while her contemporaries were playing safe and the wanna bes even safer. Ok, I get it. But there’s a price to pay and I can’t help but wonder if it’s worth it.
  15. I think Crave’s bridge is gorgeous. Live to Tell gorgeous
  16. This is really good - almost seamless. Hope it’s legit, and hope they use it for the video. Don’t get me wrong, I would love a 6-minute video, for the gp, 4 might be better
  17. From Brazil’s most important newspaper. 4/5 X-Tudo is a large cheeseburger with all sorts of things in it. And Tudo (everything) is sometimes used informally as an adjective, too: Este CD é tudo = This CD is everything.
  18. Yeah, but in the best possible way. They’re praising her for not chasing trends anymore and love the album’s unpredictability. Best track: Killers
  19. Thank you so much! The “Somebody teach me...” part kills me every time. This is kind of what Madonna + Patrick Leonard might have sounded like in 2019? what a gem
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