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  1. Ray of Light Appreciation

    Substitute for love gives me life. I became a fan after hearing it on the album.
  2. The live album is available on Spotify, and there are no Madonna performances. So either the album is different from the live show or she's not actually singing.
  3. Madonna 2016 Billboard Woman of the Year

    It seems that in Brazil (where I'm writing from), Madonna never really came in for the sort of vile criticism she's subjected to by haters/mainstream media in the US. True, there's been a waning of interest in her new music (in my city, I didn't hear ANY of the rebel heart tracks on the radio - ever), but she's still seen as an Icon by pretty much anyone who hasn't been hiding in a cave for the past twenty years. But I didn't think her speech would go viral. Turns out it has. Four shares on my FB wall since 9am today, and the speech has been picked up by the mainstream media. The two top weekly magazines in Brazil are talking about it. One is a bit critical, but the other goes as far as to say that companies worldwide ought to watch that speech and reconsider the way they treat older employees.
  4. 1 year ago...Bitch I'm Madonna video on Vevo-Youtube!

    Have you guys seen this?