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  1. I wonder if there's something wrong with the youtube counter. When it premiered we got the 301+ thing, which usually signals that the number of views will explode in a few hours (or is it the next day?). Then the counter went back to 1500 and now it's at 160K. But isn't it weird that a video with 160K views has as many as 20K likes while Living for Love, with 11 million, has 106K likes?
  2. 1. Devil Pray (my fav. song since the Confessions era) 2. Joan of Arch 3. Heartbreak City 4. Ghosttown 5. Holy Water Inside Out in its demo form would've been number 3, but I'm not crazy about what Kanye did.
  3. Love Take That. Always have. Weak song, though. They got banned from BBC 1 this year and scored a huge number 1
  4. Did you guys hear a few seconds of instrumental Ghosttown, right at the beginning?
  5. Yeah. No mention of an upbeat Wash All Over Me, though.
  6. And this is Brazil's largest newspaper. The critics can be ruthless, so an "ótimo" (=great) rating is a big deal. I've just read another article from Veja, Brazil's Newsweek so to speak, and they're calling Rebel Heart her best effort since Confessions. They shredded MDNA and Hard Candy to pieces.
  7. And yet another tracklist, this one from FNAC Portugal: http://www.fnac.pt/Madonna-Rebel-Heart-CD-Album/a853883 WTF WTF WTF????
  8. Been listening to Hold Tight since yesterday. Very strong demo, imho. Maybe single material if it gets the Blood Diamonds treatment?
  9. I also think Ghosttown might be huge (AC radio at least might play it to death), but if that was the case, wouldn't it have picked up more steam on spotify by now? I think it's the fourth most played song.
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