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  1. Hmmm Interesting. I don’t think her vocal is ‘simple’ at all. The part where she sings “with yooouu” in the second verse and the pitch falls is a moment of sheer indelible beauty in the song. Actually so much vocal control. As for always singing the same way, has he heard rescue me? Or anything from I’m breathless? Or Evita? (Ok maybe they’re not pop songs) Nevwrtheless, a pretty good and insightful article. Thank god there’s journalists who still write about the music!!!
  2. The same X ring was in the picture of cutting the apple and even last year for Lola’s birthday shes been cooking something for some time
  3. Is the M X rings new?? Or have been clues all along....
  4. For some reason everytime I see it written I just think of this:
  5. only if during the performance she jumps out of a box
  6. I have mixed feelings about this type of arguments that I havent fully resolved. Of course what Falau said (and thinks) is abhorrent, and he should be sacked. Even better if social media platforms ban him and the media stops reporting anything he has to say. I support the right to free speech, which of course must come with the right of anyone else to disagree with you, or take any other action they like (such as sack you if they can). But I get worried if the severity of those consequences means people with those views just keep them secret. I think free speech should be the basis of engaging in debate and discussion, to be able to persuade people to think about things in different ways and change their minds. I like to know what people think, especially if I disagree with them, so that I can try to change their mind. If people with extreme or stupid views just keep quiet, we will just keep getting surprised with the success of people like Pauline Hanson or (worse) Donald Trump. Or other extremists that "showed no signs of discontentment". But then maybe thats just old fashioned of me to think that people are open to discussion. I guess more and more some people these days are just so closed minded that they wont listen to reason. But I want to be optimistic..... And yet again, sometimes I just want to know who my enemies are... Sadly I think this all starts with how we raise children. I was once chatting to a guy at work (over 20 years ago), who was arch-typical white middle class from Queensland. He said "It's not personal, I was just brought up to think that homosexuality is wrong". I didn't argue with his conclusion, people like this just think in a completely different frame of reference. I just said "Oh really, I was brought up to think for myself". I never spoke to him again.
  7. this means nothing. 13 million followers - did she sell 13 million RH albums or 13 million RHT concert tickets?? These are not the people that will give her success. She needs to get to the people that arent following her on insta.
  8. What fiasco?? But i agree with everything you say. I'm already factoring in going to Europe to see her later this year. I will never never ever figure out why Australians love pink.
  9. The new x is very disco!! im starting to think the album is called just X. (Ed sheeren’s album was technically called multiply. X is more Kylie or INXS, but that’s ok- for them it meant nothing more than their tenth albums. Madonna can make it have more meaning through the madame persona
  10. maybe she could present the award to Mariah, and just talk about herself for 10 minutes first hahahaah
  11. i think this too. Im not convinced on a full visual album. Its most likely getting all the singles videos done now, or maybe some footage for backdrops for the tour or Eurovision performance. I'm also not sure each shoot has been for a different video - perhaps one video could have a number of scenes set in different places?? Especially if the single is about different female personas.
  12. I’m pretty sure the x’s are not clues to titles or anything at all. It’s just a thing to create interest and keep people wondering. And a bit of trolling for those people that read way too much into things.
  13. get ready for the next 37 then ......
  14. Well mueller report is finished but not released yet. I understand they are waiting to see when Madonna will release her album to avoid the same day!!!
  15. Oh god, another 16 pages already of people looking at tea leaves and jumping at shadows. I need to lay down.
  16. I like Alfie Arcuri, as he's a family friend, but Kate def has the better song.
  17. plus, we are this year having our own tv competition to pick the Australian act, so it will get even more attention in the lead up.
  18. Didn't they announce the hosts ages ago? They probably thought she would have won all the awards by now and be relevant, instead of the flop she is. Would be great if M turned up as Harry's date, grab all the headlines.
  19. I'd assume even if they sign the deal this week, there's still lots of things to sort out before its guaranteed to happen.
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