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  1. 8 hours ago, ThomasW said:

    On the basis of ... that's the only place he'll surely get more cock than anywhere else 😅


    26 minutes ago, svperstar said:

    What self-respecting man would want to put their dick into his dingleberry forest? 🤮

    I assume the only reason he is 'not gay anymore' is not his choice, its because not a single gay man would even want to be in the same room as him, let alone sleep with him.

  2. 20 hours ago, Bitch I'm Christian said:

    As an Australian, I disagree that this is a good move. The legislation basically demands that Google provides its algorothim information to Australian media companies (ie. Rupert Murdoch's Newscorp) which is something Google hasn't done for literally anyone. This is Australia's conservative government trying to strong arm tech companies in order to benefit their media friends. They did the same thing with our national internet service - gave us a second rate version so that people chose cable-based Foxtel (Murdoch again) over streaming based platforms.

    I think this is a bit overreach. Yes, NewsCorp will benefit, because it controls the majority of the print media, but Fairfax and the Guardian Australia are also supportive. It is even supported by the Greens. And while NewsCorp does push certain agendas in the cities, much of their loss in revenue has resulted in regional papers closing, which is often the only source of local news in those areas. Also, Google wont have to hand over any algorithm information, the requirement is to notify the news content producers of changes in the algortithm that would significantly affect traffic for their news content, and where the change is for the purpose of affecting traffic for that news service.

  3. Big tech are being so fraudulent in these debates, pretending they provide a 'free' service that they will withdraw if they have to comply with basic rules of fairness. What they avoid saying is that the real value of their businesses is that they collect every bit of information about us and sell it, and often without transparency about what and how. They make so much more money by providing their 'free' service than they would have to pay for content they us. Its all just about bullying, trying to set a precedent that they are beyond the control of national governments.

  4. 46 minutes ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    Wonderful explanation @swimtoshore

    Trump’s fraud theory is infuriating, completely inaccurate and manipulative. Well planned in advance.  Trump and his cult have tried to destroy America’s democracy and the damage they have done in dividing America so vocally is vicious and self serving. 

    Agree with everything (as always!). More generally, the tactic of Trump has always been to say a hundred different things in the hope that one of them turns out the be true, so he can say "See I told you", ignoring the 99 other things he said that were complete BS. So even if it wasnt about counting (legal and valid) votes after Tuesday, he would have found some other thing to say "I told you it was the Russians" or "I told you it was fake media" or whatever. This is classic psychopath behaviour.

  5. 47 minutes ago, horn said:

    Does anyone know under which circumstance recount of vote is allowed?

    i think there's automatic recounts if its within a certain margin, but its different in each state .. but I think the experts are suggesting Georgia is likely to go to an automatic recount. Recounts are (usually) much quicker because they just put the 'accepted' votes into a machine, they dont need to go through and recheck validity or sort anything.

  6. 46 minutes ago, elijah said:

    Actually on cnbc they showed that the remaining votes in Arizona slightly favour Trump. So I would not take it for granted. Hopefully Biden flips Pensilvania, Georgia and North Carolina too and have a decisive victory in electoral college 

    Oh no! Stop counting the votes!!!!!!!!

  7. 4 minutes ago, Kurt420 said:

    Really NV and AZ aren't guaranteed at this point.....he's tied in NV and only 3 point difference in AZ. I think they're counting on the mail in ballots to put Biden over the edge in those states. Apparently team Trump still think they have a fighting chance in AZ and realize if they lost that, their chances at a win are very slim. Just hoping Biden can get both as that will put him right at 270. He's really holding his own in NC and GA but in the end, I feel like they're going to Trump. PA could go either way seems like Trump has the slight edge though unless those mail in votes for Biden are overwhelming. Just heard that Biden and his team are optimistic about PA but are extremely confident about AZ.

    My fear is some situation where Biden only gets NV OR AZ and none of the eastern states. Also, I can't stop thinking for something like 60 yrs OH has "predicted" who will win the presidency and of course Trump won that state last night. Will that streak be broken? If it's to happen, 2020 would be the year! 

    Just not popping the champagne yet here, too many ways it can still slip through Biden's fingers.

    NV and AZ are fine. Biden is in front, and the remaining votes to be counted will favour Biden. I also think he is about 75% chance of getting over the line in PA - its only postal votes to be counted and they are about 70% in his favour, which would be enough to overtake Trump. Even Georgia is close - the remaining votes to be counted are from the cities which should favour Biden, but we dont really know how more votes are left so its unclear if there will be enough.

  8. Its all over now. Biden has won WI and MI and has the 270 votes. Maybe even get PA but doesnt need it. Trump's legal challenges will not be successful (as there's no basis for them, he's only doing it so he can blame the loss on something other than himself).

  9. 16 hours ago, Minatozaki Sana said:



    my prediction

    seems to be spot on! Biden will need to win at least 2 of WI, MI and PA. But these wont be clear until Friday, due to postal votes, and Trump will challenge the outcome in all 3 if he loses because of the postal votes. So, no result for a while...

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