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  1. It's true. I go to Bali - everyone says "Oh be careful" I go to Sri Lanka - everyone say "Oh that's so unsafe" I go to Turkey - everyone says "I wouldnt go" Even Europe - "stay away from large crowds" But when I say Im going to the US, nobody bats an eyelid. It doesn't even register to most people any more.
  2. That was certainly one of the more ridiculous moments of the week...
  3. the most alarming thing about this is that, in today's political world, this isnt making the headlines that it should be. the world is dying and our 'leaders' dont care.
  4. I have mixed feelings about this type of arguments that I havent fully resolved. Of course what Falau said (and thinks) is abhorrent, and he should be sacked. Even better if social media platforms ban him and the media stops reporting anything he has to say. I support the right to free speech, which of course must come with the right of anyone else to disagree with you, or take any other action they like (such as sack you if they can). But I get worried if the severity of those consequences means people with those views just keep them secret. I think free speech should be the basis of engaging in debate and discussion, to be able to persuade people to think about things in different ways and change their minds. I like to know what people think, especially if I disagree with them, so that I can try to change their mind. If people with extreme or stupid views just keep quiet, we will just keep getting surprised with the success of people like Pauline Hanson or (worse) Donald Trump. Or other extremists that "showed no signs of discontentment". But then maybe thats just old fashioned of me to think that people are open to discussion. I guess more and more some people these days are just so closed minded that they wont listen to reason. But I want to be optimistic..... And yet again, sometimes I just want to know who my enemies are... Sadly I think this all starts with how we raise children. I was once chatting to a guy at work (over 20 years ago), who was arch-typical white middle class from Queensland. He said "It's not personal, I was just brought up to think that homosexuality is wrong". I didn't argue with his conclusion, people like this just think in a completely different frame of reference. I just said "Oh really, I was brought up to think for myself". I never spoke to him again.
  5. I came here expecting this to be about her.
  6. I'm sure they've done their market research, and know that its usually women who buy the razors for their husbands or sons. They've done focus groups and tests. They knew it would be 'controversial', which gets them A LOT of exposure without buying the ad time. But having said that, I think its a completely valid ad. For a brand that has traded on "The best a man can get", its entirely appropriate to explore this theme. Some people are saying it implies all men need to do better, not just the small percentage who treat women badly. But this misses the point - it is indeed every single man who can and should do better, because we can all do more to call out bad behaviour in others, which too often we walk past as if its someone elses problem.
  7. So, I remember Australia's cardinal George Pell once debated Richard Dawkins, and argued that only people that had faith had a moral compass for deciding what is right and wrong. So, yesterday Cardinal Pell was found guilty of "historical sexual offences" - he molested some boys back in the 70s or 80s - BUT due to a suppression order sought by his defence lawyers, the Australian press is not allowed to report that he was even found guilty. The Pope has quietly not renewed his appointment to his private council, but he remains a cardinal and holds some other position in the vatican. My oh my the evil that religion has done to this world.
  8. So Mr Mould removed the mold! Seriously, Fake or Fortune is one of my favourite shows. I love a good art mystery. I'm also in love with Fiona Bruce.
  9. The senates a bit funny because the seats up for election were those from six years ago, which was very strongly Democrat then, so even though the republicans picked up some seats, their support compared to the 2016 election is still lower I think. So if the trend continues, Democrats should get control of the senate back in 2 (or maybe 4) years. Some good news in Florida - even though the republicans won the governor race, in the future ex-felons will get back the right to vote, which currently unfairly discriminates strongly against minority groups, so expect more democratic support in next election. (Unless there are further unfair barriers introduced like voter ID cards). As crazy as Australia can get sometimes, I am so thankful that here every citizen has the right to vote. So, can someone explain - can the House get rid of a president?
  10. I was reading quickly and thought this said "the Horizontal church".
  11. It really didn’t matter what they decided today. They will be kicked out at the next election. Good riddance.
  12. It’s a disgrace, showing us at our worst. These people get paid a fortune and carry on like selfish children. But, I wonder if other countries might wish it were a bit easier to get rid of their leader?
  13. In fairness, once you've been in business class, its very very hard to ever go back to economy.
  14. ... and now we have to put up with stupid arguments for another 3 months.
  15. i think you're right. The GOP will have told him to do exactly as they say, otherwise they will get rid of him.
  16. I dont really know why some people hate Hillary, but the best thing that will happen after she wins is that (hopefully) we wont need to ever see or hear Trump again. Goodbye.
  17. was it really deadly. I thought it looked like a tree snake? i like snakes (that cant hurt you).
  18. I disagree with many of the criticisms in the report, for example: intelligence can never be 100% confirmed, so if we have to always wait until we were 100% sure nothing would ever happen even if the intelligence advice had been clearer that it wasnt certain and there were intel gaps, the decisions would still need to be made on the probability of risks so the decisions made may not have been any different some of the findings are subjective so don't really support a clear conclusion that an alternative approach would have been better. BUT: I really don't see the need for this inquiry at all. I would have thought that ever since Vietnam War, it was pretty clear that if you are going to war for ideological reasons without any thought about the practical impacts on the people in the country, and you don't have the widespread support of the people in the country, and you can't describe what a successful outcome is, and you have no exit strategy - then don't do it. When will we ever learn?
  19. And did I read that the time he has already spent in his mansion will count towards the sentence? Very disturbing outcome.
  20. Hmmm, Nike dumping someone because they are holding a religious belief Remember when they dumped someone because they apparently offended religious beliefs? But seriously, what is with catholic conviction in the Phillipines? I think some Filipinos are more hardline than the Pope these days. M will sort them all out soon.
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