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  1. I love it. All the leftovers from aphrodite were great - Mighty Rivers, Heartstrings, Silence. Sadly, the last time she did good songs.
  2. Lets see .. EROTICA is clearly her masterpiece and should be at the top of everyone's list. then, LAP, I'm Breathless, True Blue, Madonna, LAV, Music, BS , ROL - all equal second because they are perfect and couldnt be improved then, COAD, Hard Candy, American Life, - all very close behind because there only have 1 song that I really cant stand (Push, Dance 2night, Hollywood - yes, I said it, I hate Hollywood) then Rebel Heart - I love it, but its a mess. then MDNA - punished twice for the 3 bad songs as well as leaving off BK. Such a shame because a few small tweaks to the songlist coudl have made it perfact.
  3. I thought the same. I was so ready to vote for boobs. i guess i'll just go with first half..
  4. sadly the academy is all snobs and wouldn't give any award to madonna no matter how good. god knows why they like gaga...
  5. I doubt MTV would have survived if it didn't have madonna's videos to play.
  6. Does she actually think her breasts are attractive?? poor delusional duck.
  7. Agreed. I know why they use the word female in the headline, but its actually not necessary. M is THE most important artist period. Nobody else comes close.
  8. M wrote some lyrics for In the Closet, but apparently he didnt like them. Maybe they included something along these lines and they both used them for other songs, or maybe M was involved in more than 1 song?
  9. I only played about 10, but based on that sample, these are all terrible.
  10. This moment....
  11. I dont understand this measure .. it is the audience reach within a particular period (and so will fall soon) or cumulative (so will just reach a level and stay there)? I really cant believe that many people have heard the song and there's not riots in the streets.
  12. That wasn't a condition of the poll. btw, material girl has brilliant lyrics.
  13. This is too hard. Some albums have a very bad song lyrically (eg superstar) but then also have some of her best ever (eg falling free). Surprised by people thinking first album is weak. Borderline says hi!
  14. On Australian itunes, Joanne is currently no. 137. Right behind the Immaculate Collection.