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  1. still at #24 in Oz. Im so ashamed of this country.
  2. I cant figure out why poor Katy Perry is getting write-ups everywhere about her new album being a flop (see link), while Gaga is getting no similar articles. Its outrageous. I'm going to content myself that Katy is still popular, so the press like to cut the popular down, while nobody cares about idiot.
  3. Why spend all that money on billboard articles when she could get a good boob job done. Good boobs might even get her more fans.
  4. Are they still doing that show? I thougth Gaga scared everyone away.
  5. It's starting to be really sinister. Are we sure her father doesn't own BB?
  6. I just heard on the TV that you have to pay $40,000 to attend (Australia dollars). We all know she's putting all her money towards buying up her own singles, so she couldn't afford to go.
  7. Plus she already knows the choreography to the old songs get ready for The Non-reinvention Tour.
  8. I'm leaving Australia. Gags has got in the top 10. She'll probably bring the tour here now.
  9. The thing is, M has taken inspiration (copied, if you like) from many over the years, but has always been open about where she has taken things from, directly acknowledging artworks or movies or other artists, which has then allowed her fans to go and discover things they might not have seen before. Gag's refusal to give credit is why I hate her.
  10. Thank god. It was #4 on the digital sales, and did not appear anywhere on the streaming chart. I've not heard it anywhere on radio. So it seems a few monsters bought up multple copies but nobody else is listening to it. Will be gone next week.
  11. Somehow Its still #1 on Australian itunes. I even bought Harry Styles to try to get him to overtake. Does anyone know if the itunes charts are just based on purchases, or also include Apple Music streams? I can't believe anyone is really buying it.
  12. Why bother filming the crowd when you can just edit someone else's crowd onto the end of your performance.
  13. So people going to coachella have to pay $10 to the btw fraud scheme? Disgusting.