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  1. Whats with the clothes? Someone in NY just stumbled across what chavs have been wearing in UK for 30 years and thought it was a good idea? lola, you're beautiful and better than this.
  2. Didn't she wear neo nazi white laced boots not long ago? In a country that is currently very sensitive to racial intolerance, no one cared about Gaga.
  3. Is that hairline right at the top of her head? Is she a middle aged bald man?
  4. Have I missed something? (Im not looking her up on no google!) - is it a different stage for the stadium with no satellites or moving tilt platforms? Just her standing there or (trying to) dance?
  5. What's the bet that there's a line item in her Foundation accounts for 'promoting the #beKind hashtag' just so she can pretend the money's spent on charity when really all she does it try to attach herself to other causes (and give the money to billbored, golden globes, superbowl, itunes, etc).
  6. SO I just watched her vancouver show on Utube, only to be fully informed of my opinions. It really is underwhelming. All the new songs are a snooze (and no-one in the crowd seems to know them), and the old songs are just the original CD versions. About half of the vocal is on tape. The choreography is the same she's done 8 years ago, although she barely does any of the dancing, and when she does its like she couldnt even be bothered. The fake guitar playing is laughable. As all the pictures show, the costumes are tacky and very very very unflattering to her awkward body. The only thing about the show that is good is the stage, BUT -- the stage reveals all its tricks quite early and it gets a bit repetitive after that. The thing about Madonna's stages are they keep on giving right to the end of the show. Also, Gaga's stage seems to use its technical tricks for no real purpose - they are not connected to the songs or seem relevant to what's happening on stage; its as if the movements and use of the stages is to take attention away from the fact that without the stage the show would be very boring.
  7. HOLY TRINITY | Madonna

    1. Bordeline (because its one of her best songs ever) 2. Physical Attraction (should have been a single) 3. Burning Up, just coz.
  8. I kinda wanna watch it on periscope, but there's only 5 people going and they have no other friends so probably won't be scoping. But then again, I'm sure we've seen it all before.
  9. Don't tell me is pretty much a cover (and excellent).
  10. After all this time of only seeing Leo's reaction, I've just noticed that not a single person is applauding.
  11. They ALL line up to bow down. Everyone in the industry knows. (well except for one, but there's another thread for that)
  12. Damages and costs not enough. She should have insisted they be closed down. (I'm actually surprised they managed to print something that had facts in it)
  13. If she was coming to australia, i would buy a 'rear view' seat. I cant wait to see the back of her.
  14. Having said that, there are some which I guess fall into the last category (loss of privacy, or loss of ownership of identity): Drowned World, Joan of Arc, Nobody Knows Me, Let It Will Be, Human Nature, Wash all over me - all of them gems.