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  1. I'm leaving Australia. Gags has got in the top 10. She'll probably bring the tour here now.
  2. In fairness to Universal, they may have planned to totally rewrite the script, but to avoid lawsuits ect they still buy the script as is and will credit the writer. If they get in a good writer they could improve it, and they may have planned to approach Madonna about it anyway. But all those plans may have changed in the past feed days.
  3. What?!? You mean the real Eva peron didn't sing and dance non-stop? You mean che Guevara didn't keep turning up at moments in her life to make fun of her? I've been deceived! theres only one person who could play Madonna, and that's not going to happen (again)
  4. The thing is, M has taken inspiration (copied, if you like) from many over the years, but has always been open about where she has taken things from, directly acknowledging artworks or movies or other artists, which has then allowed her fans to go and discover things they might not have seen before. Gag's refusal to give credit is why I hate her.
  5. I wonder why screen it now? I wonder if its the DVD version or just the Showtime version we already have? Interesting ....
  6. I know - she wasnt even blonde in the beginning. Me too. I doubt anyone could play M credibly, and I'm guessing that they might not be able to use any of her music. I wonder if it will focus on her mentors and early boyfriends ..oh wait, that's gaga's movie
  7. Thank god. It was #4 on the digital sales, and did not appear anywhere on the streaming chart. I've not heard it anywhere on radio. So it seems a few monsters bought up multple copies but nobody else is listening to it. Will be gone next week.
  8. Somehow Its still #1 on Australian itunes. I even bought Harry Styles to try to get him to overtake. Does anyone know if the itunes charts are just based on purchases, or also include Apple Music streams? I can't believe anyone is really buying it.
  9. A great album. Love the write up, except ... monotonous? .. and REM #1?
  10. I can't sign up to this. This truly is the worst film she's done. Not to say she's bad, despite the critics. But the whole film is so badly written and directed and shot and edited and lit and scored.
  11. Why bother filming the crowd when you can just edit someone else's crowd onto the end of your performance.
  12. So people going to coachella have to pay $10 to the btw fraud scheme? Disgusting.
  13. I was just thinking about the brilliance of this song and the whole album today. After the very good reception of ROL how could she do something as good without repeating herself? And then came this song which was everything and more. With tongue slightly in check but impossible to deny she was saying that she was still the queen.