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  1. I was going to say "Surely its fake", but no, he did indeed post that. I guess he is a feral stupid half-witted idiot. He certainly is not a leader.
  2. Have you seen this talk about him doing a video in front of a green screen. Everyone's obsessed about the green screen. I'm more suspicious - with deep fakes these days, he may well have died last week and they are putting out completely fake videos. Would they actually tell us if he died?
  3. I love Crave. I love Come Alive. I even love Ciao Bella. But from day 1 I just do not like Crazy. I cant quite put my finger on it. Why do others like it so much?
  4. I doubt it. If she now has to give him a %, she will deliberately not release it. Wouldnt surprise me if she took it out of the tour DVD, or change the DVD to a doco with only selected songs.
  5. Ive never liked Crazy at all. I just dont get why people like it. Its not terrible, but I cant hear anything good about it. The verses are Ok I guess, but the chorus is silly. I prefer Body Shop.
  6. Thats crazy! Hasnt NY allowed tenants to defer rent when their business is closed? Glad they are getting support.
  7. For some years now many companies don't perform Merchant of Venice any more, or do it very carefully to better contextualise it. That said, I saw a version of Thoroughly Modern Millie last year, which I didn't know how racist it was. I was surprised they did it.
  8. I think the issue with GWTW is that it presents the slaves as happy and thankful to be oppressed. But yes, important to document how white people tried to represent slavery, which we can now compare to the truth.
  9. totally. to paraphrase someone, films (or art in general) do not endorse a way of life, but describe one. It is up to us to decide how we response to it, be it ignore it, or engage in discussion about it to bring about change. statues on the other hand ... public spaces should be used for the public good. Statues the propogate myths and represent a false history, or continue to be a symbol of pain for many, should go.
  10. I was at the supermarket yesterday, in the western suburbs, and Come Alive was playing through the store. Not sure if it was some playlist or something (I was only there for 5 minutes) but was a nice surprise, and got me wanting to dance in the aisles!
  11. well this is disappointing, but realistic. He was out of money so couldnt continue. I hope this means he endorses Biden and becomes his VP.
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