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  1. Never. This needs to be a staple for every tour.
  2. Correct. She said she had an idea of doing something dressed as a man, and Gene really pressed her, saying 'who else could it?'. Once you're dressed as Marlene dressed as a man, Like a Wirgen is inevitable.
  3. are we sure that's true? despite the picture of the tracklist, i distinctly remember an interview where she talked about coming across the painting when she was getting ideas for the show, hence the whole structure of the show. Get out! Exactly. And Future Lovers was the best possible opening to CT. She said she was thinking the Rain hair, but went blonde to be different from the dancers.
  4. ... and now we have to put up with stupid arguments for another 3 months.
  5. where's TOAC show?!
  6. Paul

    Chris Cornell Has Died

    Stunned. Saw him live about 10 years ago when he was doing his solo thing. Such a talent and such a loss to the music world. He had such a powerful and emotional voice.
  7. I wonder why screen it now? I wonder if its the DVD version or just the Showtime version we already have? Interesting ....
  8. Paul

    M's live vocals.

    Exactly. In particular, TOAC was entirely live and a flawless voice (despite the grillz). i noticed on the RHT broadcast they kept some of the crow during Burning Up, although I heard no crow at the Melbourne shows at all. Funny, I just watched Evita tonight and kept thinking that I didnt really like her voice in it .. its much better now. but you all just wait and see when she does Rescue Me on the next tour and belts out that chorus.
  9. Cheating with Dont Tell Me. Maybe you mean Dont Stop!! But any setlist with Rescue Me gets my vote!
  10. Paul

    George Michael thread

    Very sad and a real loss.
  11. i think you're right. The GOP will have told him to do exactly as they say, otherwise they will get rid of him.
  12. Dear America, what have you done?
  13. I dont really know why some people hate Hillary, but the best thing that will happen after she wins is that (hopefully) we wont need to ever see or hear Trump again. Goodbye.
  14. was it really deadly. I thought it looked like a tree snake? i like snakes (that cant hurt you).
  15. Paul

    Tony Blair, Chilcot report.

    I disagree with many of the criticisms in the report, for example: intelligence can never be 100% confirmed, so if we have to always wait until we were 100% sure nothing would ever happen even if the intelligence advice had been clearer that it wasnt certain and there were intel gaps, the decisions would still need to be made on the probability of risks so the decisions made may not have been any different some of the findings are subjective so don't really support a clear conclusion that an alternative approach would have been better. BUT: I really don't see the need for this inquiry at all. I would have thought that ever since Vietnam War, it was pretty clear that if you are going to war for ideological reasons without any thought about the practical impacts on the people in the country, and you don't have the widespread support of the people in the country, and you can't describe what a successful outcome is, and you have no exit strategy - then don't do it. When will we ever learn?