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  1. I need someone to explain all this to me. The Australian government has been saying in the past few days that we are not withdrawing the australian troops that are in iraq because we need to "stay the course" - I can't even remember why we are there (Oh! was it WMDs?), but Im pretty sure the reason was not to have a war with iran? Is Iran supporting ISIS? Is Russia supporting Iran? I'm a bit worried as I have friends that live in Oman, Qatar and UAE, including airline crew that routinely fly over Iran. I hope Iran knows that most people in 'the west' dont want war. (Im not a big fan of sanctions either). What's the solution?
  2. ??? this is for planes, not trains. And rates like this are only averaged over many flights, not a single flight (or train) that is already going anyway. But I accept your general point - if people must travel by plane or train, getting rid of premium classes would mean able to move the same number of people with less flights/carriages, and reduce emissions. Or at least, w should force people to pay for their emissions (so long as the money is used for genuine offsets, which in most cases is not the case). but isn't DB already pretty low emission energy?
  3. Agreed. As an economist, I can say that nearly all of Trumps policies are bad for the economy, so anything going well is because of other factors, and without Trump things would probably be even better.
  4. I also don't understand the Republicans motivation in this. I thought before 2016 they hated him (and he hated them). This could be their chance to get rid of him and get back control of their party. Thought they would love it if Pence took over. I guess theyre only supporting him because the polls still have them in front for the next election. But still, impeachment was never a good idea, as he'll be able to say he was 'cleared' and it was all a witch hunt. Better to just keep the issue hot with the public up to election. They need to make voters think they were duped into voting for Trump in 2016 because of interference and propaganda, and are being duped again in 2020 through Trump's own actions. Nothing changes people's minds more than feeling stupid for thinking something. But now, Trump voters will just feel vindicated, and be angry that the deomcrats tried to undo their vote.
  5. Clinton was impeached not for sexual acts, but for lying under oath about it. And in the end was not removed from office. So, sadly, lying under oath is OK. Now Trump just lies about everything...
  6. Sadly, the democrats have been all principle (and correct) on this, but have played the politics all wrong. THe senate will vote it down, and the whole thing will be used against the democrats in the election and not only will trump be returned, but democrats will lose the majority in the house. this is the sad state of america today I want Pete Buttigieg to president. Can't we all get a vote??
  7. I find it so alarming that a government could introduce a new law that creates a right to discriminate (both to actually discriminate in terms of employment etc, but also a right to say things that are offensive and hurtful). I thought government's were supposed to protect its people, not help in oppressing them.... I find it strange that ScoMo always bangs on about being a Christian - has he not read the * where all Jesus ever talks about is giving to the poor and helping the most needy in the community, and treating everyone (EVERYONE) with kindness. He certainly does not practice what he claims to believe.
  8. It's true. I go to Bali - everyone says "Oh be careful" I go to Sri Lanka - everyone say "Oh that's so unsafe" I go to Turkey - everyone says "I wouldnt go" Even Europe - "stay away from large crowds" But when I say Im going to the US, nobody bats an eyelid. It doesn't even register to most people any more.
  9. That was certainly one of the more ridiculous moments of the week...
  10. the most alarming thing about this is that, in today's political world, this isnt making the headlines that it should be. the world is dying and our 'leaders' dont care.
  11. I have mixed feelings about this type of arguments that I havent fully resolved. Of course what Falau said (and thinks) is abhorrent, and he should be sacked. Even better if social media platforms ban him and the media stops reporting anything he has to say. I support the right to free speech, which of course must come with the right of anyone else to disagree with you, or take any other action they like (such as sack you if they can). But I get worried if the severity of those consequences means people with those views just keep them secret. I think free speech should be the basis of engaging in debate and discussion, to be able to persuade people to think about things in different ways and change their minds. I like to know what people think, especially if I disagree with them, so that I can try to change their mind. If people with extreme or stupid views just keep quiet, we will just keep getting surprised with the success of people like Pauline Hanson or (worse) Donald Trump. Or other extremists that "showed no signs of discontentment". But then maybe thats just old fashioned of me to think that people are open to discussion. I guess more and more some people these days are just so closed minded that they wont listen to reason. But I want to be optimistic..... And yet again, sometimes I just want to know who my enemies are... Sadly I think this all starts with how we raise children. I was once chatting to a guy at work (over 20 years ago), who was arch-typical white middle class from Queensland. He said "It's not personal, I was just brought up to think that homosexuality is wrong". I didn't argue with his conclusion, people like this just think in a completely different frame of reference. I just said "Oh really, I was brought up to think for myself". I never spoke to him again.
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