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  1. Thats crazy! Hasnt NY allowed tenants to defer rent when their business is closed? Glad they are getting support.
  2. For some years now many companies don't perform Merchant of Venice any more, or do it very carefully to better contextualise it. That said, I saw a version of Thoroughly Modern Millie last year, which I didn't know how racist it was. I was surprised they did it.
  3. I think the issue with GWTW is that it presents the slaves as happy and thankful to be oppressed. But yes, important to document how white people tried to represent slavery, which we can now compare to the truth.
  4. totally. to paraphrase someone, films (or art in general) do not endorse a way of life, but describe one. It is up to us to decide how we response to it, be it ignore it, or engage in discussion about it to bring about change. statues on the other hand ... public spaces should be used for the public good. Statues the propogate myths and represent a false history, or continue to be a symbol of pain for many, should go.
  5. well this is disappointing, but realistic. He was out of money so couldnt continue. I hope this means he endorses Biden and becomes his VP.
  6. He has the most delegates in the bag, but won’t be enough for nomination. Convention will see everyone else get behind either Biden or (because he’ll give money to people) Bloomberg. I’d be happy with a Biden presidency - in the SC debate he’s the only one that seemed like an adult.
  7. All true, but that, unfortunately, is why he wont ever be able to win the election proper. He's seen as too much of a risk for most americans. We saw that in Australia - all Bill Shortens policies were sound and sensible, but too many people got scared.
  8. This. Not being ageist, but in all liklihood he wont go two terms, and so probably will have no time to actually achieve any of the things he's promising. Would be interesting to know who he's thinking of for a running mate... This.
  9. So are they saying that lacking morals and being a bully is a bad thing??? So hard to know what trump supporters think....
  10. I hope so too. Maybe a lot of people are still hooked on Biden just because he's associated with Obama (although clearly not in Iowa!), so maybe once there is a clear candidate that's not Biden, everyone will get behind them. I don't much about US primaries - do they get the same kind of turn-out as the election proper? Or do a lot of people not really care about primaries and just wait til November? (PS: if some one can actually explain how these 'caucuses' work???)
  11. Pete FTW! I’ve always been team Pete. Not only is he the best looking ( ) but he seems the most inspiring. Reminds me a lot of JFK. so happy he has won Iowa and now hopefully others will see he is a real hope to get rid of trump. but apparently the blacks won’t vote for him. Why?
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