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  1. No! As if! Its being banned by individual states, not the federal government.
  2. We are banning it in Australia. (Finally - can't believe it wasnt banned decades ago)
  3. I assume the only reason he is 'not gay anymore' is not his choice, its because not a single gay man would even want to be in the same room as him, let alone sleep with him.
  4. I think this is a bit overreach. Yes, NewsCorp will benefit, because it controls the majority of the print media, but Fairfax and the Guardian Australia are also supportive. It is even supported by the Greens. And while NewsCorp does push certain agendas in the cities, much of their loss in revenue has resulted in regional papers closing, which is often the only source of local news in those areas. Also, Google wont have to hand over any algorithm information, the requirement is to notify the news content producers of changes in the algortithm that would significantly affect traffic for their news content, and where the change is for the purpose of affecting traffic for that news service.
  5. Big tech are being so fraudulent in these debates, pretending they provide a 'free' service that they will withdraw if they have to comply with basic rules of fairness. What they avoid saying is that the real value of their businesses is that they collect every bit of information about us and sell it, and often without transparency about what and how. They make so much more money by providing their 'free' service than they would have to pay for content they us. Its all just about bullying, trying to set a precedent that they are beyond the control of national governments.
  6. This is still a risk - the commentators say that, as its only Senate seats and not the presidential race, that turnout will be much lower, and in particular all those in Georgia that voted last week to get rid of Trump might not vote in the run offs. Georgia needs to keep up the fight!
  7. Agree with everything (as always!). More generally, the tactic of Trump has always been to say a hundred different things in the hope that one of them turns out the be true, so he can say "See I told you", ignoring the 99 other things he said that were complete BS. So even if it wasnt about counting (legal and valid) votes after Tuesday, he would have found some other thing to say "I told you it was the Russians" or "I told you it was fake media" or whatever. This is classic psychopath behaviour.
  8. Maybe but AZ not even needed anymore. Biden will win Nevada, Pennsylvania and probably Georgia.
  9. Trumps people are not shocked at all. They knew all along that tromp would be ahead on Election Day and Biden would catch up later, so had planned in advance to try to stop the count before all votes were counted. Complete frauds!
  10. i think there's automatic recounts if its within a certain margin, but its different in each state .. but I think the experts are suggesting Georgia is likely to go to an automatic recount. Recounts are (usually) much quicker because they just put the 'accepted' votes into a machine, they dont need to go through and recheck validity or sort anything.
  11. So will this failure be taken as evidence that God doesn't exist, or that God is a democrat?
  12. To be called (for Biden) very soon apparently.... stand by.
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