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  1. Aren't the grammy's peer voted with non-solicitation rules? She hasnt got a chance, coz nobody likes her.
  2. Oh god, I couldnt even start to limit the brilliance to only 10.
  3. What's the bet she comes out with a walking stick and tries to make the whole event about her.
  4. It's great, I want one too. Is it only the Lucky Star theme, or are there others? Gambler (!), Dear Jessie, GMAYL, Bitch Im Madonna, Drowned world, hearrtbreakcity? One more chance!
  5. What time of year? That’s just a regular picture of her.
  6. Exactly!. And Im sure half the views are bots checking on all the [citation needed] remarks attached to all her dubious medical conditions and other unbeleivable claims.
  7. The great thing about being a Madonna fan is we don't have to defend her. Her record speaks for itself, and when little nobodies criticise her she gives them what they deserve: zero fucks. It's not as if we have a artist that puts on a faux breakdown when people troll her or have to make up excuses for their failing career. Let the haters embarrass themselves - she's Madonna and they never will be.
  8. I dont think its that complex - she was raised as a spoilt brat, and acts like a child when things arent going her way.
  9. Presumably she is trying to copy Kylie by postponing the tour, coming back to US as a 'homecoming' leg hoping that those that saw the first shows will come back again.
  10. I've got it. Each tour the insurance doesn't cover for any pre-existing conditions. So that's why she needs to keep coming up with new afflictions.
  11. Oh dear, is she even in Brasil? Or is it clear she never intended going all along? Its VERY suspicious that this happened just days after releasing the doco about her pain (which was apparently filmed months ago), now all the press is singing the fibro story. This is textbook PR 101 of how to create and manage a message. I can't blame her entirely, the world loves victims these days.
  12. Sorry about your mum, and sorry that idiots like Gaga insult people who are genuinely suffering. The only part I disagree with you is that Gaga's concerts are "strenuous". I've seen a sloth put in more effort that she does with her dancing.
  13. Your favorite transition in her albums?

    in any context, [any song] into Vogue is always flawless. From IB, or TIC, or any tour, or any playlist you could make, just those strings coming in after any other song.
  14. ... and now we have to put up with stupid arguments for another 3 months.