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  1. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    RSPCA is investigating after a pony appeared at a Melbourne nightclub surrounding by intoxicated revellers. The Herald Sun has received images of partygoers posing with the Tori the pony inside La Di Da nightclub on Saturday night, with ‘pony is back b**ch’ written on its backside. Images have also captured the animal standing by itself in a dark alleyway with its head lowered to the ground. The pony, loaned to the nightclub for an opening event, was initially meant to stand outside the venue to greet clubgoers but was brought inside due to poor weather. The pony was taken to La Di Da nightclub Remind you of anyone?
  2. Superstar Terror Bride

    maybe it was just a video for a tour interlude?
  3. No Letterman Appearance

    maybe she's performing borderline in the Obama episode.
  4. There’s a few borderline but to keep it simple I’d say erotica track in every case.
  5. That’s it then. Yara better die in the first ep or I’ll stop watching this show. What a stupid idea.
  6. That’s weird, you can’t see the horse’s front legs from this angle.
  7. Wait, she didn’t thank Joanne? The ungrateful bitch.
  8. No Letterman Appearance

    ?? Maybe she's producing the show as well. Or maybe she was there to negotiate: OK I'll do your interview show, what will you do for me?
  9. Madonna can’t afford first class! madonna can’t afford first class! (I know that these short flights don’t have a first class)
  10. Oh god, I couldnt even start to limit the brilliance to only 10.
  11. What's the bet she comes out with a walking stick and tries to make the whole event about her.
  12. It's great, I want one too. Is it only the Lucky Star theme, or are there others? Gambler (!), Dear Jessie, GMAYL, Bitch Im Madonna, Drowned world, hearrtbreakcity? One more chance!
  13. What time of year? That’s just a regular picture of her.
  14. Exactly!. And Im sure half the views are bots checking on all the [citation needed] remarks attached to all her dubious medical conditions and other unbeleivable claims.