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  1. I voted for Rescue Me because it’s clearly the best song of the group, most deserving a performance, and would be a brilliant song to explore in an over the top performance. A definite ‘no sitting down’ song I’m surprised she hasn’t done American Pie in some form. I know she got some flack for it and probably hates it, but it was actually pretty successful on the charts so would be a highlight for GP fans.
  2. Agreed. Mirwais never put a foot wrong, unlike orbit who was already boring by his songs on music. I’ve not heard anything mirwais has done, other than his M songs, since I miss you, so it should be something refreshing. Even a repeat of Music would still sound current and fresh today. (Just needs to really dial up the dance side of things and a little less country, for obvious reasons)
  3. I think it only works for songs that are bigger than (or at least as iconic as) Madonna. Hence American Pie and Fever work, (and to some extent Hung Up as a take on GGG). So something like an album of "Madonna does Piaf" or "Madonna does Elvis" or "Madonna does Sondheim" (for a narrower market) would be great, otherwise it would be rather non-event. I think she could do some Prince songs very well, but it might not be taken too well after the tribute backlash.
  4. Well as the poll is about favourites, LAP is definitely my favourite. But I'll agree that TB is probably one of the most recognisable covers (indeed, most famous photos) of the 80s.
  5. I just assumed the smoking was a tribute to Madonna's 1994 appearance on the late show. When he first came out he was indeed acting weird, and is looking more and more like dustin hoffman these days, but over the interview it was clear he is very grounded and intelligent.
  6. A Jazzy points out, there's so many songs that are just perfect examples. If i had to pick just a few, the top of my lists would be: Take A Bow ( .. how was I to know you'd break ... you'd break my heart) TDDUP (but still I wish you'd ask me not to go) One More Chance (i know people hate it, but: I planed it out so perfectly so you'd never leave a girl like me) (basically any lyric with the word 'you'd'!). Joyful: Like A Prayer.
  7. Outstanding. I love love love the detail of the field line markings!
  8. Whenever I look into a mirror I recreate this scene
  9. Patrick Leonard thread

    Maybe its a rework of You'll Stay.
  10. Patrick Leonard thread

    Interesting track list. It must be so hard to choose. The selfish me would also add NRM and either WTG or TLOL (and others). I love that its Side 1 and Side 2.
  11. Justice for Mer Girl! (and honourable mention for Candy Perfume Girl)
  12. A Certain Physical Attraction

    I so love this song. The video is good except the end doesn’t feel quite right.