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  1. so so the combination of a crazy viral video...plus #1 in sales....is not enough to put her on top?
  2. almost 8 million in what 2 days? pretty impressive! Girl Gone Wild is at 5 million for 3 years worth of viewing!!!! that's crazy!
  3. In my criticisms of the video yesterday I mentioned "DEEPER AND DEEPER" as the template for a fun video......... well.... this is a 2015 version of Deeper and Deeper!!!! the Balloons! the cameos! the dancing! the men! the women! I live!
  4. FORGIVE ME MADONNANATION FOR I HAVE SINNED. After 1st viewing of BIM on Tidal on my cell phone, stalling while loading, walking outside in the sunshine, without headphones, with no ending, on my way to a client ....I didn't like the video at all.. and said so quite adamantly on here ...I wasn't able to fully appreciate the video until today in it's full HD VEVO, LOUD, colourful, beautiful, MOSCHINO, crazy, kooky, nutty, insane, fun, fun, FUN glory! So i'm man enough and MADONNA fan enough to admit when i'm wrong....and i'm so wrong! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS VIDEO! and everything about it! XXXXXOOOO
  5. i've been a member here since the beginning. However, i'm not going to blindly say...I LOVE something......if i really don't. Just because it's supposed to be a FUN video...does not mean it has to be a poorly executed FUN video.
  6. just to see MADONNA in the limo with Debi and Niki was enough.
  7. Finally!!! someone who speaks sanity!!! A FUN VIDEO!!! CAMP! STORYLINE! this video sucks BALLS! and those cheap filmed cameo's!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the fuck?!!!!! This is MADONNA...they couldn't make it to film together? then don't do the fucking cameo's looks ridiculous.
  8. and if you are looking for the definition of a FUN video a FUN VIDEO with CAMEO's, choreography, and colour! LOOK UP "DEEPER AND DEEPER" thank you!
  9. the Jimmy Fallon appearance should have just been the video.
  10. sorry that was one big MEH!!!!!! and why even put those cameos in there?!!!!!! so fucking cheap!!!! the whole point is to have them there!!!
  11. Ps. Does anybody else feel we have our MADONNA back? not the english housewife or mom...or Kabbalah Madonna.... but the FUCK you! I don't give a shit MADONNA. I LOVE IT!
  12. it looks like this took place on the day of the Versace campaign shoot....the makeup, hair and outfit...are exactly the same.
  13. Can I just say the audience...the whole vibe....and ellen......just seemed so BLAH!.....thank God for Guillermo Diaz
  14. about what? I hope someone is recording this all.
  15. the ooooooooo part is goosebump inducing.
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