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  1. you can totally tell...she was caught! and had NOTHING to back up her words.
  2. ok so the only thing i was focusing on here much filler, botox etc this girl has done....and how much prince William needs to buzz his hair....get some chapstick and a facial.
  3. i know i'll be in the minority....but some of what she says true.
  4. and nobody caught the GERMAN VOGUE..... GERMAN-Military outfit complete with hat...ensemble beginning....JESUS she really is sick
  5. LIFE!
  6. I wonder how long it will take until (the one who's name we dont speak of) releases her video about "love" and "women"...directed by Luigi or Klein.
  7. I think it's poorly is all choppy........ A proper MADONNA megamix is edited immaculately (pardon the pun) and the music is cut the Queen would want herself. I have only seen 2 that were done this has dated a bit (but done properly) and the other is stuck in MDNA but still perfect for the time. and this one
  8. BECAUSE something this EPIC deserves it's own thread!
  9. in case you wanted to see the first 20 min of Rupauls Drag race season 9....with will help with less ratings ;-)
  10. EVITA made A LOT of Money worldwide......BRAVO MADONNA!
  12. I keep reading these Articles about the Grammy's being unfair and racist towards Beyonce....People need to relax with this shit.....she didn't win SO WHAT?! MADONNA didn't win a significant Grammy for an ALBUM or a SONG till 1999!!! ..17 years!!! after she first started on the scene... even though she had the biggest selling albums in the world!..even though she wrote or co-wrote...produced or co-produced most of her music........even though her singles were #1 in the United States and around the world for weeks and weeks....sold millions and millions....were constantly played all over the radio....having 5 #1 singles from one album......did she receive any recognition from the Grammy'! were there countless articles talking about it? No!!'s life...sometimes you win....sometimes you lose....sometimes it's fair....most times it's not.....I'm sick of hearing about it being a race issue...or this or put this into perspective for you....Beyoncé has won 22 Grammys and has had 62 nominations! so I hardly think they've been unfair to her......BYE!