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  1. I feel like she will throw a few hits around each stop during the Dress You Up medley. It seemed off the cuff to me.
  2. Madonna is anal about rehearsing. Would she let someone up there on opening night without practice first?
  3. Dress You Up has been the most plugged by M on Instagram. It's going to be in there somewhere.
  4. It could be Choreography rehearsals where they are using backing tracks and not live vocals
  5. Tour stages are built to be assembled and disassembled quickly. I don't believe this reason either.
  6. I'm not going to be too upset unless she shows up at the VMAs that weekend. Then I will be fuming.
  7. "loved for who I am, not what they want to see" -LAP
  8. Yes. Getting rid of the cheek injections did wonders. Also, she doesn't look like all muscle and veins, too. For awhile she was looking like a body builder, making her face look rough and worn.
  9. She knows this photo will be headlines tomorrow. Stealing the evening again. Well done.
  10. It's true. Madonna/Gaga/Katy in one pic on her Instagram
  11. "And then she grabbed my throat like this and rode me until I erupted"
  12. Just one pic with her hand on his cock. Please GettyImages!!!
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