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  1. I don't know when the word "indie" became synomynous with "mainstream artists having a low selling album than previous ones that seems more underground". Madonna has never had an "indie" album. Her albums have always had big producers, songwriters, photo shoots, a major label etc...catering to the mainstream. Madonna has always had a big personality that tends to overshadow a bit of her music. RH has been no exception. If you want a major artist doing an indie album, that would have been Cher's "not.com.merical".
  2. Word. These artists want people to buy albums and singles....yet they post it for free everywhere. I don't get it.
  3. Actually, the album version is closest, if not the same, to the demos prior to the Avicci version....so she actually kept it to the original form.
  4. I love pretty much every song. However, at the bottom of the pile are: Bitch, I'm still Madonna (I'm not) Addicted (to this song) Borrowed Time (that I need back from listening)
  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I can't wait for the tour version when she's singing it being tied to the stake...and her dancers add flames around her until it devours her and she disappears to under the stage....
  6. Here's what mine would look like but I could easily have the album version for HT, JOA, WAOM, and RH Living For Love (album version) Devil Pray (Mastered) Ghosttown (album version) Unapologetic Bitch (album version) Illuminati (demo) Bitch, I'm Madonna (Diplo Mix) Hold Tight (Demo 5 ft MNEK) Joan of Arc (Acoustic Album Version) Iconic (album version) HeartbreakCity (Demo 3) Body Shop (album version) Holy Water (album version) Inside Out (demo) Wash All Over Me (demo 2) Best Night (album version) VVV (album version) SEX (demo) Messiah (Demo 3) Rebel Heart (Demo 4)
  7. She's also publicist to my favorite artist, Stevie Nicks. I've been around Liz. She burst out stuff like this quite frequently.
  8. It was a gay interviewer talking to an icon in the gay community. What more did she want?
  9. A double disc would have meant 2 albums....so contract-wise I'm guessing that's why Interscope said no.
  10. Interview was roughly 15 minutes. The whole interviewed was focused on the album. No groundbreaking revelations.
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