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  1. this would be nice and a bit shocking for us :-) Living for love Devils pray Ghoasttown Unapologetic bitch Illuminati Bitch i’m madonna Wash all over me Arc of joan Rebel heart messiah heartbreak cithy inside out ( i pray for this one ) iconic ( taged on her instagram) Revolution ( taged on her instagram) New song New song New song New song New song
  2. is there a official turn up the radio maxi vinyl ? can't find
  3. i still hoper there will be a real unexspected dance athem. if the slowed down waom and rebel heart then there are not real dance floor killer anymore. some say overproduced but i like overproduced with alot of different layers in the songs and big climax . too stripped down feels like there are missing thing or could be some more sounds add
  4. if it's is the standard version with 19 tracks she shoulbe be smart to make a itunes deluxe with exstra songs and the special edition with bonus cd and be different trcaks then she has on the itunes deluxe :-) oooh i can dream
  5. i wonder what songs she did reworked of the demo's ( that leaked ) that she whas interested for the final tracklist and in the near end did not make it. Sure there where some demo's that she did not reworked anymore because she whas not interested for more reworks, like two steps back. and of cours there are the unknown demos/songs that have not leaked and we don't even know the name ( if she maked some new ones)
  6. i lovee bitch i'm madonna specialy the heavy rave/wave parts bitch i'm madonna bitch i'm madonna , just love that part . the song is amazing catchy ,and so mutch going on
  7. well februari will big madonna , january they have to plan things , shoot video and stuff like that. can't wait to see the back cover with the tracklist , promo pictures , preformance , intervieuws and all that stuff
  8. i live in belgium, normaly it would be song of the week or something , but still nothing it's weird . i still do hope it will be song of the week one of these weeks !
  9. i still hope there will be a singel on itunes for living for love and maybe a lyric video thill the official video drops
  10. does anyone knows when living for love will be send to radio and official will be released ?
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