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  1. dark ballet is not really a madonna video in my eyes , she is only few seconds in it i never watch it because it too ennoying just like the mdna tour dvd batuka is nice but i wish madonna whas more in it
  2. we need these official remixes in these corona times
  3. still wish she did not cancel the 26/02 show !! and have my money back !!! hope for a dvd/blue ray release verry soon !
  4. the music industry changed so mutch that we never gone get those great maxi cd , vinyl singels items again
  5. when is the next part be released serious , they don't loos e anything only win
  6. some vocals sounds too sharp/low for me personaly, it's a personal taste. i like the music and higher vocals part and the choir ofcours . great song but i prefer oit wioth voials like masterpeace
  7. why don't they release the remixes to push it to nr 1
  8. part 2 , there is not a part 1 only the first dj remix officialy i really hope oiffer nessim will be relaised too forthose how like it like me
  9. the problem is her vocals they sounds not like madonna but i like the song
  10. she goes slowly on the dance charts , i want it to be nr 1 ! and then give us god control hehe
  11. i hope he will remix every song of madame x
  12. there is another remix offer nissim but not released yet or any news about it
  13. Manny news of the remixes ? probably next year i guess
  14. yeah i hope there will be news soon , how she is doing on the dance-chart ?
  15. does anyone has the i rise vinyl and has picture of the official vinyl ?
  16. im happy of offer nissim remix ! i like his remixes . i think i don' search i find will have the best remixes and also god control
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