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  1. Most of you are being dicks.. All I've done is present an opposing view? Reaction? Troll, ban, idiot, get mental help, etc. I have an open mind. I can see many opposing views. I see the bad in what she represents but I can also see the good and inspirational. How can you all condemn me and then seek acceptance for yourselves for your faults?
  2. So everyone here has to agree with everyone? If not we report them? I'm sorry if my opposing opinions interrupt your perfect ideal world of celebrity worship. Because I am a) making you respond to me and b) give a shit about what you think. Like honestly, I've had people PM wishing to discuss more, which is great, because they're adults who'd like to discuss things and maybe perhaps be exposed to a different view of things. But you know, people just bitching and shouting troll because I'm not praising her every footstep is great too.
  3. Funny thing is, inspirational messages are timeless. And if you don't want to read my posts then it's easy to just skim over them. I'm sure there's something on TV you could watch instead.
  4. I was referring to her inspirational message in Nobody Knows Me, where she states she doesn't waster her time watching TV or reading trash, but actually does shit to improve her life. It's spiritual shit if you'd listen to it.
  5. You know, for people rejected by most of society your are all surprisingly close fucking minded. Am I the only gay in here who's mind is more open than their fucking hole?
  6. I am not a fucking troll you close minded dumbass. Just because I'm not fucking sucking her cunt at every opportunity does not mean I am not a fan. For fuck sakes. To quote my name, I don't watch TV, I don't waste my time, reading magazines! How many of you just blindly absorb like a sponge? How many of you THINK FOR YOURSELVES? She tries to put out inspirational messages, but they are overlooked.
  7. @Not raised in a religious househould. I was like you. Yes, everything was pink and funny and I thought things such as the illuminati were funny as shit. Then I researched. And then I was shocked, and depressed for months. And then I accepted things and now try to spread awareness in a cynical but funny manner. But eh, I'm out of rum.
  8. Ok the Britney gif is funny and I have nothing to say to that. Fuck you gays with your funny gifts!
  9. Ok, I'm dumb? Do you think the media has never manipulated you? Do you think that the entertainment industry is separate from the media? Do you think that the queen of the music industry is separate from the entertainment industry? You know I could easily fucking say everything was rainbows and unicorns but I'm (fortunately) not a tool who absorbs and believes everything he sees.
  10. She is the queen. Every performance has been flawless. She fucking tours and does everything flawless night after night after fucking night. So yes, when she is facing the threat of irrelevancy, when many youth might not even know who she is, when this is one of the best albums she has done in the last decade, yes, I think she would do something like this for promo. And you know what? Even if it wasn't planned, it worked. And people are talking about her. She knows how to stay in the headlines.
  11. Or maybe the people who didn't think it was funny don't have a sense of humor? Love her, but it was funny. She redeemed herself as fuck, but, it was still funny, and it will make people talk about her and this performance a million times more than a performance that went perfectly well.
  12. um omega symbol, also can be interpreted as the beginning of the end, march is coming. And she fell. Not gonna lie, I love her but I laughed. But I also think it was planned. Because of the whole "let me fall down" "watched me stumble" bits. She's a business woman!
  13. Well, gotta say, I've been following the leaks since they've leaked and listend to the album many, many times.. and I could just be bored with it, but I don't find myself drawn to it or listening to it much anymore. I think it was just the whole "new" factor for me. I keep going back to COADF.
  14. Also, gonna say she planned the fall, it came right after the whole "Watched me fall down" and "stumbled" part, water cooler talk for the next month. #promoqueen #thisistheend
  15. Rum, tho weed would be good. Srsly tho, I'm pissing my pants with worry.
  16. Don't read this post and just roll your eyes if you are opposed to conspiracy theories (or to being open minded). But she ended the performance with a set of horns raised upside down, looking strikingly similar to the Greek letter Omega, which can be interpreted by many as the beginning of the end, or the apocalypse, etc. + Horned demons, etc, yada yada yada. Oh and March is coming up, which is also traditionally the month of mass sacrifice. And a war is brewing on the horizon. On a more positive note, she looked fucking fabulous and this song just keeps getting better to listen to!
  17. @ person who asked what was spooky about it (because I still don't know how to quote) Just the ending, because she was being raised in a sacrificial pose ( in the colour of red, which is the colour of sacrifice ), to a group of horned demons, which is typically the representation of evil/devil/whateveryoubelievein. I am gonna stop posting for the night though, because I really am not a troll and I don't want to ruin anyone's night (because otherwise it was a pretty fantastical performance). I just hold opposing viewpoints and this ending particularly disturbed me. Hope I am wrong beyond anyone else, just an ominous ending IMO. Night folks! Keep on living for love! <3
  18. Not trying to scare you! I'm sorry. I'm just scared myself and I guess I shouldn't try to spread fear. Negativity breeds negativity. Like I said there is a very good chance I am wrong. I'm seriously not a troll though. I just watch objectively through eyes that see. And that performance was ominous (#wordoftheday). Really though, it was a great performance, just the ending left me a bit worried. Just trying to see if others feel the same. I wish all the best for her because she is my favorite artists and Rebel Hearts rocks. I've just seen what the industry can do and I hope it isn't her time. But what more should I say? Really did love the performance and how involved she got the crowd. The ending is just spooky for me.
  19. @who the fuck called me a troll! Seriously in the name of fucking made go fuck yourself! Because opposing view points = trolling, amiright? Mentioned multiple times in my OWN posts that I hope to fuck that I was wrong. I just happen to believe things that most of the populace doesn't, and I guess that makes me fucked. I am sorry. Madonna to me has been the most inspiring artist of any. American life helped me see the truth above anything. Seriously, listen to Nobody Knows Me & I'm So Stupid. Like, really listen to them. Eitherway as I said I hope I am wrong, and most likely am, but if I can't share my viewpoints on a forum then just fucking ban me for cocks sake. If all you fags wanted was post after post of I love madge omg she is perfect just say it and I will post it. I happen to really care about her and worry about her future because I do admire her, and admittedly I am worried about the fucking portent performance.
  20. @ all those pics of her being uplifted by demons. Am I seriously stretching the fucking rim of my asshole to think that those pictures look like her being sacrificed? Open your minds as much as my hole is opened gays!
  21. #rum&coke #tastes like vanilla coke! # I hate fucking hastags and am getting sick of them! #nomorehastags! Ok seriously I am done now.
  22. #illuminatisacrifice #ihopeiamwrong #allthegayshateme #iambanned #quoted1yearfromnow"omghewasright" #iamasupsetasanone #ilovemadonna # Fuck liquor.
  23. Don't h@@@@! Like I said I love the queen as much as anyone else! The ending, surrounded by al the horned demons and her being uplifted in a sacrificial pose doused in the colour of sacrifice (red) just looked ominous to my conspiracy oriented fucked up brain. IMO as I said I feel like the industry only cares about $$$, for example, MJ was worth so much more being dead then he was alive, and I feel like they're milking our queen for the last of it before... echhh! But like seriously, I hope I am wronger (yes I know that's not a word stfu) than any bitch out there. But as I said liquor + fucked psyched = delusional ideas so yea. Looked ominous to me.
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