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  1. so do you guys think that the scenes shot in that restaurant in Lisbon are from the Batuka video? The Batukeiras were dancing and singing around her and she was shaking her booty at some point, too.
  2. Aren't we allowed to discuss? is it a crime to create your own playlist and add tracks the way you want? you're overreacting a little bit....
  3. After listening to the album for a month, I started altering a little bit the track list here and other - just to keep it fresh and exciting. I do think that Medellin shouldnt have been the opening track (I do think that it is a great choice for the first single though). She should have opened the album with Dark Ballet in my opinion, but she has her reasons I suppose. I really like the way the tracks flow in this order and I created the playlist on Spotify too (without the limited edition tracks since they are not available YET - I hope): Dark Ballet God Control Batuka Killers Who Are Partying Extreme Occident Ciao Bella Medellin Back That Up To The Beat Crazy Crave Faz Gostoso I Dont Search I Find Looking For Mercy Future I Rise Bonus Tracks: Funana Come Alive
  4. ...I guess someone forgot to take his/her medication. That should be the reminder, actually.
  5. sorry, but you are delusional if you think stores in so many countries around the world would sell something without any approval beforehand.
  6. Excellent, masterpiece, magnificent piece of work / art. This is exactly what I was waiting from Madonna.
  7. Yeah, mte. I'm hoping for a new photo with a stunning brunette look.
  8. I know the pic / screenshot is real, I was questioning the overall artwork for the cover.
  9. I saw this yesterday on Instagram, but I'm assuming it's fanmade, right? https://www.instagram.com/p/BxvUqKkgvWy/?igshid=8bsnff6k5du1
  10. Confessions OF a dance floor / Medellin's psychedelic groove / Future is the worst track and the beat goes nowhere Sorry, but I can't take this review seriously. LOL
  11. This should have been the deluxe album cover. It is stunning!
  12. You misunderstood what I wrote or maybe I wasn't clear enough. It's a so-and-so, weak track for a (2nd) single. Other than that, I really like it.
  13. ... And are these strategies working? This is what bothers me, it seems like she and her team don't learn from the past... I agree about the first single, it's meant to create hype, discussions, promo etc. A big name next to you can help, but for 2nd single too? And for a "so-and-so" track? Not so sure. I agree with you though, I am 100% sure there's more promo coming, especially prior and post album release.
  14. Unfortunately it's not only about us fans, she has to win the general public's interest too. M's fan base is not as strong and big as Taylor's, for example, to rely only on us for streaming and buying. I hope her team has something in store. Either way, I will still enjoy and listen to Madame X. Cannot wait!
  15. Hair, makeup, clothes, styling in general is on point. But this is definitely not that type of video that will make me watch it many times (unlike Medellin, for instance). I really don't see why they decided to release this song as a single, it's just not IT, but whatever... it's time for me to get over it and hope for a GREAT 3rd single.
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