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  1. not trying to drag him, but this article basically sums it up: http://www.economist.com/blogs/graphicdetail/2012/05/greeks-say-they-are-hardest-working-european-nation
  2. Yeah, because in Romania politicians and other people who have stolen from the state are going to jail big time for that. We also receive tax receipts whenever we buy something. Romania has gone through a financial crisis in 2009 as well, and our President and Prime Minister at that time + the IMF have decided to take austerity measures in order to let the economy survive. Now we're financially stable and we have a macro-economy that would sustain a possible crisis. Our economy is also growing (slowly, but certain). So please... stop with these childish replies.
  3. Obviously anyone, in any country, would vote "NO" regarding reforms that would cut people's income. That's understandable. But this proves even more what kind of incompetent government Greece has. These are not matters that people need to decide. I wonder how many common people know things about economy? Economists are the ones who should take these matters into consideration and decide what's best for the country, not people who (obviously) wouldn't want to lose a penny - especially when they hardly even pay state taxes.
  4. always complaining, finding excuses and blaming someone else but you. You people need to start working harder, and most importantly fight corruption at the highest level and tax evasion! Greece is bankrupt and yesterday evening people were dancing and singing of joy on the streets of Athens because in they thought they taught EU a lesson and voted "NO". I'm sorry to say this, but you guys need a reality check.
  5. Don't worry, the ones that will suffer are the Greeks and Greece itself, not really the rest of us. Sure, it will affect to a certain extent other EU countries during these hot times, but the one who'll suffer the most are Greeks. And that's precisely because of the attitude people like you have as well.
  6. mte. the behind the scenes footage looks much better than the actual video. lol it's an ok music video, but i definitely prefer LFL and GT over it.
  7. pfff... i think we can all agree that uploading it on youtube would've been the best solution.
  8. it does look like Celebration, but hey, at least it's the same director so you can't really blame him. she looks hot, ngl.
  9. is it really that hard to actually settle a premiere date for a video and release it? LOL
  10. didn't she say that it will premiere on Tuesday? oh well... considering the choices her team has made this era, nothing can surprise me anymore.
  11. I can't at some defending the cover saying "it's only an iTunes cover" bla bla. When you're an artist on the level that Madonna is, even your farts need to be more crafted. You're multimillionaire, woman!!! hire a graphic designer ffs! She could at least have chosen a better cover (even from this "artist"): https://instagram.com/p/2-XpisTZA6/?taken-by=_aldodiaz oh well... I'm pretty sure that the video will be great though.
  12. I'm sick of all these online platforms of premiering a music video. What's the matter with Youtube/Vevo?! First Snapchat, then Meerkat, and now Tidal?! I hope it's not true, because it will lose views and it will be kinda shitty for the fans as well to not be able to see the video when it is premiered. anyway, she looks really hot in that pic! I'm getting We Can't Stop vibes and I love it!
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