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  1. Enjoying this track on my new airpods. New wave of a appreciation ensues
  2. This would not surprise me, it does however feel strange that she left out MJ after posting many, many instagrampics with him.
  3. I love this one! Thanks @vesper_wolf
  4. Crave Medellin Extreme occident GC Looking for mercy
  5. So thankful for all the video's!! Thank you!! Great show!!
  6. It gets even better every time I watch it! In some ways its classic Madonna; playing two roles to tell the story effectively. Remembering La isla bonita. And when she smokes she does it well!! remembering Bad girl... and btw Brunettedonna for everrrrr!!!
  7. I would love to hear this very loud somewhere like on Ibiza. with the words PUSHED and HAPPY extra loud and like sweeping over the crowds. Because that's what it feels like. Really good!!
  8. She did and she made it happen! Look around us! This, we will never forget!
  9. Great track! "Is it really-"parts are magnificent
  10. I love her voice 3:13 "it's a weird kind of energy" it reminds me of the voice for the chorus for Dress you up.
  11. God I was impressed by Leo in that movie, right from the very start I wanted to go to that world. Exactly like a movie is suppose to make you feel. and great music!! This movie was way before smart phones and instagram. The movie has aged a little but Leonardo's performance is worth watching it (and the scenery).
  12. it was great build up to the entire album with these four songs and the video's and perfomances. I am ready for the album now! Snippets hardly ever work for the music. Like the time the label intentionally released American Life snippets. I ended up liking other songs than I thought based on snippets.
  13. I love all of this! This is between Madonna and her fans. 100%
  14. I've been reading reviews since Music (since internet was evrywhere). They hardly ever come close to my own listening experience. I guess I keep reading them because its the anticipation that is part of the fun. I much prefer a proper interview though.
  15. Wonderful video!! Great job!! Streaming it non-stop!
  16. Crave is a delight, as is the video! Pure joy and beautiful shots
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