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  1. david86

    Christine & The Queens

    wow macho 90s madonnna, thanks great link!
  2. david86

    Christine & The Queens

    new music!!
  3. there is a light explosion around her and energy that is quite unique I loved how focused she was, a true dancer. eyes focused at one point. skin was fine, quite a lot of stage make up tho confessions tour: I noticed she was much bigger hair and smaller body than on screen.... other shows not so much
  4. david86

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    LFL is super cool! adrenaline boosting live track!!
  5. david86

    The MDNA Tour Behind The Scenes

    I love this tour so much!! Its raw, real and pure
  6. david86

    The XX, new album out, I see you

    wow I love this new song- I dare you these 3 people really seem very nice
  7. david86

    The Carpenters 1st TV Appearance

    this is the story in 6 mins, This was made by fans.. not meant to insult anyone..
  8. david86

    Songs that you hate.

    Oh God yes, horrible
  9. great footage! thanks! I love the technical stuff too. the russian video is a rare insight in her process. really cool. also extremely exhausting for all people involved. the auditions I can do without, I ve seen way too many over the years. those boring comments of endless lists of dancers. All I do is try and find where Madonna is in the shot
  10. david86

    Eurovision thread

    I felt the same, she was genuinely shy and scared, and I love the song! her voice is special.
  11. david86

    M's live vocals.

    I love the wtg tour, but she has this quiver in her vocal, all the way down from the first line. It doesnt need a quiver, but it doesnt take the energy away either. she still does it, but much less.
  12. david86

    George Michael thread

    choose life, always!!
  13. david86

    George Michael thread

    heard GM in the cab on my home, only to find out later he was gone... I m very sad / his music was always in near. I love that guy
  14. david86

    Rebel Heart Tour broadcast downloads

    in this case: the 9GB is the video and its good: audio and video!