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  1. Wow this was an era all on its own... after ToD and before, Erotica This used to be our secret hiding place
  2. fall 2000 I loved it https://allaboutmadonna.com/madonna-library/madonna-interview-face-august-2000
  3. Loving The Immaculate Collection COVER

    I always thought this was the closest thing to a BIEBLE*, and I was right
  4. Erotica or True Blue?

    When TB came out, it was the strongest thing I ever heard, and I was still high on Into the groove and Gambler When LTT came out ;it was so amazing and as if almost whole new person for me (not a persona as is normal these days) This was unimaginable. then papa dont preach, open your heart, true blue and la isla; those were all superhits and superinfluential with its own era, each. Girls (and boys)at school cut their hair blonde, short, wore make up like pdp then 6 month later short minimal like LIB; the influence was everywhere. I still can't listen to TB without those feelings. which is maybe good. PDP is a standout track, her voice, man,..... Then Erotica came out,. I was maybe more excited and got it as soon as CD was available and loved it as soon as I played it. I do remember loving deeper and deeper and rain the best, as those were melodically standouts. that was already the walkman-days. so I learnt the tracks on my headphone. then later came the tracks like thief of hearts and bad girl. all great and good. Both albums turned out to be growers with no bounderies, still to me TB has more color to me.
  5. They must hate M?

    M should consider a rock version for sure
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/nov/24/the-guardian-view-on-taylor-swift-an-envoy-for-trumps-values
  7. ^ fck thats scary.. she sometimes looks like tori spelling in the video with channing...
  8. Do you miss Madonna's bitchiness?

    just give me a fan
  9. Album version, the bass is amazing, especially when it takes off to the key change
  10. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Love her voice, always
  11. Janet Jackson thread

    I am actually enjoying her album. its just fine