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  1. david86

    Christine & The Queens

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/play/p06k5x3v another interview and live music the (backing) vocals on 5 dollars are amazing!!! and Madonna is mentioned of course
  2. david86

    Christine & The Queens

    I love LE G, it starts like a typical Christine song and the Janet effects kick in, wonderful combination!
  3. david86

    Christine & The Queens

    Whats her face really reminds me of Madonna, too the way she describes something awful in the most beautiful way.
  4. david86

    Christine & The Queens

    I just downloaded the album on iTunes!!! its incredible! have only heard a hand full of songs as its early morning here ; ))) I am happy! the singles have really made my summer. the harmonies are a delight, and every song I hear so far is a grower!
  5. david86

    Christine & The Queens

    She was teasing a snippet of the first track of the album. On het instagram! cant wait for this album!!! ❤️
  6. ^nice to know!! I always wondered what she said. They probably made her say that bc those high profile concerts were dangerous sometimes. No crowd control like these days.
  7. david86

    Christine & The Queens

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/play/p06k5x3v Christine and the Queens live in session
  8. david86


    So I heard Lady Diana was a big fan, it makes sense; back in the 90's over time Enya seems way to repetative, same tricks and chords all the time. good sound though....
  9. david86

    Christine & The Queens

    Thanks @Jim34 this song came in my itunes with the preorder, its great!!
  10. david86

    Christine & The Queens

    I know right? 5 Dollars is another beautiful melody a very feel good sound overall.. Cant get enough of this girl!
  11. david86

    Christine & The Queens

    Really? thats unfortunate!! even the very popular ones like Christine (french version of Tilted)
  12. david86

    Christine & The Queens

    You re right @Mensch if you hear this track a couple of times it becomes really magical. tbh I really have to read into the lyrics, but the melody makes up so much of the sentiment, that changes through the track. The fourth Eyah eyah is magical on its own, but the extra chorus after that is amazing. She really is what I would only dream about,; creating art in your own space, working with sounds, layers and filter. And using your voice as a very important tool / creating harmonies.. it reminds me of bjork a little, the way she works, not the sound. I m also glad I went to see her at the very first opportunity I had, I would highly recommend to go and see her live. ( but I know I dont have to tell you @Mensch ; )))) )
  13. david86

    Christine & The Queens

    I agree this song has been THE most important tune of the summer. the chorus towards the end is spectacular and her harmonies are the best surprise of her latest work. All her harmonies are small little subtle gifts to the listener. I like 5 dollars very much too, but Doesnt Matter is a classic!
  14. david86

    Christine & The Queens

    It's amazing how clearly technical her involvement of the writing process. Most of her songs stay with me melodically but hearing her explain the lyrics makes them even more intense. She has certainly managed to capture my attention, this summer ; )))