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  1. david86

    Christine & The Queens

    new song http://www.christineandthequeens.com/
  2. david86

    Christine & The Queens

    Is there live footage of BBC big weekend performance??
  3. david86

    Christine & The Queens

    wow macho 90s madonnna, thanks great link!
  4. david86

    Christine & The Queens

    new music!!
  5. there is a light explosion around her and energy that is quite unique I loved how focused she was, a true dancer. eyes focused at one point. skin was fine, quite a lot of stage make up tho confessions tour: I noticed she was much bigger hair and smaller body than on screen.... other shows not so much
  6. david86

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    LFL is super cool! adrenaline boosting live track!!
  7. david86

    The MDNA Tour Behind The Scenes

    I love this tour so much!! Its raw, real and pure
  8. david86

    The XX, new album out, I see you

    wow I love this new song- I dare you these 3 people really seem very nice
  9. david86

    The Carpenters 1st TV Appearance

    this is the story in 6 mins, This was made by fans.. not meant to insult anyone..
  10. david86

    Songs that you hate.

    Oh God yes, horrible
  11. great footage! thanks! I love the technical stuff too. the russian video is a rare insight in her process. really cool. also extremely exhausting for all people involved. the auditions I can do without, I ve seen way too many over the years. those boring comments of endless lists of dancers. All I do is try and find where Madonna is in the shot