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  1. What a fantastic and beautiful place to celebrate!!
  2. Can i see her ???

    even people who live in her street don't really see her
  3. is that true M had 3 hernia operations?
  4. Hard Candy : the divorce diary album

    I always thought Hung up and Sorry already indicated this sentiment.
  5. I remember seeing Christopher first in bbc doc in 1990(1) Omnibus he seemed so humble back then. things have changed...
  6. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    great video everyone seems in a great mood, despite the rain dancer in the red shirt almost slips and falls before he is suppose to make that backflip.
  7. Madonna RARE

    I love this inspiring and powerful Madonna so much!!
  8. Madonna RARE

    thanks! @Gus great to see this version!
  9. Madonna RARE

    WOWWW!! so beautiful!!
  10. Madonna RARE

    wow great recording!! thank you! not sure this is where the golden girls were..
  11. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    wow he is really posting a lot now!
  12. Madonna RARE

    this page is amazing!!!
  13. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I'm sure she misses performing just as much!