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  1. I agree, it looks like this one was meant to show as many victims as possible. Clearly visual destruction. the ultimate goal of terrorism. This boulevard represents summer to me. Its a place everybody knows well. It makes me sick
  2. reminds me a bit of that nail bomb incident in London
  3. Queen came with the very first leak of the official tracks, so it looks like it was planned on the album
  4. how this song has been ignored I'll never understand....
  5. this song is the best. It suits her voice very well! I like all live versions including remixes. I play it every day! several times. I havent been so hooked on an M track since Frozen..
  6. this is one of my true faves and I didnt really like a lot of stuff after american life... the song is super catchy and the lyrics are 100% madonna. {{ strangely it seems that even 'the fall' has set some kind of trend / performance glitches are hot right now. be it reductive compared to the Brits... }}
  7. great video and this song is so great, one of her best! this woman has so much inspiration. compare LFL to Frozen or Music or any first single so diverse and inspired. was watching some crap Spice girls documentary the other day, they started out with a 'message' but after a while the only subject was one of them leaving [or something].. that, to me is the complete opposite and total lack of inspiration. sure they re nice girls, but to be a pro in music industry takes a genius. And LFL after all these years in this business should be considered a masterpiece.
  8. I play these tracks all the time, just cause its great music. Same for Heaven
  9. LFL and Frozen are on the same level no matter how succesful in charts both wil go down as classic M tracks HU sounds too generic
  10. L4L is the best in more than 10 years. Played it every day since dec ?? last year. she was tagging it all the time before it was released. I am sure she expected more too. : (( #justice4LfL
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