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  1. So we got hyped up by two "insiders" who basically only shared info because they were themselves benefiting from it by attending the show. Hit me with some real news, please.
  2. Wet cannon fodder. I refuse to get my hopes up.
  3. They'd all run and download it instantly, though.
  4. The people who work at the Spotify offices make more money than the artists on Spotify.
  5. Music on Spotify does sound like shit. I can't believe that people will believe that that is what the music is supposed to sound like. I still buy music, whether from ITunes, or 7digital or Bandcamp. I want the artist to make a living off of their art. I think it's funny people complain Madonna has to pimp out a Beauty line in order to further her brand, but they refuse to pay for her music. But that's just me.
  6. This was actually recorded a few weeks ago. Her roots are done. Recently, theyve been showing again.
  7. If this is her new direction, im out. sorry, but this is crap.
  8. It’s completely laughable that charts are based on the number of times a song is streamed. Thats like if, in the 90’s, a song would chart on the Hot 100 because I played it on repeat on my Discman.
  9. Since alot of her stems have leaked, she could use it to her advantage and have a remix context with the first single. Releaase the stems, have people play with them and then release the winner’s mix on an official single. That way, whoever wants to create a track in their style can play it in the club they want, in the podcast they want, and gather the audience of its choice in the process.
  10. Can you imagine if released today, Madonna would’ve gotten Minaj to do the Vogue rap?
  11. I seriously doubt we are getting new music tonight. i think it’s just fans reading too much into things.
  12. Did a little experiment: layed the Inside Out demo on top of the album version. The result: a pretty bad-ass mix. Not perfect, but interesting nonetheless. Www.sendspace.com/file/ffwkis
  13. It's been my favorite track since the beginning. That bassline is everything.
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