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  1. Did a little experiment: layed the Inside Out demo on top of the album version. The result: a pretty bad-ass mix. Not perfect, but interesting nonetheless. Www.sendspace.com/file/ffwkis
  2. It's been my favorite track since the beginning. That bassline is everything.
  3. Id be down with an album fully produced by Blood Diamonds. I love their sound and think it fits Madonna perfectly, the same way Stuart, Orbit and Mirwais did.
  4. I was told this was the real WAV. And it does sound a bit better than the original demo 2 leak. Anyone have the REAL wav then? Cuz I thought this was it.
  5. Merry. Christmas. Rebel Heart (WAV) www.sendspace.com/file/2f8hxd
  6. For those who care, the Tidal store is now open and theyve made some Madonna albums and Ep's available for download in FLAC.
  7. And release a bunch of mixes for the track. Y'all know which mix we'd love officially see the light of day. And a mix by Blood Diamonds, Disclosure or something.
  8. This record is everything Madonna is: there is Erotica Madonna, Confessions Madonna, Ray of Light Madonna, True Blue Madonna. It encompasses all that she is, her work, her ideas, her themes. It's not disjointed, it's varied and I have never enjoyed a Madonna album as much.
  9. I dont think i've ever listened to a Madonna album as much as I have listened to Rebel Heart. It's like the soundtrack to my life.
  10. The Tour is having an effect and people seem to be discovering this album. As of Wednesday morning, it is up to #24 on Canadian Itunes. Sweet!
  11. I dont know where you guys are getting this. I have high-quality Pioneer headphones and listen to WAV files, and they sound perfectly fine. No distorsion at all. There are so many little details I still discover on every listen. I just love this album so much!
  12. I fixed the part in the last chorus where you here the "now..." from the demo. Dont know if it's allowed to post. Let me know what you think. www.sendspace.com/file/wgtkxm The file is in Wav, cd-rip.
  13. Whats the difference in the Kleinenberg Rebitch?
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