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  1. The album is short and sweet, but packs quite a punch.
  2. Just because you CAN say something, doesn’t mean you have to.
  3. Patrick Leonard thread

    Is there actually anything left to leak? Things have been very, very quiet in the last year.
  4. Honestly, it’s like this show never ended. I laugh out loud every time. So glad they are back.
  5. Aside from some editing, what is the difference between the Jeep Mix and the Kenlou bBoy Mix of Erotica?
  6. It's a shot from the You'll See video.
  7. This version is close. https://www.sendspace.com/file/k4n7ii
  8. I do remember that. its why i always looked forward to the next maxi single.
  9. Remember when Madonna’s singing was heartfelt? Your Honesty is that. Dont Stop is a fun bop. I love the disco groove. Always been one of my favorites. On a playlist, after Music, perfect track.
  10. I just dont know why they didnt tack on Goodbye To Innocence to the maxi along with Up Down Suite. I didnt understand what this track was at the time. After hearing GTI, it was clear it was a dub version. But why release it out of context on the Rain single? it was just strange.
  11. Bedtime Stories' Lyrics

    I ignored the album for a long time, but recently reconnected with it and really appreciate it more now than at release. Your Honesty, Dont Stop, Id Rather Be Your Lover are groovy and fun; love her voice in Secret, and Forbidden Love/Dont Stop should have been the last singles, even after Human Nature. I wouldve loved remixes or extended versions of both songs. Never cared for Take a Bow, but always loved the melancholy of Love Tried To Welcome Me. Sanctuary and Bedtime Story are dark and moody and I love how they paved the way for her electronic venture a few years later. And, adding I’ll Remember, Let Down Your Guard and Your Honesty to it makes for quite a lovely album.
  12. Erotica had the best visuals overall, the best remixes, the most singles. I miss the days of numerous singles and great remixes. Oh how I couldnt wait to get home and play the CD Maxi to discover all the different versions. Confessions comes pretty close. I never thought Id say this, but I miss the Warner days. They at least knew how to package her and make everything as cohesive as possible. Interscope just wants to sell concert tickets.
  13. Madonna RARE

    They went to see her in Season 1, so 1985. Probably The Virgin Tour.
  14. Im just glad they went back to a more “traditional” approach for promoting the music. You know...what works.
  15. What GH do u prefer to listen to

    The Immaculate Collection is the greatest of all Greatest Hits. It’s classic Madonna. Slighlty remixing the tracks was genius. I remember being so happy to finally own the remixed version of Express Yourself. The sound is crisp and clear. The bass in EY is insane at the beginning. If Celebration hadnt been botched with poor mastering, id had gone with that one. It’s a shame. And i agree that it should have been a 3-disc affair. It shouldve summed up her Warner years completely.