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  1. Justin Timberlake thread

    I thought his performance was really cool and alot of fun. His album is actually really good if you sit and listen to it. I’m also floored by the level of language used more and more online. Using words like pussyhole, and other degrading terms, and automatically assuming something is flopping because something is not an instant hit (Im seeing this in the Kylie thread among other places as well) is starting to get a litttle weird. I mean, we are talking about living people here, right. Define flop. Because alot of the people scoring «hits » and staying atop the charts are basically benefiting from the novelty factor. People move on so quickly from one thing to another that NOTHING builds on charts anymore. People tend to be dismissive of something so quickly now. If it doesnt resonate with them automatically, then they call flop and have these weird extreme reactions about how careers are over, albums should be burned and promo campaigns need to be re-examined. There is no in-between anymore. Youre either a hit or a flop. Why can’t one be just somewhere in the middle without calling for his retirement or his clear, out-of-touch inability to score a hit anymore? Why not sit and listen and absorb the music? Experience it. Let it sit and grow. Give it a chance and try to see it for what it is, regardless of chart positions which are, again, mostly dominated by people who benefit strongly from the novelty factor, and people’s constant need for it. It’s also weird that some people will call out, criticize and insult other artists, but will lash out and be shocked if anyone dismisses or goes after Madonna with quotes that ressemble « I really don’t understand all the hate for Madonna and how she never gets the respect she deserves, yet stupid, copy-cat, ignorant Gaga gets all the praise. » Irony. Hate seems to be the default emotion to go to now. Forums used to be bring people together for their LOVE of music or an artist or topic. Now, people moan and bitch and use gross, vulgar language to rile each other up by spewing up the first COMMENT that pops into mind, instead of taking a little time to process and express some thought on what they want to say. I’m just saying all this as the conversation has grown tired and revolves against alot of negative superlatives and dismissive terms and it is harder to engage in said conversation.
  2. Justin Timberlake thread

    I actually like the album and its production. Its a good album when listened to from beginning to end. Its got some interesting sounds.
  3. Justin Timberlake thread

    People are so quick to be dismissive.
  4. Justin Timberlake thread

    Put your filthy hands on me!! ha! I love this song and its dirty funk.
  5. Justin Timberlake thread

    I LOVE this song! I thought it sounded weird at first, but I love the groove. I thought it goes great with the image of the album so far. And the fact that it is not what I thought the album would sound like is fun. I like being surprised in this way.
  6. Did a little experiment: layed the Inside Out demo on top of the album version. The result: a pretty bad-ass mix. Not perfect, but interesting nonetheless. Www.sendspace.com/file/ffwkis
  7. When you know THIS story isnt true, imagine how many more in the press are just as fabricated. I stopped paying attention to the media years ago. I think this is all too funny. They've written worse things about her, trust me. Ahd she knew they would.
  8. I think if Madonna wasn't under contract with a major label and didn't have to answer to anyone but herself, this is is the type of show and music we'd get, Which I LOVE. It's a chance for people to discover lesser-known tracks as well. She might be in a clown costume, but ironically, is probably truer to herself than any other time she performs.

    It's been my favorite track since the beginning. That bassline is everything.
  10. Id be down with an album fully produced by Blood Diamonds. I love their sound and think it fits Madonna perfectly, the same way Stuart, Orbit and Mirwais did.
  11. I was told this was the real WAV. And it does sound a bit better than the original demo 2 leak. Anyone have the REAL wav then? Cuz I thought this was it.
  12. Merry. Christmas. Rebel Heart (WAV) www.sendspace.com/file/2f8hxd
  13. For those who care, the Tidal store is now open and theyve made some Madonna albums and Ep's available for download in FLAC.
  14. *RUMOR* Rebel Heart Video??

    And release a bunch of mixes for the track. Y'all know which mix we'd love officially see the light of day. And a mix by Blood Diamonds, Disclosure or something.